Candle Making Newport Beach


Candle making may seem simple, but crafty Newport Beach locals are proving otherwise. With their creative minds and knowhow, those in the area have begun to make beautiful custom candles from scratch. From assembling a luxurious jasmine-scented candle to the delightful decorating of a pumpkin-pie scented one during the festive holiday season, this unique pastime is becoming increasingly popular among residents in Newport Beach.

Whether you’ve been wanting to create your own signature scent or just looking for a fun new hobby to take up, candle making is sure to be an enjoyable activity. The process begins with gathering an array of materials needed such as wicks, wax, glass jars, dyes and fragrances. After that you will need to melt the wax and combine it with any additional ingredients like the chosen fragrance or dye. Once cooled off and settled into its jar you can creatively decorate your masterpiece; whether it be out of necessity (for example during holiday seasons) or simply because you’re feeling inspired. Finally, ensure that your work is finished off with a proper wick installation! Professionals in this field can also dye their wax for extra decoration and scent control with various ingredients such as essential oils or herbs depending on desired fragrance results. In addition, container molds are now sold at most stores that provide an easier way of creating pillar or even shaped candles if so desired. All these advances make this craft much simpler than in prior years – all while still allowing enough creativity room for everyone!

Cultural Impact

Candle Making in Newport Beach has become an important part of local culture. From its colorful seaside boutiques to its charming beachfront cafes and bars, Newport Beach has long been known for its vibrant arts and cultural scene. When it comes to the art of candle making, “The Artistic Heart of the City” bustles with activity as enthusiastic enthusiasts share their craft on the city’s stunning shorelines.

From experienced professionals like Arturo Ochoa to amateur dabblers, candle making in Newport Beach has created a safe place where all levels of expertise can come together to learn from one another and create beautiful wax designs. With each handmade piece being uniquely special due to the variety of colors, scents, shapes and sizes, candle makers proudly waltz through the boardwalks and beaches displaying their handiwork for everyone to see.

Local art galleries have further embraced this newfound passion for creating visual works of art from candles by hosting events featuring several professional wax artists from around Southern California. On any given day during peak months on the coast one might find a live demonstration or palaver between candle makers discussing an array of topics such as materials used or ideal fragrances to preserve natural surroundings. This thriving community eagerness encourages individuals no matter their skill level to take part not only in exercising their creative minds but also engaging in conversation that promote sustainable practices that benefit both tourism & local economic growth!


Making candles in Newport Beach is a unique experience that combines traditional methods with modern inspiration. The first step of candle making is to gather the necessary supplies, like wax, wicks, essential oils, color dyes and molds. Once these supplies have been obtained, you can begin the creative process by melting the wax and stirring in the desired scent and coloring. After a few minutes of waiting for the wax to cool down, it’s time to pour the liquid into molds additional decorations or essential oils can also be added at this stage. After it hardens in its mold, which usually takes from several minutes to an hour depending on how thick it is, it’s ready to move onto the next step – trimming of the wick with scissors. Finishing touches like polishing off any left over wax droplets and wrapping up in decorative bags will give your creation a professional look. Finally, display your work and spread happiness with your own handcrafted candles!

Start My Own Candle Making Business

Product Highlights

Candle Making Newport Beach is an artisan candle-making business located in the heart of Southern California. They specialize in handcrafted and all-natural candles that are fragranced with locally sourced essential oils. Each product is carefully crafted using a traditional dipping method, ensuring each candle emits a powerful scent and long-lasting burn time.

Customers can choose from popular scents including lavender, citrus, rosemary, and mint among many other fragrances. Noteworthy products include triple scented jar candles which come in reusable cyclinders and have been dipped three times to ensure extended burn time. They also offer special “Celebrating Local” line of jars which feature vibrant art from local artists on the label; these candles return profits to the artist each time they’re sold. In addition, Candles Making Newport Beach offers custom orders for corporate events or private parties; customers can build their own unique candle blends with assistance from one of their highly experienced experts. Regular classes are also available for individuals who want to learn about the craft of candle making for themselves.

Creative Borders

Candle making classes in Newport Beach provides an educational and fun activity for everyone. Attendees can learn about the basics of candle making as well as explore some of the latest concepts in home design. You will create beautiful aromas and fragrances using a variety of molds, waxes, scents, colors, and other supplies to customize your own candle masterpiece. Classes focus on not only the technical aspects of using quality materials but also the creative techniques needed to form amazing shapes and ideas. During class you’ll learn how to properly melt and pour wax for best results, experiment with textures and color combinations that reflect personal style, shape wicks for perfect burns, add decorative elements like glitter and pressed flowers, choose fragrance blends specific to moods or memories and so much more. The possibilities are endless! Creating customized candles is a great way to bring beautiful decor into your home while bringing out your own inner designer.


If you’re interested in the craftsmanship of candle making, the city of Newport Beach offers some excellent training opportunities. At many venues throughout the area, certified experts who specialize in candle making offer classes. These classes are designed to teach you the basics as well as advanced techniques and help develop your skills. Classes can cover all aspects of candle making including fragrance blending, wick selection and melting techniques. Additionally, some classes have exercises that help guide you through making more complex pieces like scented containers and multi-layered candles.

Not only can you take classes to become a skilled candle maker but you can also watch live demonstrations and lectures hosted by award winning professionals. During these events, top notch instructors share their expertise with dozens of attendees and provide valuable insights into what it takes to become a successful candle maker. You’ll learn about wax types, additives, scent pairings, molding and other topics related to building beautiful candles. Not only do these courses provide real-world knowledge but they also give participants an opportunity to network with industry professionals and build relationships that could lead to potential jobs or partnerships down the road. So whether you’re an experienced craftsperson looking for new creative avenues or a starting enthusiast searching for fresh tips and tricks – head to Newport Beach for the ultimate candle making experience!

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Local Support

Making candles in Newport Beach is a unique local experience and art form. Most candle makers in the city stem from historic coastal traditions, focusing on creating items that are locally inspired, such as recognizable scents or ocean-themed designs. Along with offering their work to beachgoers, many wax artisans provide useful and valuable services to the community throughout the year.

Their products can be seen at local events, festivals, markets and other venues promoting culture, arts and civic engagement. With all these activities, they bring a sense of beauty and charm to Newport Beach while supporting small business owners in their own backyard. The presence of these passionate hobbyists also helps preserve Newport Beach’s unique identity and spirit by hosting impromptu workshops for locals to learn about making candles and handing out creative gifts for special occasions.

In addition to providing a safe venue for expression, candle makers often go above and beyond to support charities that give back to the community through donations or silent auctions with proceeds going toward important causes like keeping beaches clean or creating safe spaces for children. Their efforts promote good will while helping them build relationships with their customers and demonstrate how valuable they are to creating a vibrant, connected city center. Overall, the local candle businesses in Newport Beach provide excellent support systems not only for the community but also for the development of its young makers who are continuously learning new skills.


If you’ve ever wanted to learn the art of candle making, Newport Beach is the place to be. Known for its beautiful beaches and breathtaking coastline, Newport Beach is an ideal destination for exploring the creative craft of candle making. With a variety of specialized shops offering workshops, classes and supplies needed to master the skill of creating a unique scent, this charming seaside city is the perfect place to make your own special creation. From colorful layers to unexpected scents, experienced instructors will guide you through the entire process of creating your personalized work of art. Whether it’s your first attempt or tenth, there’s something for everyone trying their hand at this fun indoor activity.

Come discover Newport Beach and its lively candle making scene for yourself! Visitors can also take advantage of plenty of additional attractions in this popular seaside city like exploring Main Street where you can browse over 120 different shops selling all kinds of goodies or take a stroll along Balboa Peninsula for some sun and relaxation. If you’re feeling hungry after all these activities don’t worry – there are plenty of award-winning restaurants serving up delicious meals from both local seafood delicacies and other international cuisines that are sure to delight any palate. After a fun filled day in Newport Beach that’s sure to leave lasting memories, what better way to cap off the evening than with your very own handmade candle?

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