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Candle making in Oregon is an integral part of the state’s art and culture. For centuries, Oregonians have used their unique raw materials”beeswax, honey, and often organic cotton wicks”to make ornamental candles that reflect their environment. Today, this type of candle making has become quite popular around the world as people look to create unique artisanal products that are reflective of where they live.

Oregon is host to a wide range of candle makers who hand-craft scented and all-natural beeswax candles from honey gathered from local beekeepers. Each candle is delicately crafted with attention to detail, boasting natural ingredients such as essential oils for extra fragrance. Candle makers in Oregon celebrate the region’s distinct diversity by incorporating nature-inspired themes into their work such as whimsical critters and native plants packages in colorful packaging for a truly authentic experience. Moreover, these local artists use a variety of custom molds and design techniques to give each piece its own character.

To top it off, many Oregon candle makers practice sustainability principles to ensure minimal environmental impact through their production process. This means careful sourcing practices coupled with economical use of energy plus biodegradable packaging materials when shipping out products which ultimately enhances the value they bring to this industry. From supporting local businesses to reducing emissions caused by shipping, candle makers in Oregon focus on giving back to their community while also producing quality pieces that offer more than meets the eye!

Historical Context

Candle making has been an essential industry and craft in Oregon for centuries. In the 1700s, Native American tribes in the region used tallow and berries to make candles. Later, during the 1800s, homesteaders arriving on the Oregon Trail made candles from animal fat known as “tallow” to light their homes and light their paths.

The technological advances made during the Industrial Revolution opened up new opportunities for businesses in Oregon’s candle-making industry. The mass production of candles allowed for easier accessibility at cheaper prices. By mid-1800s, candle factories had sprung up throughout the state with products being sold across the nation.

In the early 1900s, beeswax became popular for use in commercial production ” it was cheaper than tallow and created cleaner burning candles with a pleasant scent. Around this time, homemade waxes such as paraffin wax were emerging out of rural areas like Willamette National Forest offering an affordable option to hobbyists experimenting with making their own household supplies.

With modern technology now available, candle makers in Oregon have access to many different materials that can be used to make customizable creations. Advances in fragrancing techniques allow scents to permeate beyond what was once possible while improvements have also been seen in wicks and dying agents to create unique colorations. Additionally, the widespread availability of soy wax makes it easier than ever before to create eco-friendly solutions for consumers looking for sustainable solutions to brighten their home and evoke happiness through aromatherapy

Local Businesses & Handmade Artisans

Candle making is a popular artform in Oregon and there are many small businesses and handmade artisans who specialize in producing beautiful, unique candles. Through profiling these businesses and artisans, we can show off the craft and creativity that goes into making candles.

From bespoke wax sculpting to hand-poured soy blends to natural aromatherapy oils, each business offers its own special touches when creating their wax creations. Many of them work with local vendors to produce one-of-a-kind items that represent their own signature style. Furthermore, each candle business strives to provide customers with quality ingredients: beeswax from Oregon farms, essential oils from local distillers, or fair trade waxes for those looking for an eco-friendly option. By understanding where each element comes from, it ensures that all the components of a candle are ethically sourced.

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The passion put into creating these candles makes them even more special and gives them a unique story behind every wick lit in Oregon homes. Not only do these candles bring warmth and light into people’s lives but they also give recognition to hardworking members of the community who care about sustainability and quality craftsmanship. The combination of artistry, dedication, and respect for the environment is what makes Oregon’s candlemakers so exceptional.

Types of Candles

Scented Candles ” Scented candles from Oregon are often made with natural essential oils and fragrances sourced from plants and flowers that can be found in the Northwest United States. These often include rose, lavender, cedar, fir, pine and other earthy scents featured prominently here.

Unscented Candles ” Unscented candles are also popular in Oregon due to their simple aesthetic. Wax is colored with pigment dyes so they appear white or cream. The wicks used in these types of candles are usually cotton or wood based, creating a clean burn without any added smells or chemicals.

Aromatherapy Candles ” Aromatherapy candles often include a large array of ingredients including lavender, chamomile, eucalyptus and other therapeutic scents that are meant to provide comfort while burning. These types of candles are commonly found in spas and boutique stores around Oregon as relaxation aides for customers that come seeking reprieve from the outside world.

Compared To: In comparison to the neighboring states of California and Washington where soy wax colored with different pigments is prominent for its sustainable properties, some candle making companies in Oregon have stuck with paraffin wax for its affordability on top of already numerous costs when starting a business locally. This organic form of wax is still commonly used among farmers markets and indie brands due to it’s cost efficiency factor being significantly lower than soy..

Materials & Tools

When beginning your candle making experience, the most important items to pay attention to are the materials and tools necessary for growth. Wax is the bread and butter of this craft, coming in many different forms ranging from beeswax and soy wax to paraffin and palm oil wax. With each type comes different characteristics that can impact how the candle will ultimately look and smell, so selecting the right wax for your project is vital.

Additionally, wicks are needed to keep the flame burning and should be matched with your candle’s wax accordingly. An unscented cotton wick is a good starting point as it requires less maintenance as you gain experience. Melting pots can also come in handy when trying to melt bigger chunks of wax before pouring them into containers or molds. They can be found at various craft stores throughout Oregon as well as online outlets like Amazon.

Creating candles requires both skill and patience; but with the right materials and tools at hand, it can become an enjoyable experience for people of all ages!

Safety & Best Practices

When making candles in Oregon, safety should always be the highest priority. For starters, you should always work in a well ventilated area. Any open flames can produce toxic fumes if not handled properly and too much smoke or soot can cause irritation to the eyes and lungs. Secondly, it is important to use only high quality wax and wick that are specifically made for candle making as any impurities such as dyes, oils, or pigments can adversely affect the performance of the candle. Additionally, take special care to avoid overfilling your molds; leaving adequate air space around the flame is essential for optimal burning performance. Furthermore, always double check the proper measurements before pouring wax into containers as too much can cause excess smoke production upon burning. Finally, make sure all wicks are securely placed at room temperature before lighting them so that they remain straight and upright during burning. Following these precautionary steps can ensure a safe and satisfying candle making experience in Oregon!

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Creative Ideas

One way to get creative with candle making in Oregon is to experiment with different shapes and molds. There are many different types of molds available, including silicone, metal, glass, and even ice cube trays! You may also choose to customize the design of your candle with detailed carvings or stencils on the outside of the mold. Another idea is to use custom labels and packaging. If the recipient’s name is featured on a personalized label, or if you hand out candles as gifts in decorative boxes or bags featuring unique designs or artwork, it can make an ordinary candlemaking project into something extraordinary! Lastly, DIY scented candles are fun to make as well. Whether you combine essential oils for aromatherapy purposes or opt for food grade scent oils derived from fruits and flowers, creating a personal aroma for your handmade candles can be another enjoyable aspect of candlemaking in Oregon.

Other Candle-Making Activities

Workshops: Candle-making workshops offer a great opportunity to learn in a hands-on environment. These sessions typically include instruction on different types of wax, wick, and fragrance options perfect for creating custom candles that are functional, creative, and beautiful. Participants will also acquire practical skills such as melting and pouring the wax, adding scent and colorants, trimming the wick, and packaging the finished product.

Candle-Making Classes: Candle-making classes provide more in depth knowledge about working with beeswax or soy wax. Through both lecture and labs students learn about essential tools to use while embarking on this craft as well as burn testing different types of waxes and scents. Classes also show participants how to design containers that add value to the handcrafted candles.

Festivals: Oregon is home to multiple candle-centered events throughout the year such as Prairie Creek Candle Festival ” an event that offers soirées with live music, food stalls featuring traditional Oregon cuisine and craft booths where you can find wine-scented candles and soy candle bars! Not only do these festivals provide interactive activities like candle painting but also host workshops on candle-making techniques from local artisans who share their passion for candles!


Candle making in Oregon has become increasingly popular in recent years, thanks to its abundance of natural materials, creative spirit, and excellent market pricing. It’s easy to see why the state is a top destination for passionate artisans looking to create unique products. Specializing in soy wax candles, which are GMO-free and burn more slowly than paraffin wax alternatives, candle makers find this to be an especially attractive resource. The wide variety of fragrances, color dyes, and containers used also attract new sellers keen on varying their product line. With an excellent infrastructure that supports small business owners, candle making continues to be a viable venture in Oregon. In conclusion, candle making is incredibly important in the state of Oregon – with its topnotch supplies and market conditions it’s no wonder entrepreneurs flock here to develop beautiful and unique creations that are sure to bring pleasure to all who enjoy them.

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