Candle Making Night Out Cincinnati


Candle Making Night Out Cincinnati has been a popular event in Cincinnati for over 20 years. It was first held by the owner of a local candle-making company who wanted to bring locals together to learn about how to create handmade candles. Since then, it has become an annual gathering cherished by the members of the community who have either created their own candles or bought the ones made at these events. The main goal of this event is to give everyone an opportunity to enjoy the beauty and rich fragrance that comes with creating your own candle masterpiece. Each year vendors come from all over Ohio and beyond with supplies and materials necessary for various types of candle creations. There are also workshops where experts can teach attendees the basics of molding and pouring methods as well as scent blending techniques, color mixing options, wax carving methods. Afterward, participants get to go home with their very own freshly made candles that they have put together onsite during Candle Making Night Out Cincinnati. This event has since expanded into other parts of Ohio as well as nationwide which gives more hobbyists and professionals alike an opportunity to perfect their craft while having fun making memories with loved ones!

What to Expect at Candle Making Night Out Cincinnati

At Candle Making Night Out Cincinnati, all the necessary materials to make your own, unique candles are provided. Guests will be shown step-by-step instructions on how to create their own wax candles from scratch, selecting from a wide range of scents and colors that can be combined for a perfect personalized blend. Attendees will be able to choose from several different candle shapes, either pillar or votive designs using a mixture of paraffin and beeswax. In addition to picking out the right wick size and pouring in the right amount of wax, guests will learn various decorations available such as molds, color chips, fragrances and glittering stars.

As part of this experience guests will have access to state-of-the-art equipment which can help with techniques such as dyeing waxes in custom tints and adding certain effects like crackling or marbling effects. The event offers assistance in order to turn what may seem complex into something quite simple by providing guidance throughout the whole candle making process. Through Candle Making Night Out Cincinnati you can take home multiple candles that you’ve created through an engaging activity that’s fun for everyone!

What You Need to Bring to Candle Making Night Out Cincinnati

• Candle making kit ” This should include a wax heater, pouring pot, wicks and wick stickers

• Scented oils (optional) ” Choose any scent that fits your preferred candle smell.

• Wax dye ” Different colors are available to choose from.

• Containers ” To make the candles in. This could be jars, tins or anything else suitable for making candles as long as they can withstand heat.

• Double boiler or microwave-safe bowl ” A double boiler is highly recommended because it will help prevent scorching the wax. If this is not available, a glass Pyrex bowl can also do the job if placed in a microwave oven carefully.

• Cutting board and knife ” These tools will be used to cut the wick to appropriate length and remove any stubborn pieces that may have stuck after pouring the candle mixture into the container.

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• Stirrer or spoon ” For stirring scented oils or wax beads before adding them to the candle mix, if you decide to add any of these materials during your session.

• Protective accessories (gloves and glasses) – To keep your hands safe from hot wax and protect your eyes from flying particles of melted wax beads, scented oils or dyes.

Where to Find Candle Making Supplies in Cincinnati

If you’re looking to source supplies for candle making in Cincinnati, there are several shops and stores that specialize in providing candle making materials. For starters, there is Simply Natural Candle Supplies located on Central Avenue. This store offers a variety of waxing supplies including natural beeswax and soy wax. You can also purchase molds, wicks, dyes, scent oils and fragrance blends to customize your candles. If you’re looking to shop online, CandleScience sells a wide range of scents and candle-making equipment such as molds, dyes, wicks and fragrance oils. Wicks N’ More is another website that offers a full line of sustainably sourced raw materials like paraffin waxes, soy waxes and cotton wicking supplies for candle makers. Finally, if you’re feeling creative you can also check out Etsy for handmade soaps and specialized supplies like scented palm oil wax cubes used for creating beautiful customized candles. Whichever source you choose to work with rest assured that there’s plenty of available options for finding all the necessary supplies in Cincinnati!

Create an Enjoyable Setting

Setting up the workspace for a Candle Making Night Out in Cincinnati can be an enjoyable experience. To get started, begin by choosing the best lighting for the space. Seating could include tables and chairs to provide participants with a comfortable place to work. Additionally, adding candles around the room in various sizes creates a gentle ambiance. Dcor selection should draw inspiration from the color scheme of traditional wax melts and tealights. Utilize framed prints of landscapes or illustrations, or choose calming wall hangings that cultivate creativity and are reminiscent of nature’s beauty. With thoughtful consideration, this candle making workshop can become an inviting environment nestled within homely aesthetics.

Technique and Safety Tips

For a successful candle making night out in Cincinnati, there are a few general rules of thumb to follow.

First and foremost is safety, so proper ventilation and keeping fire extinguishers or buckets of water nearby are important in order to avoid any possible accidents.

When melting wax or other materials to use, it is important to make sure that the heat source is not burning your ingredients too hot. If you melt wax over an open flame, be sure to use a double-boiler to control the temperature more accurately. Alternatively, using an electric wax pot can help measure and maintain a more accurate temperature during the melting process.

When pouring into jars or molds, ensure that you keep the correct measurements for each jar depending on desired size of your candles. Gently tilt your mold as you pour for better coverage when filling it up with melted wax material. Lastly, remember to let the wax cool off between pours if needed before adding extra layers of color or design elements. Enjoy your candle making night out in Cincinnati!


Candle Making Night Out Cincinnati is a special event where attendees will have the opportunity to craft candles of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re a beginner just learning the basics, or an experienced candle maker expanding your skillset, everyone will leave with something beautiful and unique to show off in their home. Throughout the night instructors will provide examples of creative and innovative designs to spur inspiration for creativity. Attendees will explore different techniques and materials that go into crafting beautiful and scented candles, making their own creative variations along the way. Each person can design their own masterpiece by selecting various waxes, wicks, fragrances and dyes, while also learning how they work together to create a one-of-a-kind collection of unique candles. There will be plenty of helpful step-by-step guidance as well as examples of creative and specialty designs such as layered pillar candles, metal tins embedded with stones or crystals, glitter-filled jar candles and more. By utilizing fun molds like stars or hearts to make eye catching tea lights or pouring multiple colors of wax together to make truly special designs, each candle crafted at this special event will be a tangible expression of identity. So come out for night full of sparking creativity with Candle Making Night Out Cincinnati!

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Take Home Your Handmade Candle

At Candle Making Night Out Cincinnati, you’ll have the opportunity to make a beautiful and unique candle with help from our experienced experts. After crafting your own one-of-a-kind design, you will be able to take home your handmade masterpiece and show off your creation to everyone!

To ensure that your candle stays beautiful for years to come, please be sure to practice proper care when handling it. When not in use, it’s best to store a lit candle away from flammable objects such as books or curtains and keep it at a safe distance from children or pets. When burning, never leave the wax unattended, and when extinguished always make sure the wick is snuffed out rather than blowing it out. Additionally, trimming the wick after each burn can help prevent smoke buildup in your room and ensure an even burning rate.

If you feel like getting creative with your candle then we suggest adding some unique embellishments to customize it further. Whether you choose twine or lace wrapped around the outside of the jar or a few drops of essential oils into melted wax for a scented candle, these small touches will enhance any space with a beautiful personalized touch!

Follow Up

Attendees at Candle Making Night Out Cincinnati can connect and collaborate with each other by offering each other advice and exchanging ideas. They can also create a group chat on a messaging service such as Slack, Discord or WhatsApp to keep in touch. Additionally, they should join a local candle-making community, like one on Meetup or Facebook, which will allow them to interact with other candle makers who share their passion and get involved in different activities and workshops.

After attending the event, attendees should take photos of their candle-making projects and share them online with the hashtag #candlemakingnightoutcincinnati. This will help generate more interest in the event and potentially attract new participants for future events. It’s also a great way for attendees to showcase their work and form collaborations with fellow candle makers.


Candle Making Night Out Cincinnati was an excellent experience for all involved. Attendees enjoyed the opportunity to make their own unique scented candles as well as mingle with other creative locals. With the guidance of expert candle makers, everyone left with a beautifully crafted handmade product. In the future, this event could be enhanced with additional types of projects to spark more creativity and collaboration among attendees.

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