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Introduction to Candlemaking NYC

Candlemaking has become increasingly popular in NYC, with more and more people turning to this craft as a creative outlet. According to recent surveys, over half of Americans burn candles at least once a month and 77% like the scent and ambiance that candlelight provides. In NYC specifically, soy candles are the most popular type of candle for city dwellers. Since soy wax burns slower and cleaner than other types of wax, it is known for producing less soot and lasting longer than traditional paraffin candles. Unique scents like lavender, rosemary, vanilla and jasmine are all popular among candlemakers in the city. Recently, many people have also taken up making decorative candles by dipping their own designs into colored dye to create stunning visuals. Whatever your preference may be, you can definitely find something special amongst New York City’s selection of handmade candle options!

Popular Candlemaking Workshops in NYC

Candlemaking workshops in NYC range from beginner classes, to advanced, to specialty classes with everything from scented soy candles, to complex layered wax designs. Depending on your skill level and interests, there are a variety of candlemaking workshops to choose from. Below is a selection of popular workshops in NYC:

1) The Candle Lab NYC: In their two-hour workshop, you can make and customize your own unique scented soy candle. You will be taught basic candlemaking techniques and how to mix fragrances together for a one-of-a-kind scent. A video of the experience can be found here:

2) CraftJam Candlemaking – Beginner Class: In this 2-hour class, you’ll learn the basics of candlemaking. From wick and wax selection to troubleshooting common mistakes, you’ll leave feeling confident about making candles at home. Check out the video here for an overview of what it’s like:

3) Brooklyn Candle Studio – Layered Candlemaking Workshop: If you want something a bit more advanced than basic scents, this three hour class is perfect for those who want to create beautiful multi-colored and textured layers of wax! See their work in the video below:

Where to Buy Supplies

If you’re looking to buy supplies for making candles in NYC, there are a few great options. For wax, you can visit Big Apple Wax, which offers a wide selection of paraffin, beeswax and soy wax that are perfect for candle making. For wicks, Brooklyn Candle Studio provides their own special blend of wicks made from cotton and paper pieces that have been specially bonded together. Additionally, there are many local artisans or entrepreneurs who make molds specifically crafted for creating unique candles in various shapes and sizes. City Waxworks specializes in 3D printed molds specifically meant for candle making with an emphasis on ecological sustainability. Finally,Wicked Witchy Candles makes pouring trays out of reclaimed wood using eco-friendly materials and non-toxic dyes and paints. No matter what supplies you need for your project ” from wax to molds ” these talented NYC makers have you covered!

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Fun Candlemaking Projects You Can Try at Home

Candle.making NY is a great place to learn how to make candles! With just some basic supplies and a bit of elbow grease, you can create beautiful, custom handmade candles in no time. Here are some fun projects you can try at home:

1. Layered Candle Design ” Start with a clear glass container and layer it with various wax colors, trying to achieve interesting patterns and designs as the candle burns. To do this, begin by melting your colored wax in separate containers over boiling water. When each color has melted individually, pour them into the clear glass container one by one. Let every layer harden before pouring another on top of it until you reach your desired effect. Add a wick down the middle when everything had hardened and voila – you have yourself a unique layered candle!

2. Dipped Tapers ” This classic candle design dates back centuries ago but you can easily make some for yourself without much effort. All you need are pre-made taper bases (wick have been attached) and wax that can be melted down in low heat environment such as double boiler or microwave oven. Prepare a workstation for dipping the tapers; A hook or peg on the top to hang dipped tapers from so that wax does not drip on them until completely cooled off is important too! Dip each taper one at a time wiggling the axis slightly until the desired thickness is achieved then let it cool off before hanging next one in line

3. Picture or Print Embedded Negatives ” add character to candles by placing an image inside while they still are liquid hot wax in preparation phase before they solidify into finished product or second phase of making known as cooling/setting. You may use student grade material like paper etching plates/boards which are designed to draw & burn images into candles producing visual elevations on 2D flatimages like artwork profiles etc.. Once these boards/plates have been imprinted with desired image, embed them among melted wax layers & pour over more wax if required till final shape is preferably round like typical candle shape

Benefits of Candlemaking in NYC

Candlemaking in NYC offers a unique opportunity to express one’s creativity while learning a new skill. Not only can candlemakers create beautiful pieces of art with the scent and color of their choosing, but creating something with your own hands can also have significant positive impacts on mental health. Candlemaking encourages clear thinking, boosts memory capacity and has stress-reducing effects due to its therapeutic nature. Furthermore, engaging in meaningful activities like this often allow for an improved sense of self-efficacy, which is having faith in one’s ability to accomplish tasks and achieve goals. This can improve confidence and motivation levels as well as bringing joy through mastering a craft like this.

Inspiring Artists in the Candlemaking Scene in NYC

Candlemaking has become an increasingly popular form of art and craftsmanship in New York City. With the variety of textures, scents, and tools available to candlemakers, the artistic possibilities have become almost limitless.

Start Making Candles

To explore this ever-growing community, we’ve reached out to several inspiring artists in NYC who are pushing their craft to new heights. Here’s what we found:

Jill Jansson is a Brooklyn-based artisan who specializes in hand-poured soy wax candles. Working from her studio in Bushwick, Jill has crafted diverse scents such as Lavender Abondance and Garden Spring Flora. She takes pride in her commitment to minimalism and sustainable practices, making each candle uniquely beautiful and ecofriendly at the same time.

After years of mixing different fragrances and experimenting with waxes, Natasha Dodson launched her own brand of aromatic candles called Ooraa Originals earlier this year. Her specialty is highlighting unique ingredients like palo santo wood chips and natural essential oils that create an unforgettable scent. As a young entrepreneur looking ahead to the future, she wants to encourage more people of all backgrounds to express themselves through small businesses like hers.

Trevor Piercy got involved with candlemaking shortly after moving to NYC when he began building his collection of homemade aromatherapy candles that use vegan-friendly ingredients like coconut oil wax. In addition to offering guidance to aspiring entrepreneurs on social media platforms, Trevor also leads workshops for those interested in creating their own custom creations from scratch. He is passionate about teaching others how they can use their craft as a source of healing throughout times of trial and tribulation.

These candlemakers have all contributed significantly to the evolving candle-making scene in New York City through their passion for creativity, artisanal quality products, and meaningful methods for making art. It is clear that these inspiring artists are among its most valued members – ones that continue to shape the industry within its current trajectory from one creative centre point!


The candlemaking scene in New York City has been steadily growing over the past few years. As the craft of making candles by hand has become increasingly popular, it has given artisans and craftspeople a way to express themselves creatively and bring enjoyment to their customers. Furthermore, the combination of beautifully crafted products with local scents has made NYC’s candlemaking scene stand out in a crowded market. While classic techniques are still being used by long-standing business owners, there is an influx of new ideas as more businesses experimenting with natural ingredients such as beeswax and eco-friendly materials such as bamboo wicks and ceramic containers. This means that consumers have access to a greater variety of high-quality products and artisanal pieces that go beyond traditional candle offerings. With so many different scents, styles and sizes available, it’s easy to find something that fits one’s home décor or lifestyle perfectly. The candle making industry in NYC is evolving rapidly due to its unique history as well as its innovative approach towards sustainability.

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