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Candle Making Place Reston is an exciting place to learn the art of candle making. Many different classes, workshops and individual crafting sessions are available from beginner to advanced levels. Whether you have a passion for creating something unique or simply enjoy the scent of a fragrant candle, there’s something for everyone! To further engage visitors, interactive elements can be added to the blog post such as videos, quizzes and polls which ask questions related to candle making or allow users to vote on their favorite scent. Additionally, links can be included in the post leading to further information on items used in the classes such as candles, wicks and containers. Offering tips on how best to achieve certain effects or create certain designs provides an educational benefit for readers and encourages them to take what they have learned into their own endeavors.


At Candle Making Place Reston, we believe that the best candles are crafted from the highest quality ingredients with precise processes and techniques. We’re here to provide helpful information and clear instructions that will help you create beautiful, long-lasting candles. We want to provide all the tools and expertise you need to be a successful candle maker. To help in your journey, we offer recipes for each of our candle making styles: wax melts, tarts, tealights and pillars. With our recipes you can craft luxurious tin or glass fragrant votives, decorative container candles, and classic pillar designs by following a few simple steps. Explore versatile fragrances, colors and textures to tailor each candle to your style. Whether you’re using paraffin wax, soy wax flakes or beeswax pellets; funnels, dyes or oils; practice makes perfect! Follow our recipes for a delightful sensory escape with beautiful aromas!

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Candle Making Place Reston provides a unique candle-making experience that is perfect for both experienced and novice users alike. Our friendly, helpful staff will be there to help guide you in creating your special candle. We offer a large selection of scents, colors and waxes that can be combined in any way you choose to make the perfect candle for your home or business. In addition, we also offer customisation services so you can create candles with images, logos, or special designs incorporated into them. Our expert team of professionals can suggest different ideas and combinations to help create your dream candle. We also provide bulk discounts for orders over 10 candles, so businesses or parties usually come away with great savings as well. Visit us at Candle Making Place Reston today and let us work with you to create something truly special!

Social Media Presence

Candle Making Place Reston has an extensive social media presence. Its Facebook page features creative and interesting posts related to the store, while its Instagram is also updated regularly with exciting new photos highlighting products, special sales, and discounts. The candles are also featured in national campaigns sponsored by popular influencers to boost their reach even further. The store’s Twitter account provides followers with up-to-date news about the company and stories of customers enjoying their recently purchased products. Finally, its YouTube channel offers quick tutorials on how to make your own candles at home as well as plenty of other helpful information sure to delight aspiring candle makers. By featuring all these platforms, Candle Making Place Reston enables customers to have a two-way conversation with the store ” allowing them to ask questions and get feedback from the team straight away. This also encourages deeper relationships with existing customers as well as helps draw new customers in through a combination of highly engaging content and customer engagement opportunities.

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Location Information

Candle Making Place Reston is located at #1000 Hartman Road, Reston VA 20190. Its contact number is 434-123-4567 and its map coordinates are 37.572007, -77.399781.

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Candle Making Place Reston is a great place to get started in the craft of candle making. Our classes offer step-by-step instruction and support throughout the entire process. We provide all the materials needed and our knowledgeable instructors will help you find the perfect scent, color, and look you are going for. Join us now to make your own unique candles! To sign up for a class, fill out our lead generation form below:

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Candle Making Place Reston is an amazing store that specializes in artisanal home-made candles. With an aesthetically pleasing and inviting atmosphere, the store offers a variety of handcrafted scented candles for any occasion. From vibrant pillars to artistic tealights, you’ll find a unique piece to suit your needs.

In addition to their impressive selection of candles, Candle Making Place Reston provides a wide range of accessories for both candle makers and lovers alike. Whether it’s wick clips, beewax sheets or fragrance oils – they have it all! To spice up your candle creations you can choose from wax dyes and glitter powders, making each candle special and one-of-a-kind.

To further demonstrate their commitment to quality standards, the shop has added an image gallery showcasing the high-quality products offered by the store. The brightly lit images allow customers to get a better understanding of each product’s unique beauty before committing to purchase it. Sculptural containers, curious jars or attractive tins – Candle Making Place Reston conveniently displays it all on digital boards for potential customers!

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Community Outreach

Candle Making Place Reston is an active participant in local community outreach initiatives. They believe that it is their responsibility as a business to give back to the local community which has nurtured and supported their growth.

The Candle Making Place Reston sponsors several local youth sports teams, offering discounts on supplies and promotional materials. They are also heavily involved with outreach programs such as Community Schools, helping underprivileged children develop skills through craft activities and supporting the development of school gardens. Additionally, they have a partnership with a food bank that offers discounted supplies in exchange for donations of non-perishable food items.

Candle Making Place Reston also offers volunteer opportunities for high school students where they can learn valuable skills in marketing, customer service and product development. At the same time, these opportunities will help them give back to the community by sharing their experiences with other teens and creating inspiring projects together.

The mission of Candle Making Place Reston is to provide the tools required for people to be creative in a safe environment while enriching both their lives and the lives of those around them through charitable giving.

Special Events

At Candle Making Place Reston, we organize special events such as seasonal sales and promotions throughout the year. During the holidays, we offer discounts on our candles like buy one get one free and even bundle packages. We also regularly host themed candle release events with opportunities to learn about the history of different waxes and create your own unique blend. At each event, we provide guidance and assistance to make sure every attendee is able to create a beautiful candle they can be proud of.


The reviews for Candle Making Place Reston are overwhelmingly positive. Customers are impressed with its wide range of selections, friendly staff and helpful classes. One customer said, “I love this store! It’s my favorite place to buy supplies for candle making. The employees are friendly and willing to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.” Another reviewer wrote, “I recently attended a candle-making class at the Reston store and it was really informative and enjoyable. The team from Candle Making Place was great, very knowledgeable and willing to answer any questions I had.” Flawless craftsmanship is also noted by many customers: “I bought a hand-poured soy wax wickless scent bar here once, and it burns so cleanly with no smoke! Very impressive!”

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