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Savannah, Georgia is home to a vibrant and bustling candle making scene. Whether it’s local artisan businesses or the tourist shops that line River Street, candles are everywhere in this beautiful Southern city. For those looking to get crafty and make their own candles, there is an abundance of resources available to start. From instructional classes at craft stores to purchasing supplies from local boutiques, making candles in Savannah can be a unique experience. Along with all there is to learn from candle making classes, visitors will also be able to explore the many different scents available for use. From fresh coastal scents like lavender and jasmine to more traditional favorites like cinnamon and vanilla – the possibilities are endless in Savannah! If you’re looking for something truly special, check out the limited edition collections found only in Savannah’s galleries and shops. Combining essential oils, beauty essences, and unique colour combinations – these one-of-a-kind creations will brighten any home or office space.

Whether it’s fueling your passion for creativity or adding an aromatic touch to your decor, exploring the candle making scene in Savannah can be an incredibly rewarding experience. There are plenty of places throughout the city offering courses on candle making as well as shops where you can purchase supplies such as waxes, wicks, and containers specific to your desired project. Local stores not only carry what you need but also provide helpful advice on selecting scents that pair perfectly with each other to create the ideal ambience. The variety of luxury brands and whimsical limited-edition selections blends both classic fragrances with modern takes on old favourites ” perfect for gifting a loved one something special or creating something totally unique for yourself! Candle makers in Savannah will furthermore find many workshops hosted by members of their growing creative community teaching various topics such intuitive styles of higher vibration uses as Chakra Healing Candles or Mind-Body Relaxing Aromatherapy Candles . Across the board there is something for everyone when it comes to exploring candle making in this delightful Southern town.

The Origins

Candle making in Savannah dates back to the 1600s, before the city was even formally founded. This art form is deeply rooted in the tradition of the earliest settlers of Savannah: The Gullah Geechee people.

The Gullah Geechee inherited their candle-making skills from enslaved African and Caribbean populations who were brought over during colonial times. They used a variety of plant materials, such as bayberry leaves, tallow and beeswax to make candles by dipping wicks into a pot until thick layers of wax built up around them. The artistry and symbolism of these handmade wax pieces demonstrated skill and creativity while paying reverence to African heritage and practices. After Georgia’s prohibition on slave labor in 1829, many descended plantation families opened shops around Savannah that specialized in candle production. These merchants sold highly sought-after items such as beeswax candles, tapers and soft wax molded novelty objects. Even today in Savannah’s Historic District, fragrant scents of local candles wafts through buildings that have stood since this art form’s inception centuries ago.

Tour the Businesses

Candle Making Savannah offers visitors an up-close experience of the local candle making industry. From touring local businesses and workshops to learning about different techniques and materials used in the craft, guests can learn exactly what professional candle making looks like. As they explore the workshops, they will observe the professionals continuing to perfect their artwork, transforming wax into beautiful works of art. They can watch experienced workers handmade candles from start to finish, from melting the wax and coloring it to pouring the molds and finishing the pieces with label-making machines. From traditional tapers to scented candles in cute containers, Candle Making Savannah knows how to show everyone how it’s done! In addition, guests can even shop for some of these lovely products made onsite! Whether you’re a novice to candle making or an expert looking for something special, Candle Making Savannah is sure to have something for you.

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Participate in Workshops

At Candle Making Savannah, participants can enjoy an immersive candle making experience like no other. From group activities to private events, these workshops offer a unique and hands-on approach to discovering the art of candle making. With the guidance of knowledgeable and qualified instructors, you’ll learn how to create beautiful, custom candles using all natural waxes, fragrances, dyes and wicks. You’ll have access to plenty of materials and resources with which you can experiment and learn new techniques without any pressure or expectation. The relaxed atmosphere also allows you to ask questions as they come up while building relationships with fellow creators who share your passion for candle craft. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to hone your existing skillset, Candle Making Savannah is the perfect place for your creative journey!

Discover Unique Pieces

Candle Making Savannah is a unique shop in the downtown area that specializes in hand-crafted, unique candles. They design and create a variety of products such as decorative pillar and scented candles, tapers, votives, custom containers, and other works of art perfect for weddings and special events. They are proud to offer a wide selection of high-quality candles made with locally sourced beeswax, natural coconut oil, soy waxes, and essential oils with fragrances designed to give you the perfect aromatherapy experience.

You can find their whimsical pieces in exclusive stores throughout the city as well as open-air markets showcasing local artisans who pour their hearts into crafting each individual candle. Every piece is made with care by master candlers using traditional techniques that have been perfected over generations. Their signature collection features signature color tones reminiscent of Savannah’s beautiful palette and celebrates all aspects of life from grandiose events to small moments between family or friends. You only need one candle to start transforming your home into something truly unforgettable and unique!

Get Started Crafting

Candle Making Savannah offers a unique opportunity to craft beautiful candles with expert guidance. Not only will one get a chance to create something unique and inspiring, but they will also receive access to the tools and materials necessary to make the end result something perfect. Participants can choose from an array of colors, fragrances and waxes to design their own customizable candles. Furthermore, all supplies for making these bespoke creations are provided including jars or molds, wick and burned down sticks as well as melting pots geared toward easy use. At Candle Making Savannah, not only one gets the opportunity to make that special, handmade gift for someone special or just for themselves but also get the advice from experienced professionals that can help shape the finished candle into something amazing. Attendees can take away their customized creation of a special handmade candle whenever their masterpiece is complete!

Give the Gift of Candle Making

Candle Making Savannah offers a unique way for family and friends to share the joy of candle making. Candle making is an exciting and creative way to explore one’s own creativity, and create beautiful homemade candles. With Candle Making Savannah, customers can purchase kits that contain all the ingredients necessary to make their own candles in their own style; plus tops and wicks to give them the perfect finishing touch. Each kit contains easy-to-follow instructions that beginners can easily understand. Customers can choose from eco-friendly soy wax, colorful dye, natural fragrances, and wax melts. When customers are done crafting their candle creations, they’ll have gifts perfect for friends and family, or even just as a special treat for themselves. Whether it’s for someone special or something new for your home decor, Candle Making Savannah provides a unique opportunity for anyone to enjoy creating handmade candles with love.

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Education and Resources

Candle Making Savannah is a great resource for anyone interested in learning the craft of candle making. Located in Savannah, Georgia, this educational center offers classes and workshops to those who want to increase their knowledge on the topic. Different classes cover topics like how to make different types of candles, their history and cultural significance, and much more. From beginners classes to more advanced courses, Candle Making Savannah caters to all levels. They even have resources and materials for those who want to start their own business in candle making. Not only that, but they also host events and seminars throughout the year that touch on different aspects of candle making. For example, seminars can range from wick selection to scent blending and much more. At Candle Making Savannah, people can find educational resources that look at the place of candle making in the local culture of Savannah as well as its ever-evolving global reach. They provide pertinent information about current trends, best practices when working with wax and scents, safety guidelines around using heat sources such as open flame or boiling water baths, and new methods for creating unique candles designs with various materials. Additionally, some programs offered focus on enlightening individuals about how certain methods used centuries ago are still relevant today or why specific activities were important during particular eras in time.


Candle Making Savannah is an exciting and fun-filled community of people who enjoy learning how to make their own candles. Joining such a diverse community provides many opportunities to explore different methods, techniques, and styles of candle making. Being part of the Candle Making Savannah network can also enable you to find your own niche within the craft itself. Maybe you have a passion for creating scented wax creations or perhaps you are drawn to beeswax candles. Whatever avenue you take, there are sure to be countless opportunities and resources available in the community that can help bring your candle making vision alive. You may even choose to take your creation skills one step further by selling your handmade items online or even opening up a small shop with fellow crafters in the local area. Either way, Candle Making Savannah provides ample opportunity both to learn as well as find success with your craft.

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