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The Paschal Candle is an important symbol in the Christian religion, and has been a ritual of the Easter season for centuries. It is said to represent the presence of Jesus Christ and his coming, as well as being seen as a connection between heaven and earth, with its tall stature reaching towards the heavens. It was first used during the Easter vigil, which is usually celebrated on Holy Saturday or on the eve of Easter Sunday. Historically made from beeswax, it is widely believed that in some cases, green candles were lit to represent new life and celebrate nature’s renewal throughout spring. The four sides of the Paschal Candle are often inscribed with four distinctive symbols: alpha (the beginning), omega (the end), Chi-Rho (representing Christ’s name) and PX (meaning “Christus Rex”). Atop it sits a decorative cross or crucifix, further emphasizing its religious importance.


The Paschal Candle is an important part of the Easter tradition and has a deep spiritual meaning. The candle represents Jesus Christ as the “Light of the World.” It also symbolizes His triumph over death and darkness as it is lit during special Easter services, such as the Easter Vigil Mass, where it remains lit throughout the service and is kept burning to represent Christ’s presence. The candle should include several symbols, such as a cross at the top to signify His suffering, death, and resurrection; the Alpha and Omega symbols; five small grains of incense to symbolize His five wounds; and nails in a cruciform shape driven halfway down each side of it to represent His crucifixion. Additionally, 51-52 numbers are inscribed on either side of it as allusions to Exodus 12:2-12. Lastly, oil or melted wax from last year’s Paschal Candle should be used in making this year’s candle in order to link past celebrations of Easter with present experiences. Lighting this candle helps us remember that night when Jesus rose from the dead giving us hope for everlasting life with Him in Heaven.

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To make a Paschal Candle you will need the following supplies:

– A plain white candle base (usually 51cm tall)
– White wax pellets and white block wax
– Candle wick or double cotton wicks
– Candlestick holder and pin stand
– Glue gun, scissors and lighter
– Stencils of traditional Easter symbols such as the Cross, Alpha and Omega, Lamb, Four Nails, Roman numerals for the current year, etc.
– Paint or markers
– Ribbon strips in red and gold colours
– Any other decorations (optional)


Step 1: Gather your supplies: a large white candle (for maximum impact choose the largest size your church has to offer), colored wax, tools such as a hot glue gun for attaching designs and symbols, metal skewers for creating texture in the wax, and water-based paints for decoration.

Step 2: Mark out your design on white paper and attach it to the Paschal Candle using hot glue.

Step 3: Start adding texture with metal skewer by pressing pattern into the wax.

Step 4: Hot glue pieces of colored wax onto the candle where you want more color or dimension.

Step 5: Use paintbrushes and water-based paints to add further colors and images to your design, if desired.

Step 6: Allow your Paschal Candle to dry overnight before adding additional decorations or textures.

Step 7: Ta-dah! Your masterpiece is complete! Enjoy!


• Use wax sheets or paraffin wax if you don’t have access to candle-making supplies.

• Choose a color for the candle that has special meaning for you. Options include white for purity, pink for joy, and purple for humility.

• Create a design on the sides of your Paschal Candle to make it extra special. You could add shapes, symbols, or etchings into the wax using a hot awl.

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• Make sure you set aside some wax shavings collected from the candle-making process to use later in making your Easter fire.

• Embed meaningful objects in the candle while the wax is still warm ” beads that recall the life of Jesus Christ, small pebbles to represent strength and protection, and even images of loved ones are good starting points!

• Personalize your finished candle by adding inscriptions or designs such as phrases from scripture, depictions of biblical stories or sacrificial components like animals made out of clay. Decorate with ribbons or fabric scraps, too!


The Paschal Candle is a beautiful and special tradition that is seen in many churches during the Easter season. The flame of the candle holds many symbolic meanings, such as renewal and hope, and it reminds us of Jesus’ resurrection and the promise of eternal life. Additionally, when we look at the Paschal candle, we can be reminded of Jesus’s love for all people, which motivates us to live an authentic Christian life full of loving kindness. This joy and hope from our Lord will bring us healing, peace and new beginnings as we look forward to another year immersed in his grace. Through the Paschal Candle lighting ceremony each year, we are reassured that no matter what happens to us, Jesus is forever our source of hope for a better future.

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