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Candle making scents using pine is a popular choice of fragrance for many DIY candle makers due to its rich, evergreen aroma. Pine candles can be used to fill any environment with a natural, uplifting scent that evokes feelings of warmth and relaxation. This fresh scent is especially well-suited for the colder months when many people look for ways to bring the outdoors indoors. Not only does the irresistible aroma of pine make for an inviting atmosphere, but this essential oil also has several physical and mental health benefits.

Background Information

The scent of pine is a classic scent that has been around for centuries, and adding it to candles provides a unique and uplifting fragrance. Pine scented candles are thought of as great gifts during the holiday season, but their place in history runs much deeper. In ancient times, pine was used in many religious ceremonies and festivals due to its relation to fertility, health, and safety. Ancient Egyptians began using pines domestically by burning resins from the tree to increase energy levels. As time passed, these scents were adopted into society through customs such as weddings, Christmas celebrations, and various rituals related to spirituality.

Today, you can find pine scented candles made with a variety of ingredients including essential oils or fragrances derived from the actual tree. Many people enjoy this scent because of its sweet yet invigorating aroma which makes it perfect for an air freshener or even as part of an aromatherapy routine designed to soothe stress and anxiety. The warm and inviting atmosphere that pine smells create inside a home can also be helpful when setting the mood while musing on personal goals or dreaming up a creative idea. All in all, using collected fresh needles (prickly) or found fragrances (resins) makes this classic scent desirable now just as it has been throughout history!

Types of Pine Scented Candles & Popular Brand Names

Pine scented candles come in many varieties and can be found in many popular brands. For example, The Yankee Candle Company offers the “Fresh Cut Pine” candle, which features notes of freshly-cut pine boughs with tart citrus and a musk undernote. Bath & Body Works carries a “Frosted Pine Cone” candle that captures the essence of freshly trimmed fir trees with notes of Arctic air, frosted cranberries, and warm white patchouli. Others include Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day’s “Pine” candle made from plant-derived wax with an invigorating scent of pine needles, birchwood heartwood, rustic woods and luscious fruit notes; and Illume’s “Winter Forest” soy wax blend, overflowing with notes of fresh evergreen branches, spruce and crisp airy ozone.

How to Find the Right Scent and Sized Candle for Your Home

There are a variety of scents and sizes to choose from when selecting the perfect candle for your home. When looking for pine scented candles, consider the strength of the scent in each type. Some types of pine fragranced candles have a more intense scent, while others have a more subtle fragrance that still offers an inviting atmosphere.

When selecting the size, consider how often you plan to light it. If it’s a larger candle you plan to burn frequently, opt for one with a higher wax-to-scent ratio so that the scent doesn’t dissipate over time and leave you with an unattractive wick and pooling wax around the edges. If smaller candles suit your needs, prioritize quality ingredients in order to get the most out of their long-lasting scent.

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As far as materials go, candles made with beeswax or soy offer natural alternatives to traditional paraffin waxes. Beeswax is known to create stronger and cleaner burning with no black smoke, creating an optimal atmospheric experience when paired with the right pine aroma. Soy candles provide an added benefit by being non-toxic — making them ideal for people with breathing issues or allergies ” and can easily be customized with colorful dyes for more appeal.

Tips and Tricks for Making the Perfect Candle with Pine Scent

1. Select a high-quality candle wax for an optimal scent throw. Beeswax candles may be more expensive, but they last much longer and hold the scent far better than cheaper soy wax or paraffin waxes.

2. Consider adding an essential oil to boost the pine scent of your candle. Pine needles from your Christmas tree blend well with rosemary oil and cypress oil, while spruce blends nicely with rosewood, cedarwood, and eucalyptus oils.

3. Take note that some natural fragrances are stronger than others. It is recommended to add no more than 0.5% of essential oil by weight of the wax when making a scented pillar candle as too much could potentially discolor the wax or even cause it to evaporate at an uneven rate as it burns.

4. Use caution when selecting fragrance oils as these are usually manufactured chemically which can increase soot production from the candle because of their high chemical content. For this reason, choose fragrance oils that have lower levels of volatile compounds rather than those containing higher chemical concentrations to keep your home safe and pollution free while burning your candle!

5. An easy way to get a strong pine scent is to make sure you use a good ratio of wax and scent in order to optimize the potency of your candle’s aroma: use 2 teaspoons of pine-scented essential oil per pound of melted wax (or 5 milliliters/grams per kilograms). Alternatively, one teaspoon per pound works just fine if you would like a less potent aroma.

6. Make sure to use wicking that has been specifically designed for scent throw with thicker wicks offering increased heat output which helps provide better diffusion from solid candles – this will help get a good hotspot on top which increases evaporation rate (which increases amount of vapouroids). Additionally, always pre-wick your candles before pouring them into their molds for quicker setting times which also ensures there will be plenty of fragrance released when lit later on!

Creative Ways to Display and Use Pine Scented Candles

1. Place the pine scented candle on a window ledge or shelf and let it burn for aromatizing a room.

2. Incorporate a pine scented candle into your holiday decor by giving an old mason jar or vase a festive makeover. Paint it white with small red or green accents and place the pine scented candle inside for a unique centerpiece of your Christmas table setting.

3. Turn your pine scented candle into functional pieces of art by painting a pattern around it with string, glitter, or other accents and placing it in an attractive bowl on top of your coffee table.

4. Make candles out of small wood logs by following basic instructions online, adding the desired flavor of wax and scent to create your own custom log-shaped candle to light up any space!

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5. Incorporate them as outdoor decorations when hosting a holiday gathering outdoors by combining several candles in various sizes to perfectly fit your space and ignite that festive sparkle among the guests.

6. Lighten up you office space with this winter scent when finished working by surrounding yourself with alluring pine scents while burning multiple candles throughout the room before leaving for the day!

Benefits of Incorporating Pine Scented Candles Into Your Home

Pine scented candles can bring a serene atmosphere to any home, making it much more calming and cozy. The scent of pine can conjure up warm memories, like those of winter holidays or quiet walks in the forest. Making a home smell like a cabin in the woods is one of the main reasons people incorporate this aroma into their space. Furthermore, beyond its relaxing effect, pine also has powerful health benefits. The scent is said to bolster alertness and fight against fatigue, helping one focus for longer periods of time. It’s also known for being an immune booster, due to the antiseptic properties it contains. Finally, burning a pine-scented candle in your home can help clear airborne debris and bacteria”a great reason to take advantage of its smells.

Where to Buy Candle Making Scents Pine

Pine scents can be a great addition to any candle making project! Pine is such a fresh and crisp scent that it often reminds people of colder climates. It’s an incredibly versatile scent that can be used in any kind of candle making style. You can use pine in holiday candles, in candles for the winter months, or just as a way to bring the outdoors indoors. To get started with your candle making project using pine scents, you will need to find a reliable supplier for your ingredients. Many online retailers carry candle-making kits that include all the necessary supplies for making candles with real pine scents. Alternatively, there are many craft stores and specialty shops that sell individual fragrance oils, waxes, and dyes specifically designed for candle making projects. These products often come in larger sizes so they may be more cost-effective if you are making multiple batches of candles at once. Once you have gathered all the necessary supplies, it’s time to begin creating your own homemade pine scented candles!


Making your own candles gives you the freedom to craft your perfect scented home. If you are a fan of fresh and woodsy scents, pine is the perfect choice for you! It provides an earthy, forest aroma that is instantly recognizable and timelessly trendy. By carefully blending skin-safe essential oils such as cedarwood, gingergrass, or spruce with other fragrances like lemon grass and bergamot, you can create a unique fragrance just for your home. If you’re looking to switch things up a bit, try mixing pine with warm notes of cinnamon and clove or cooling floral scents. Once you’ve determined your ideal scent combination, purchase the right supplies including wax, wicks, containers, fragrance oil, and any decorations and get to making! The end result will be a beautiful candle full of rich scent and a special touch all its own ” enjoy creating it!

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