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Candle Making Shop Edinburgh is a unique and magical place where visitors can create their very own bespoke candle creations. Here dreams can come to life with unlimited possibilities to get the perfect candle. Using only the finest quality wax, wicks and dyes, this shop allows visitors to experience the beauty of handmade candles in a safe and friendly environment. With an extensive range of colours, shapes and scents to choose from, one is never limited in their creative exploration. Each candle made at Candle Making Shop Edinburgh will be crafted with care and attention so that each special piece of art is exactly what was desired by the customer. Visitors are welcomed by knowledgeable staff who are passionate about helping them achieve their dream candles – whether it be for home décor or gifting purposes. Here at Candle Making Shop Edinburgh, you will be sure to experience the magical beauty of making candles!

Creative Inspiration

Candle Making Shop Edinburgh is a truly unique and inspiring place. Located in the heart of Scotland’s capital city, this delightful shop offers both novice and experienced candle makers an opportunity to explore the many possibilities of candle making. Beginners will find a friendly and helpful atmosphere, with knowledgeable staff ready to guide them through their selection of handcrafted candles. From traditional designs to contemporary shapes and scents, every type of candle-making material can be found in the shop.

More experienced candle makers can indulge in the specialised tools and materials for more inventive projects. From rolling soy wax sheets for casting moulds, to sealing wicks with beeswax, try something totally new and create beautiful candles that are guaranteed to impress guests at any gathering! With materials ranging from classical wax melts, resin printing kits and all-natural ‘vegan’ oils, you’ll have plenty of scope to come up with something spectacular every time. You never know – you might even stumble across some inspirational ideas on display at the Candle Making Shop Edinburgh too!

Exploring the Shop

The Candle Making Shop in Edinburgh is a must-visit for anyone looking to purchase quality handmade candles. The shop has an extensive selection of handcrafted candles as well as other products such as wax melts, scented wax cubes and essential oils. All of their products are made out of natural, vegan materials, with no artificial scents or chemicals. There are unique varieties to explore, from seasonal fragrances to the ever-popular lavender scent. Every candle has its own unique qualities and is priced accordingly. Customers can find options at different price points – from budget options to luxury pieces – so there is something for everyone. Those who want something truly special can order custom blended fragrances for an even more personalized experience. If you’re looking for some beautiful home decor and aromatherapy items, then the Candle Making shop in Edinburgh is definitely worth a visit!

Expertise of the Artisans

Candle Making Shop Edinburgh is home to some of the most highly skilled artisans in the candle making industry. With decades of experience and skill, these experts create handmade candles with a perfect finish every time. Each piece is uniquely crafted using quality ingredients and traditional candle-making techniques. As well as producing beautiful candles, the shop also offers lessons in candle making, where people can experience being a professional candle maker for themselves. By taking part in workshops and courses, people can learn how to create their own works of art at home, or even develop their skills to take on professional commissions. The hallmark of the Candle Making Shop Edinburgh is quality and dedication – from each artisan’s finely honed craftsmanship in making candles to their commitment to offering excellent customer service and advice on starting projects. Customers can rest assured that whatever projects they undertake at this store will be finished with the utmost care and quality.

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Traditional Candle Making Methods

The Candle Making Shop Edinburgh specializes in using traditional candle making methods and quality, natural materials to create beautiful, unforgettable experiences for its visitors. From the famous Baxters wax of the north to the home-made beeswax of the south, every ingredient used is carefully sourced from local farmers to guarantee an exceptional finish. Experienced chandlers teach guests the art of hand-making candles in both open and closed moulds, before pouring and finishing off with traditional fragrances such as lavender or woodsmoke. Each workshop can also be tailored to fit individual requirements, including family groups and special occasions. Visitors can take away their newly created scents brightening up any environment its placed in! No matter what your experience level is or what you are looking for, there’s a workshop for all needs. Come along and join us for an unforgettable candle making experience that won’t be forgotten!

Unique Aroma & Colors

The Candle Making Shop Edinburgh is a unique shop that offers a range of carefully crafted, personalized experiences. From discovering the perfect scent to selecting the perfect color to create the desired ambiance, this shop provides an individualized experience tailored specifically to each customer. Whether it’s using traditional methods or new technologies, customers can choose from a wide selection of aroma and colors to bring their dream candle to life. With decades of experience in the industry, they help customers bring their vision to reality through their quality product selections and knowledgeable staff members. Customers can also take advantage of workshops that provide insight into waxes, fragrances, and other helpful tips for making candles like an experienced professional. The shop doesn’t just end there; customers can purchase accessories such as candle holders, wicks, melts and more for their candle needs. Whether you’re looking for a special gift idea or just want to enjoy creating your own candle masterpiece at home with friends and family, the Candle Making Shop Edinburgh has something for everyone! So come discover and enjoy your very own personalized candle making experience today!

Available Workshops and Events

At Candle Making Shop Edinburgh, we offer a variety of workshops and events designed to teach you the craft of candle making. Our experienced candle makers have developed excellent programs that allow attendees to learn everything they need to know in order to become a master at creating their own beautiful candles. Depending on your level of experience, our workshops can range from beginner-level classes introducing the basics of candle making, to more advanced courses for those who want to develop their skills further. In addition, there are interactive activities such as ‘scent blending’ sessions, where attendees can explore different techniques for combining fragrances together, giving them the ability to create unique and exciting scented candles.

We also host various events throughout the year that cater specifically for beginners and experts alike. These events generally include demonstrations on a variety of candle making techniques as well as special guest speakers such as renowned wax artisans who share their insights into the craft. Furthermore, attendees have an opportunity to purchase handcrafted finished products made by our team of professionals during or after each event. So if you’re interested in learning or even mastering the art of candle making, don’t miss out on one of our incredible workshops or events – sign up today!

Why Visit Candle Making Shop Edinburgh?

Candle Making Shop Edinburgh offers visitors a truly unique, joyful and inspiring experience. Located in the heart of the Scottish capital, this shop boasts an immense selection of fragrant candles that you can customize to create a candle of your own design. Choose from seasonal scents or simply pick up one of the ready-made candles available for sale. Regardless of what kind of candle you decide on, you will be rewarded with an unforgettable aromatherapy experience every time. For those looking to step further out of their comfort zone, Candle Making Shop Edinburgh also offers its guests the chance to craft a candle of their very own! Here you’ll find a wealth of materials at your disposal –wicks, paints, wax beads, fragrance oils and accessories – so you can really get creative and make something totally unique. Experienced staff are always on-hand to offer guidance if needed so everyone can feel safe in trying their hand at something new. Moreover when you’ve finally created something special out our bespoke in-house workshop, you’ll have a special object – beautifully handcrafted by yourself – to take home with you as a wonderful keepsake reminding you off all your hard work!

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Reviews & Celebrations

The Candle Making Shop Edinburgh is more than just a place to buy your favourite scent or wax type. It is a hub of activity where customers come together to celebrate special occasions. Every week, the shop invites its customers to join in a celebration marked by the creation of candles and wax sculptures that also serve as decorations.

Customers enjoy bringing family and friends to The Candle Making Shop Edinburgh as they use their creative skills to make beautiful creations perfect for anniversaries, birthdays, weddings and other special occasions. As they work together, they share stories and memories that make the experience even more meaningful. Through laughter and creativity, these celebrations create lasting memories for store patrons.

Once finished with the design, staff members take over and help create stunning candles or wax sculptures that can be taken home or used as décor during their celebrations. These items quickly become treasures as customers find joy in being able to revisit moments from their memorable events anytime they want. Everyone who visits The Candle Making Shop Edinburgh experiences a unique celebration for themselves, different from what traditional stores offer.

The Candle Making Shop Edinburgh not only sells high-quality candles but also provides an opportunity for people to connect with each other while creating something beautiful together. Whether it’s an anniversary party or a baby shower, customers can use the shop’s supplies to craft an artistic centerpiece perfectly suited for their occasion. Customers have the chance to try out different aromas and textures while decorating the candle pieces with special art block carving techniques – offering even more flexibility and customization possibilities when creating a custom piece of art perfect for them. Furthermore, after crafting something amazing together customers can take candid photos and documents of their accomplishments in order to display them proudly at their celebration event; further maximizing the sentimental value created around each handmade masterpiece!

Location & Contact Information

Candle Making Shop Edinburgh is located at 79 Blair Street, in the heart of the city centre. From the main train station, you can easily reach the shop by taking the number 25 bus or 10 minutes walk.

The store’s opening hours are Monday to Saturday from 9am to 6pm and Sunday from 11am to 5pm. Customers can call on (075) 444 9020 for any enquiries regarding products or classes offered in the shop. They can also visit the website to check out any additional information about their candles, services and upcoming events hosted by them. For more specific details regarding corporate orders and bulk purchases, customers are asked to contact their email address – [email protected]

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