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Known for its Southern charm and rich history, Summerville, SC is a quaint town that has become a hub for creativity and craftsmanship, including the art of candle making. From its picturesque streets to its vibrant community, Summerville provides the perfect backdrop for exploring the world of homemade candles.

In this article, we will take you on a journey through the enchanting town of Summerville, SC and dive into the captivating world of candle making. Whether you’re a local resident or just passing through, this guide will introduce you to everything you need to know about candle making in Summerville.

Summerville, SC offers a unique blend of old-world charm and modern conveniences, making it an ideal location for delving into the art and science of creating homemade candles. We’ll explore the fascinating process behind crafting your own candles – from choosing the right wax to selecting fragrances and colors that reflect the spirit of Summerville.

Additionally, we’ll highlight local businesses and organizations that offer candle making classes and workshops, allowing residents and visitors alike to immerse themselves in this timeless craft.

Not only will we guide you through the process of creating your own candles, but we’ll also direct you to the best shops and suppliers in Summerville for all your candle making needs. From high-quality wax to unique fragrance oils and molds, our guide will ensure that you have access to top-notch supplies for your candle making endeavors.

Whether you’re a seasoned candle maker or just starting out, this article will provide valuable resources for finding everything you need right here in Summerville, SC. So let’s ignite your passion for candle making and explore all that Summerville has to offer in this thriving creative community.

The Art and Science of Candle Making

Candle making is both an art and a science, requiring a delicate balance of creativity and precision. In Summerville, SC, this craft is particularly cherished as it allows individuals to express their creativity while also learning about the scientific aspects of the process. From selecting the right wax to choosing fragrances and colors, there are countless elements that go into creating homemade candles.

Choosing the right wax is crucial in candle making, as it determines the final texture, scent throw, and burn time of the candle. In Summerville, SC, there are several local suppliers that offer a variety of waxes including soy wax, beeswax, and paraffin wax. Each type has its own unique qualities and it’s essential for candle makers to understand how different waxes behave during the candle making process.

When it comes to fragrances and colors, Summerville offers a wide array of options for candle makers. Local businesses provide an extensive selection of high-quality fragrance oils and dyes that can be used to customize candles according to personal preferences. Additionally, understanding how different scents interact with various waxes is essential in creating aromatic and long-lasting candles.

In order to delve deeper into the art and science of candle making, local workshops in Summerville, SC offer hands-on experience and expert guidance. These workshops not only provide valuable insights on techniques and best practices but also create a sense of community among aspiring candle makers.

This fosters an environment where individuals can share their knowledge and passion for the craft while honing their skills. Through these workshops, participants gain a deeper appreciation for both the artistry and technicality involved in creating beautiful homemade candles.

Local Candle Making WorkshopsCandle Making Supplies
Summerville Candle Co.Summerville Candle Emporium
Creative Candles WorkshopLowcountry Candle Supply
Palmetto Scents Candle StudioThe Waxy Works Co.

Candle Making Workshops in Summerville, SC

Candle making has become a popular activity in Summerville, SC, attracting both locals and visitors alike. As the demand for handmade candles continues to grow, so does the interest in learning the art of candle making. Fortunately, Summerville offers various workshops and classes for individuals who want to explore this craft.

One of the most well-known places that offer candle making workshops in Summerville, SC is The Candle Chef. This local business provides hands-on classes where participants can learn the basics of candle making, including choosing the right waxes, fragrances, and colors. The Candle Chef also offers advanced workshops for those who want to delve deeper into the science and art of creating unique and personalized candles.

Another establishment worth mentioning is Artizan’s Alley. This cozy shop not only sells a wide range of candle making supplies but also hosts beginner-friendly workshops perfect for those new to the craft. Participants get to experience the joy of creating their own custom candles while being guided by experienced instructors.

Eco Soy Wax For Candle Making

Summerville’s vibrant community of artists and crafters has made it an ideal place for anyone interested in pursuing hobbies such as candle making. Thanks to these local businesses and organizations, aspiring candle makers have access to resources and support that enrich their creative journey within the charming backdrop of Summerville, SC.

Candle Making WorkshopLocation
The Candle ChefSummerville, SC
Artizan’s AlleySummerville, SC

The Best Candle Making Supplies in Summerville, SC

Summerville, SC is a haven for creative individuals looking to explore the world of candle making. Whether you are a seasoned candle maker or just starting out, having access to high-quality supplies is essential for creating beautiful and fragrant candles. Fortunately, Summerville offers a variety of shops and suppliers that cater to all your candle making needs.

Here are some of the best places in Summerville, SC to find top-notch candle making supplies:

  • The Candle Supply Company: This local supplier carries a wide range of waxes, fragrances, dyes, and molds to help you create the perfect candles for any occasion.
  • Summerville Craft Corner: A one-stop-shop for all things crafting, including a great selection of candle making supplies such as premium soy wax and unique fragrance oils.
  • Southern Charm Apothecary: This charming store not only offers a delightful array of scented candles but also provides everything you need to make your own, from eco-friendly waxes to elegant jars and containers.

In addition to these dedicated suppliers, many general craft stores in Summerville also carry basic candle making supplies such as wicks, wax melters, and thermometers. These establishments provide a convenient option for those who prefer to browse different selections in one place.

For those seeking specific or specialty items for their candle making endeavors such as custom molds or locally-sourced botanicals for natural fragrances, there are also online options that deliver nationwide right from within Summerville.

Whether you prefer shopping in-store or online, the abundance of supply options in Summerville ensures that aspiring candle makers have everything they need at their fingertips to create stunning and aromatic homemade candles.

Local Candle Making Events and Markets

Are you a candle making enthusiast in Summerville, SC looking to explore and showcase your craft? Look no further. Summerville is home to a vibrant community of artisans and entrepreneurs passionate about homemade candles. Whether you’re looking to attend a local market or participate in an event, there are plenty of opportunities to connect with fellow candle makers and enthusiasts.

Here are some upcoming events and markets in Summerville where you can immerse yourself in the world of handmade candles:

  • Summerville Farmers Market: This popular weekly market features a variety of local vendors, including candle makers. It’s the perfect place to browse and purchase unique, locally-made candles while supporting small businesses in the area.
  • Artisan Craft Fair: Keep an eye out for seasonal craft fairs and artisan markets in Summerville. These events often highlight the work of talented candle makers, providing a platform for them to showcase their creations to a wider audience.
  • Candle Making Workshops: Some local businesses and organizations host workshops and classes that culminate in a candle making session. These workshops not only allow you to learn new techniques but also provide an opportunity to network with other like-minded individuals.

By participating in these events and markets, you can not only expand your knowledge of candle making but also contribute to the thriving creative community in Summerville, SC.

So mark your calendars, gather your candles, and get ready to immerse yourself in all things related to candle making summerville sc.

Interview With a Local Candle Maker

In conversations with local candle makers in Summerville, SC, it becomes evident that the art of creating candles is not just a craft, but a passion. Many artisans found their way to this trade due to their love for scents and the calming effect of candlelight. One such individual is Jessica Smith, owner of Sweet Scent Candle Co. who has been perfecting her candle making skills for over a decade.

Personal Journey

Jessica’s journey as a candle maker began as a hobby, but soon turned into something much more. She found solace in the process of blending different fragrances and experimenting with various waxes and molds. Her dedication to her craft led her to establish Sweet Scent Candle Co. where she now shares her handmade creations with the community.

Candle Making Inspiration

Jessica draws inspiration from the natural beauty and charm of Summerville, SC when creating her candles. The botanical scents reminiscent of the town’s lush landscapes often make their way into her collections. Whether it’s the fragrance of magnolias or the earthy aroma of pine trees, each candle tells a story about Summerville.

Community Involvement

Aside from crafting her own line of candles, Jessica also actively participates in local events and markets where she showcases her products. She believes in contributing to the thriving candle making community in Summerville by sharing her knowledge with others who are eager to learn the art. From hosting workshops to mentoring aspiring candle makers, Jessica is an integral part of the growing candle making scene in town.

Kids Making Candles

Through interviews like these, it becomes clear that Summerville, SC is not only a place where candles are made – it’s a place where they are loved and cherished by both creators and consumers alike.

DIY Candle Making Tips and Tricks

So, you’ve attended a candle making workshop in Summerville, SC and now you’re ready to try your hand at making homemade candles on your own. With the right guidance and resources, you can create beautiful, fragrant candles to enjoy or give as gifts. Here are some helpful DIY candle making tips and tricks to ensure successful results.

Choosing the Right Wax

When it comes to candle making, the type of wax you use plays a significant role in the quality of your finished product. In Summerville, SC, there are several shops that offer a variety of waxes suitable for different types of candles. Beeswax is ideal for clean-burning and natural candles, while soy wax is popular for its eco-friendly properties.

Paraffin wax is often used for its affordability and strong scent throw. Consider your priorities-such as burn time and environmental impact-when choosing the right wax for your homemade candles.

Selecting Fragrances and Colors

Adding fragrance and color to your candles can elevate the overall experience of burning them. When selecting fragrances, consider scents that complement each other or evoke specific moods. In Summerville, SC, there are local suppliers that offer a wide range of high-quality fragrance oils specifically designed for candle making. Additionally, explore different methods of adding colors to your candles, such as using liquid dyes or natural additives like dried flowers or herbs for a unique touch.

Safety Precautions and Troubleshooting

While candle making is an enjoyable activity, it’s important to prioritize safety throughout the process. This includes using proper equipment such as a double boiler or dedicated melting pot for melting wax, wearing protective gloves when working with hot wax, and following instructions carefully. It’s also invaluable to anticipate potential issues that may arise during the candle making process-such as tunneling or poor scent throw-and understand how to troubleshoot them effectively.

With these essential DIY candle making tips and tricks in mind-choosing the right wax, selecting fragrances and colors thoughtfully, practicing safety precautions-it’s time to embrace the creative process with confidence from Summerville SC.


In conclusion, Summerville, SC is not only a charming and historical town but also a thriving hub for the candle making community. From workshops and classes to local suppliers and events, there is no shortage of opportunities to immerse oneself in the art and science of creating homemade candles. The passion for this craft is evident in the bustling market scene, where handmade candles take center stage and showcase the creativity and talent of local makers.

The sense of community that surrounds candle making in Summerville is truly unparalleled. Whether it’s through attending workshops, chatting with local suppliers, or simply connecting with fellow candle enthusiasts at markets and events, there is an undeniable camaraderie among those who share a love for this timeless craft. This community spirit not only fosters creativity but also encourages support and collaboration among local businesses and makers.

As we continue to embrace the candle making community in Summerville, let’s celebrate the unique blend of artistry, ingenuity, and history that sets this town apart as a haven for candle makers. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or just dipping your toes into the world of candle making, there’s no better place to explore this craft than in beautiful Summerville, SC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Selling Candles Still Profitable?

Selling candles can still be profitable, especially with the increasing demand for unique and high-quality candles. With a focus on creative marketing and quality products, there is potential for profitability in the candle business.

Is It Expensive to Start Candle Making?

Starting a candle making business does not have to be expensive. While there are initial costs for materials, equipment, and marketing, it is possible to start small and gradually invest more as the business grows. With careful planning, it can be an affordable venture.

What Candle Company Is Based in South Carolina?

One candle company based in South Carolina is “Rewined Candles.” They are known for their handcrafted candles made from repurposed wine bottles and natural soy wax. Their products have gained popularity for their sustainability and unique scents.

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