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Welcome to Candle Making Supplies and Debbie from Ohio. We’re delighted to share Debbie’s amazing story of how she decided to start making candles as a hobby, which ended up becoming a lucrative business for her. This post will dive into the details of what it takes to start a candle-making business, from the supplies and tools necessary, to tips and advice from Debbie herself. We hope that this post will be useful for aspiring candle makers in Ohio and beyond who want to follow in Debbie’s footsteps and make a success out of their own businesses.

The Magic of Candle Making Supplies

Candle making has been popular for many generations and throughout many different cultures. While the process of making candles may have stayed relatively simple throughout its history, the supplies needed to make a beautiful quality candle are vast and varied. In Ohio, the craft of candle making was first brought to the area by early settlers in the 1700s.

These early settlers used their own creative techniques and supplies found within their local environment to create their own candles. To this day, most candle makers source some of their supplies locally such as beeswax. Other materials needed to make bees wax candles can also be sourced locally such as tree sap, wood residue, natural fats, plant oils and pigments necessary to dye them various colors.

Using modern candle making supplies are essential to create a quality product. Waxes such as soy wax and paraffin wax are available at retail outlets or online stores; they provide different levels of heat resistance, burn times and scents when combined with fragrance oils or herbs. Wicks work together with wax types; various sizes allow for better control of burning rate and flame intensity. Dyes also give candles an appealing look when used in conjunction with melt-and-pour soap bases or by stirring into hot melted wax prior to pouring into moulds or jars. Beeswax often requires additives like comb foundation sheets or granulated pastilles to help strengthen pockets that form when it cools down during production. Finishing touches such as silicone moulds or labels add a custom touch when given as gifts or sold in shops .

Candle making is an art that requires skill, knowledge about materials and an understanding of how each material interacts with one another during production; these skills along with using quality supplies can help you excel as a candle maker. As Debbie discovered through her exploration into candle making in Ohio – starting small is key to learning all elements involved with making your own items from scratch!

Debbie and Ohio

Debbie always had a passion for candle making. After being inspired by friends and family, Debbie decided to pursue her dreams of starting her own business. As she began to research where to start, she realised that Ohio had the perfect resources and environment that would allow her craft to flourish. Her journey took her from the rolling hills of another state, to a place she felt held greater opportunity for her ambitions.

Big Wax Melting Pot For Candle Making

Now residing in Ohio, she has become an established small business owner and hundreds of customers across the states have come to recognise and trust the quality of Debbie’s product – hand-poured candles made with everything from soy wax and beeswax, to lavender essential oils. What may have been a daunting task at first was now turning into something deeply meaningful. In addition to crafting amazing products and shipping them as far away as Alaska, Debbie gives generously back to her community by donating some of her profits towards local charities providing shelter and comfort for those in need.

Her story is one of resilience, dedication, hard work and inspiration – a reminder that it is still possible to chase your dreams even when times get tough! With each new candle created Debbie has left an indelible mark on not only Ohio but also on those who benefit from her kindness – proving that anything is possible if you put your heart into it!

Where to Find Candle Making Supplies in Ohio

If you are looking to purchase candle making supplies in Ohio, the best place to start is in your local area. There are likely to be small home stores and craft shops that sell various types of waxes, wicks, molds, and scents for candle makers. Depending on where you live, larger chains such as Hobby Lobby and Michaels may also carry a selection of supplies. Alternatively, if there are no stores near you with what you need, consider visiting neighboring towns or cities that have more establishments offering crafts and DIY materials.

In addition to shopping for supplies in person, there is also the option of purchasing online. This can open up a wide variety of potential options from both small businesses and large retailers alike. Sites such as Etsy or Amazon typically have an extensive range of sellers offering products at different prices and qualities so buyers can find the one most suited to their needs.

Finally, it may also be helpful to reach out to experienced candle makers living in the region to see if they are willing to share tips or connect you with resources they use themselves. Debbie’s Candle Shop is one such business located in Ohio that offers services ranging from custom-made candles to seminars on how to make soy candles yourself. By connecting with a store like this directly or following them on social media platforms, you can learn about new product lines or special offers that Debbie’s Candle Shop occasionally runs throughout the year!

Tips from Debbie

Debbie from Ohio has been creating gorgeous candles for over 10 years. During this time, she’s developed knowledge and expertise on how to source the best supplies for candle making. She offers more than just basic advice – she’ll walk you through what supplies are needed for each step of your candle-making journey and even share helpful tips on how to make candles that turn out beautiful every time. Debbie recommends researching the quality of waxes, wicks, and essential oils before buying so you know they fit the project you have in mind. She also suggests reading product reviews and asking other experienced candle makers what they prefer before investing in expensive supplies. When it comes to technique, Debbie stresses patience -work slowly and carefully to ensure your finished product is flawless. Finally, keep experimenting—you might discover something new as you explore different combinations. With a few pointers from Debbie, you’ll be making amazing candles in no time!

Making a Dildo Out of a Candle


Debbie, from Ohio, is an experienced candle maker and lecturer. She specializes in assisting candle makers of all levels to hone their skills and bring out their creative potential. To help fellow Ohioans learn the craft of candle making, Debbie regularly hosts events at local venues where she provides her expertise and discusses the potential of this wonderful craft.

These events generally include a brief lecture by Debbie on different topics, such as the various types of wicks and waxes used in candle making, the science behind scents and essential oils, how to make candles for holidays or other special occasions, or how to work with molds in order to create unique designs. Additionally, participants often get hands-on practice during these events and chat with Debbi while they work on their projects together. For those wishing to add further knowledge to their arsenal of facts about candle making, Debbie also sells supplies such as wicks and dyes at her events. From time-to-time she also offers classes that go more in depth into the artistry behind building beautiful candles with intricate designs and optimal aromas.


Debbie’s passion for candle making has had a profound effect on the candle making community in Ohio. She’s not only provided an abundance of high-quality supplies to help creatives pursue their craft, but she’s also shared helpful advice and tips through classes and workshops held at her store. With Debbie at its helm, the candle making community in Ohio has flourished significantly over the past few decades.

The high-quality candle making supplies provided by Debbie have played an instrumental role in this success. Professional level waxes, wicking, scents, dyes and containers make all the difference when it comes to creating high-end candles and achieving consistent results from batch to batch. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced artisan, having access to quality materials is absolutely essential.

Overall, Debbie’s commitment to her craft is utterly inspiring and has helped elevate candle making in Ohio. Her dedication to providing top of the line supplies along with expert advice has allowed many creatives to pursue their dreams more confidently and continuously expand their skillsets. Thanks to Debbie’s continued focus on integrity and customer service, candle makers both novice and experienced will continue to bring light (and beauty) into people’s homes through her incredible store for years to come!

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