Candle Making Trade Shows 2019

Offer Tips on How to Make the Most of Attending Trade Shows

Attending a Candle Making Trade Show can be an incredibly rewarding experience. With the opportunity to network with fellow scientists, manufacturers and marketing professionals, trade shows provide greater potential for collaboration, exchange of ideas, connections and even potential partnerships. However, to make sure you get the most out of your time in attendance, here are some great tips that you can use:

• Create a list of vendors or exhibitors. Before you attend the show create a list of vendors that you want to visit. Make sure to research online beforehand to know who these businesses are and what their products or services offer so that you can make the most efficient use of your time at the show.

• Networking opportunities. Many trade shows offer networking opportunities – take advantage by making lots of new contacts with key industry professionals while attending the show. Try joining roundtable discussions or seminars to meet other participants as well as access targeted information about the product or industry in which you specialize.

•Keep up with new announcements & products . Keep an eye out for any product releases from leading manufacturers – this will help keep you informed on current advancements within your particular industry segment while giving you some excellent product ideas to explore further down the line. If possible pick up any associated brochures so that they have more details once back home.

• Set up meetings & appointments ahead of time . If possible arrange meetings and/or appointments beforehand so that when there, you’re able to spend more time discussing current topics which relate specifically to your needs rather than just speaking briefly in general terms during open conversations at events throughout the day.

• Follow up afterwards . Lastly remember to follow up with people after the show too – send a heartfelt thank-you card or email noting how much your appreciated meeting them and how great it was talking about such key areas relating back directly with little bit about yourself and what benefits could extend from given connections post-show!

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Spotlight on Speakers

One of the featured speakers will be David Smith, an expert candle-maker with 20 years of experience. He will share his knowledge and tips on how to create fragrances for candles, touching on which essential oils lend themselves well to scenting, as well as highlighting possible combinations and odoriferous pairings. Smith will also discuss the importance of quality ingredients in creating special aromas that not only smell good but can also evoke powerful memories in customers, giving the candles an emotional value that goes beyond just the aesthetic appeal.

Another featured speaker is Jenna Brown, a supplier of materials and resources needed for making candles. She will talk about wax types – paraffin, soy or beeswax – as well as specialty wicks such as wooden wicks or metal wicks and what material is needed for them. She will also provide information on where to source various ingredients and materials at competitive prices, making it easier for small business owners to stay cost-efficient while producing top-notch products.

Jennifer Stewart is a leading figure in the candle industry with years of success in launching her own iconic line of products. At Candle Making Trade Shows 2019 she will offer advice on staying competitive as a factory owner. Stewart will address topics such as branding, developing a unique marketing strategy, using digital media effectively and rapidly building consumer loyalty by delivering excellence at every interaction point between consumer and company product or services.

Gallery of Products and Display Cases

The candle making trade shows of 2019 will feature a wide range of products and display cases showcasing top-of-the-line products in the industry. Attendees of these events can expect to find an array of traditional, modern and unique items that are perfect for nearly any type of home or gift giving occasion.

The galleries and displays at the trade shows will showcase everything from scented candles, beautiful wax carvings and votives, decorative holders & stands, mesmerizing pillars, artisanal gel candles, hand dipped tapers and flameless candles with light settings. Customers can also explore a large selection of wicks and accessories such as wick trimmers, candle snuffers and melt pots for experienced artisans to up their game in candle making.

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Moreover a variety of gift sets with curated selections like spa treatment gift sets including soy wax candles infused with essential oils will also be available along with colorful wax cubes used for personalized projects. Additionally many vendors will demonstrate their skills in pouring candles live during sessions throughout the day to give customers an up close look at how different kinds of pieces are made.

Social Media Hashtags

Attending a trade show can be a great way to learn more about candle making and find new candles and supplies. This year, the 2019 Candle Making Trade Shows offer attendees an opportunity to discover the latest trends and products in the candle industry. The shows are featuring exhibitors from dozens of countries around the world who will showcase a variety of candles and related supplies for home decor, aromatherapy, weddings, special occasions, corporate events, and much more.

Organizers have been promoting their trade show through social media with an officially designated hashtag (#CMTs2019), encouraging attendees to join the conversation on Twitter and other social platforms. By tagging posts with #CMTs2019, those attending will be able to join conversations about the show, learn more about upcoming events taking place at the showgrounds, discover helpful tips from experienced professionals in the candle industry, meet new people who share similar interests in candle making, and even publicize appearances by their favorite influencers at the show. The hashtag also allows others outside in the industry to follow along with discussions about candle making throughout this eventful season.

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