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Safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to working with candle making supplies in Houston. Make sure that you are dressed appropriately, including wearing closed-toed shoes, long sleeves and gloves. Additionally, use caution when working with chemicals or flammable materials – keep them away from heat sources and open flames, store them properly and be sure to read the label before using. It is also essential to work in a well-ventilated area and have proper ventilation equipment, such as an air cleaner or fans, running while you are working. When done properly, candle making can be a rewarding experience with beautiful results!

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In addition to researching the needs of readers in Houston, consider conducting online research about local resources that can provide candle making supplies. Discover what shops have the best selection, available in bulk or as small packages. Research prices in comparison to other areas of Texas and the country. See if shops specialize in certain types of candles such as scented, or unscented ones. Find out which shops offer the latest trends and technology when it comes to candle making supplies. Is there a shop with knowledgeable staff, who can answer questions on how to make specific styles of candles? What type of classes do they offer for beginners? Does their store offer custom candles specifically designed for customers? Understanding these needs provides a deeper insight into candle making needs in Houston.

Candles Making

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• Michaels: Offers basic wax, fragrance oils, and dye blocks in a variety of colors. Candles wicks and tools also available; prices range from mid-range to high.

• Joann Fabrics: Category of supplies geared toward candle makers, including candle fragrance oils, waxes, molds, labels and other essential items. Prices range from mid-range to low.

• The Candlemaker’s Store: Carries all the necessary components for DIY candle makers, such as soy waxes, fragrances, dyes, jars and more. Prices range from moderate to high.

• AC Moore Arts & Crafts Supply Store: Features molds for candles as well as waxes and colors for making them; prices range from moderate to low.

• Bitter Creek South Candle Supply Shop: Provides supplies for all levels of expertise of the craft including soy containers for assembling individual sets of candles; prices range from low to high.

• Dutch Boy Candle Making Supplies Co.: Offers large selection of products including essential other materials such as party lights & torches; pricing varies based on product type.

Include inspirational projects

Houston is a great place to find supplies for candle making. You might start at one of the many local craft stores or hobby shops, or even one of the many flea markets. From wicks to wax, from dripless tapers to votive candles and tea lights, you can find everything you need to make your own candles – including holders and fragrance oils!

For inspiration for your next project, take a look at these fantastic creations that have been made with supplies found in Houston. These candle holders are made with a combination of clay, glass beads and stones – perfect for adding vibrancy to a table setting or as part of decorating scheme. And these scented pillar candles are made with beeswax and soy wax scented with lavender – sure to offer up a relaxing aroma that will fill any room in your home.

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