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Are there any particular brands of candle making supplies that have been particularly successful for others in Omaha? What tips or tricks would you give someone getting into candle making? Have you discovered any useful resources online that have helped with your projects? What challenges have you faced along the way, and how did you overcome them?

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If you’re looking for candle making supplies in Omaha, you’ve come to the right place! We offer a wide selection of wax, wicks, dyes, molds, and more to get you started on your creation. From tapers and pillars to votives and tea lights, our shop has something for everyone.

To help you view our selection as well as see the entire process of making candles, we have posted pictures and videos of our products on our website. Here you can find images of the different types of waxes we offer for various projects such as container candles or novelty candles along with a vast array of colors and scents to choose from. You will also find pictures and videos of the molding process so that you can get an idea of what type of shape is best for your next candle making project.

In addition to showing the supplies offered at our store, we also feature some finished products that can give you ideas on how to make unique creations with our candlemaking supplies. Whether it’s an interesting color combination or a layered design, these work-of-art pieces can aid in the creative process while utilizing a plethora items sold in-store.

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So come by our shop today to check out all the wonderful options available that will have your inspiration flowing when it comes time to create that perfect candle!

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“When it comes to candle making, start with quality supplies. In Omaha, I recommend shopping at CandleHub, a store with years of experience in the craft of candle-making and supplying professionals with high-grade products. They offer soy candles, paraffin wax options, essential oils, and more.” – Kim F., Omaha Candle Maker

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In Omaha, locals looking for supplies to make their own candles can find a growing selection of products from local stores or online. Some of the most popular materials used in candle making such as wax, wicks, and fragrances are widely available.

For those looking to make soy candles, there is a variety of soy waxes on offer that vary in hardness and melting points to suit various needs. Additionally, you will also need an appropriate sized wick which typically depends on the size and shape of your container, as well as a fragrance oil if desired. To ensure the perfect scent levels in your candle, you may want to invest in some essential oils which allow for more control but are typically a little more expensive than fragrance oils.

For candle makers interested in making beeswax candles instead, you can find beeswax in pastilles or flat sheet Hive style from many places in Omaha. Again, manufacturers advise using pre-tabbed wicking to avoid accidental misalignments inside your candle’s core and other potential burning hazards. Essential and fragrance oils may also be purchased separately if desired.

Finally, don’t forget about tools like pouring pitchers and thermometers that help with temperature management during the process alongside gloves and safety goggles for safety reasons. There are plenty of resources available including webinars offered by craft shops around Omaha where beginning candle makers can get free tutorials on how to work with different types of wax safely and effectively before they dive into creating their first masterpiece!

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The history of candle making in Omaha dates back to the 1880s, when pioneers used the city’s abundant supply of animal fat for theirlighting needs. These primitive candles were made by rendering the fat and pouring it into molds, or sometimes just wrapping wick around a stick. Originally, many of these early versions were used for lighting church services and other gatherings. Soon after, professional candle makers began to arrive in Omaha, bringing with them all the modern equipment necessary for producing higher-quality products.

Today, several shops in Omaha specialize in selling high quality candle making supplies needed to create unique creations. These stores feature an impressive selection of wicks, waxes, dyes and fragrances; enabling both novice and experienced makers great flexibility in designing scented soy candles or beeswax pillars. Additionally, some stores also offer classes on proper techniques in hand-dipping tapers or constructing fused-glass vessels to hold votive candles. By providing access to these quality materials and resources, Omaha is helping people rediscover the timeless joys of creating one’s own custom candles through traditional craftsmanship.

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