Candle Making Supplies Pittsburgh

Candle Making Supplies Pittsburgh specializes in providing individuals in the surrounding area with a variety of makeup supplies and services. Whether you’re just starting out, or are an experienced candle maker, you can find all the supplies you need to make stunning handmade candles.

The store offers an array of raw materials and scents for candle making, including quality beeswaxes, specialty wax blends, additives, bases oils, scented oils as well as waxing and wicks. They also offer kits that contain everything needed to get started making basic candles at home.

The store has knowledgeable staff on hand who are passionate about teaching new makers the ins and outs of candle burning. Private classes and workshops run regularly throughout the year where attendees with all levels of experience will master their candle making techniques by learning different ways to work with waxes, colors as well as novel lighting solutions like timers and censors.

Even experienced makers can learn new approaches to scent combinations while discovering exclusive palettes to use for their handmade creations.

Apart from classes and sales of essential items like wicks or containers, Candle Making Supplies Pittsburgh also sells cups suitable for soy candles or tins perfect for more established makers who want a reliable container for multi-layered blends. Other items available include wax melting equipment including pour pots and double boilers as well special tools that allow artists to design sophisticated details like textured surfaces or flower petals on their masterpieces.

Whichever type of accessory or technique tickles your creativity fancy, this shop is sure to have what is needed to make your dreamcandles come alive.

Shopping for Supplies

Candle making is a craft that can be enjoyed by all ages. In order to create homemade candles, there are some basic supplies and materials that need to be purchased or acquired.

Pittsburgh is home to a few specialty stores that offer everything you need for candle making. If you’re looking for a wide variety of materials and supplies, these shops should have you covered.


  • Soy wax
  • Paraffin Wax
  • Beeswax
  • Gel Wax


  • Cotton wicking
  • Paper/Cardboard Core Wicks
  • Braided cotton wicking
  • Wooden core wicking

Dyes & Pigments

  • Exploring Local Shops

    In the world of candle making, having access to quality supplies is essential. When it comes to Pittsburgh, local shops can provide some of the best options for customers looking for supplies. While there are some physical stores that provide a variety of customer materials, these shops mainly focus on providing the basics such as waxes, wicks, and containers.

    Pittsburgh Candle Shops

    The most obvious solution when it comes to shopping for candle making supplies in Pittsburgh is to visit one of the local shops that specialize in this kind of material. The Ligonier Candle & Craft Shoppe off Route 30 offers a large selection of speciality items such as waxes, wicks, dyes, scents and kits.

    If you are looking for more cheap supplies, Joe’s Discount Store might be worth checking out. They do not have a very wide selection but they do offer some reasonable prices on select items.

    Online Stores And Delivery Options

    If you do not want to go through the hassle of visiting a store physically then there is always the option of online stores such as David’s Candle Creations or Scenory which both fulfill orders within the Pittsburgh region. These websites offer an extensive range of products that include everything from waxes and wicks to colors and scents with economical delivery options.

    Additionally, if you live nearby then you have the option to pick up your order from their designated locations meaning reduced delivery costs and faster service time frames.

    Other Sources For Candle Making Supplies In Pittsburgh

    Lastly, it is possible to get a hold of candle making supplies from other sources who don’t necessarily focus solely on this craft. Usually supermarkets like Walmart or Target will carry select items like unscented candles and wax sheets which could prove useful when it comes to general DIY projects or crafting activities with children where specific custom-made materials aren’t necessary or cost-effective.

    Making Your Own Supplies

    Making your own candles can be a fun and creative project. With just a few materials, you can create beautiful handmade candles right in your own home. As the popularity of candle making continues to grow, so too have the varieties of supplies you can purchase. Here at ‘Candle Making Supplies Pittsburgh‘ we specialize in providing all the necessary supplies for any aspiring or experienced candle maker.

    We have various compounds, molds, wicks, colors and fragrances that you would need for any particular candle recipe. If you are not only looking for traditional supplies but would like to give DIY tutorials a try as well, we also offer an extensive selection of resources and instructions on how to make candles from start to finish.

    Our step-by-step tutorials provide comprehensive knowledge about different methods as well as safety guidelines recommended when candle making. Whether you decide to go with traditional supplies or choose one of our DIY tutorials; with all the resources provided by Candle Making Supplies Pittsburgh, crafting homemade pieces has never been easier.

    What You Will Learn

    • Different types of wax used for candle making
    • Types of wick that produces clean and even burn
    • Estimating the amount of scent needed per pound of wax
    • Curing wax after pouring into individual molds
    • Safety protocols when dealing with hot wax

    Getting Creative

    When it comes to crafting, Pittsburgh is full of talented people. It’s no surprise that candle making is a craft of choice in this great city. With tons of local stores and crafts suppliers finding the perfect supplies can be made simpler and effective by exploring some resources online and offline.

    Online Resources

    • 1) JoAnn stores: JoAnn stores not only provide customers with the tools to get started but they also offer step-by-step instructions in store or online for those interested in candle making.
    • 2) PGH Candle Supplies: A Pittsburgh based business offering candle making supplies like molds, dyes, scents and waxes.
    • 3) CandleScience: Offering quality products from ingredients to packaging is what makes this website stand out from the rest. The only problem might be shipping cost as most CandleScience items do not qualify for free shipping.
    • 4) Etsy: For those who want something completely unique, Etsy is the place to go for purchase specialized goods crafted by local artisans.

    Offline Resources

    • 1) Craft Stores: There are loads of craft stores within walking distance around Pittsburgh. AquaMED, Blue Ocean Shop and many other small shops offers a wide array of candle making tools and kits.
    • 2) Local Markets & Fairs: Local markets such as East End Food Coop or open art fairs throughout town bring together vendors selling quality craft materials and unique treasures.
    • 3) Flea markets/antique shops: These places are great if some searching around for vintage supplies or one-of-a-kind finds

    Popular Candle Making Events

    • PA Candle Makers Association Convention: The PA Candle Makers Association holds their annual convention in November at the Westin Hotel in Pittsburgh. The convention includes workshops, exhibitor booths, networking events and panel discussions.
    • Pittsburgh Candle Making Festival: This event usually happens each April at Hartwood Acres Park in Pittsburgh. It is a popular event for both beginner and advanced candle makers. Activities include candle making demonstrations, hands-on activities, candle making classes, and vendors offering supplies and materials.
    • Pittsburgh Candle Making Expo: The Pittsburgh Candle Making Expo takes place each October at The Strip District in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh. This two-day event is designed to be educational and fun with hands-on activities, lectures, classes and vendors offering a wide range of supplies.

    Where to Buy Supplies

    • Flexible Adhesive Solutions: Located in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh this store is one of the area’s most popular places for all types of candle making supplies. They have a vast selection of waxes, molds, tools and accessories all available for purchase.
    • Creative Designs by Anne: Creative Designs by Anne offers an extensive selection of quality candle making supplies as well as custom crafted candles made in the store’s showroom on request. Visitors to the store can also attend workshops and get tips from experienced staff members.
    • Miller Candles: Miller Candles has been around since 1978 and is located near the Southside Works shopping area. They offer a large selection of production equipment such as wax melters, presses and molds as well as fragrances oils to make your own custom scented candles.

    Learning About Candle Making

    Candle making is an ancient art form that many are rediscovering. In Pittsburgh, there are a variety of options when it comes to learning the art of candle making. In order to get started on this creative journey, one should consider the following:

    • Types of class offerings:

    In Pittsburgh and the surrounding area, candle making courses vary in complexity; from introductory classes covering basics such as wick selection and proper melting technique, to more advanced courses you can take your skills a step further by learning techniques for adding colors and scents to enhance your creations. For those who would like to make shorter term commitments there are also one-day workshops available focusing on a specific skill or style of candle design.

    • Costs involved:

    Course costs vary depending on the type of course chosen and its location; most one-day workshops range from $30-$50, while more comprehensive courses range from $100-$150. The cost of supplies may be included with some classes or may be purchased in addition to the tuition price.

    It is important to do research regarding any class being considered; inquire as to what materials will need to be purchased separately such as candles, wax, wicks and scents. Also, check reviews about any particular instructor before signing up for their class in order to ensure you have a successful outcome from your experience.

    • Where To Find Supplies:

    Luckily for aspiring candle makers living in Pittsburgh, no special equipment is required in order make great candles at home. Basic supplies like beeswax sheets, paraffin wax, wicks and essential oils can easily be found at many craft stores as well as online retailers which offer cost-friendly options for quality products.

    Some local retailers specialize specifically selling items used for candle making such as dyes and molds that can help turn basic ideas into unique gifts or beautiful center pieces for special occasions. Additionally these stores often provide helpful instruction guides that come free with purchase.

    Pittsburgh Resources

    Pittsburgh, PA is a great place for those interested in candle making supplies and supplies related to the craft. Whether you are a hobbyist or an entrepreneur looking to start a business, there are plenty of shops that offer an array of products and services that can meet your needs.

    For candle makers in Pittsburgh, the region is known for its wide selection of high quality, locally-sourced raw materials including waxes, wicks, dyes, fragrances and molds. Stores such as Bulk Natural Oils & Waxes carry hundreds of different varieties of wax and offer bulk discount prices so customers can get exactly what they need without having to pay too much for it.

    For those looking to purchase certified organic materials for their craft needs, stores such as Penn Herb Company provide top-notch selection at reasonable prices. In addition to helping customers find all the necessary components for candle making supplies, local stores also stock finished candles and oils that make ordering large amounts easy and affordable.

    Another helpful resource available to those interested in buying candle making supplies is online retailers. Sites such as Candlewic offer detailed information about products like molds, fragrance oils and dyes that allow customers to easily compare pricing without having to leave their home. Additionally, such sites often have helpful staff who answer questions regarding everything from calculating burn time to finding starter kits inside their extensive product libraries.

    Furthermore many supply providers even provide online tutorials on how certain items should be used or assembled so users can get an idea about what they’re getting themselves into before committing to a new activity or item order.

    Lastly those interested in candlemaking should check out local craft fairs and farmers markets where specialized vendors gather regularly selling handmade goods crafted with attention and care perfect for those looking for unique offerings that feature natural scents or unique aesthetic design qualities.

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