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Want to make your own candles? Look no further than Quiapo! Located in the center of Manila, the colorful district of Quiapo offers a wide selection of candle making supplies. From wax, wicks, and scents, to glass jars and metal molds, there is something for everyone. Many of the stores sell complete sets containing all the necessary essentials for candle-making at a reasonable price. To help get you started, here are some useful websites offering more information on the basics of candle-making and tips if you’re an experienced hobbyist:

1. Make Candle ”
2. Home Candle Making ”
3. DIY Natural ”
4. Hobby Handbook ”
5. Craftsy ”

Personal Story

I remember vividly the first time I visited Quiapo to pick up candle making supplies. It was an incredibly humid May evening and wandering around the market was an incredibly overwhelming experience. Everywhere you looked there were buckets of beeswax, piles of cloth strips for wicks, glass jars with candles already made up in them. But the thing that really sticks in my mind is how friendly everyone was; sellers saw me as a customer, rather than someone looking for bargain deals or freebies. They were willing to take their time helping me navigate the countless catalogue of possibilities and answered every single one of my questions – no matter how silly they seemed! Although I ended up being overwhelmed by the selection of choices, it was a joy just to experience Quiapo’s famous candle making culture!


1. Create colorful, flameless candles: Use wax melts, essential oils, and dyes to make scented candles in a variety of shapes and sizes that look beautiful but do not require an open flame.

2. Create wax dipped natural items: Dip pine cones, leaves, or acorns in melted wax to create artful decorations that can be gifted or used as home décor.

3. Make layered candles: Experiment with pouring different shades of wax over each other to create beautiful multi-toned candles in interesting shapes and sizes.
4. Make honeycomb candles: Roll your own beeswax sheets into honeycomb shapes around a wick for a rustic twist on traditional candle making.
5. Create a salt candle holder: Select an interesting container and combine different colors of salt in layers inside for an ornamental candle holder that requires no additional adornment.
6. Fill an empty bottle with wax bits: Find an old bottle or jar lying around the house or garage, pour melted wax bits inside along with some string wicks, and you’ve got yourself great looking upcycled containers re-purposed as gorgeous lamps!

Making Mason Jar Candles


Candle making is a craft that has been around for centuries, and it requires special supplies to complete the task. If you’re looking for candle making supplies in Quiapo, you’ll find a number of local vendors that stock everything you need to make beautiful and unique candles. Most of the supplies can be found in mini stores scattered throughout the area. From wax, molds, and wick materials, to dyes and scents, there will be a vast selection of items to choose from. You can also purchase equipment like hot plates or double-boilers which are necessary when dealing with hot substances like melting wax. Photos of the different types of items available can help give you an idea of what is offered by each vendor so you can select the right components for your project. Videos demonstrating how to melt wax or create customized candles are also available online as a great source to help guide your craftsmanship.

DIY Projects

DIY Candle-Making Project

Objective: Prepare a scented candle of your own design.

Materials and tools needed:
• Candle-making supplies from Quiapo (e.g. wax, wick, scented oils, mold/container).
• Candles sticks or skewers
• Pot for melting wax
• Thermometer or temperature gauge
• Wooden spoon or stirring stick
• Cutting board and/or paper plate

1. Collect the essential candle-making materials from Quiapo to create your desired scent and design. Pick out the type of wax you want (e.g. beeswax, paraffin wax) as well as containers such as jars or molds depending on what shape you want your candles to take when they harden. Select the essential oil that provides the desired scent intensity you are looking for in your candles, and finally purchase a suitable wick that matches with the also amount of melted wax you will use in each candle container (e.g. ½ inch for 6 ounces of melted wax).
2. Secure one end of the wick onto a straw (or four matchsticks) before submerging it into the center of each container for added support after pouring in the melted wax; this will ensure efficient burning of the candle from its core outwards without fail and without needing reinforcement later on.
3. Pour a small amount of water into a pot before adding chunks paraffin wax into it; place this pot over medium heat until all chunks have fully melted while keeping an eye on its temperature with a thermometer or temperature gauge -you should gradually increase its temperature till you reach around 190°F ( 82°C ) but never exceed 200°F(93°C ).
4. Once all chunks have fully melted, remove it from heat and pour in your desired fragrance oil some 1 milliliter per 3 pounds of paraffin; stir it carefully together with wooden spoon or stirring stick until both oils and parcel mix evenly together before pouring it slowly into each prepared container while keeping an eye on its tempature at all times as cooling down too fast may lead to air bubbles onto surface .
5 .Once poured , replace lid if applicable , let sit for about 10 minutes then using two candles sticks insert them through sides off container gently to allow removal once candle has hardened fully after about 20 minutes – remove solidified candles off their support using gentle pressure and voila! You now have successfully made yourself beautiful scented DIY candles!

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