Candle Making Supplies Sydney Cbd

Candle Making Supplies Sydney CBD

For candle making enthusiasts or small business owners in Sydney looking for supplies, look no further! We’ve got you covered with the best candle making supplies the CBD has to offer. Whether you’re looking for waxes, wicks, moulds, scents, or dyes, we’ve got it all. Here’s a quick breakdown of what we have to offer:


At our Sydney CBD shop, we offer paraffin, soy, and palm waxes in various sizes. All of our waxes are of high quality to ensure optimal candle outcome.


We understand it’s essential to have the correct wick size for your candle. That’s why we have put together an extensive selection of wicks, from cotton to wood, to meet your needs.


For an innovative candle making experience, try our large selection of moulds. From glass to silicone, we have something for every kind of candle making project.


Make your candles stand out from the crowd with our range of scents! It can be difficult to figure out what kind of scents to use, but our experts can help you find the perfect scent for your candle.


Finish off your masterpiece with our range of dyes. Whether you’re looking for something bold and bright, or subtle and calming, we have got you covered.

Creative Soy Candle Making

So, if you’re looking for quality candle making supplies in the Sydney CBD, our shop is the place to go! Stop by and check out our range of waxes, wicks, moulds, scents, and dyes today.

Where can I buy candle making supplies in the Sydney CBD?

There are several shops in the Sydney CBD that sell candle making supplies, including: Candle Lab (2/175 Pitt St), Candle Creations (Level 2/368 George St) and Maker’s Domain (Shop 24/89 York Street). We recommend visiting these stores as they offer a wide selection of supplies at competitive prices.

Where can I buy candle making kits in the Sydney CBD?

You can buy candle making kits in a range of stores in the Sydney CBD area. There are a number of independent craft stores, such as Beads Art Plus and Creative Hands that stock candle making kits and supplies. You can also pick these up from larger, more well-known stores, such as Spotlight and Kmart.

Where can I buy candle making supplies in the Sydney CBD?

There are a few different places to buy candle making supplies in the Sydney CBD, such as Candle Shack, Etsy and The Candle Maker. Candle Shack has two stores in Annandale and Balmain, both within easy walking distance of the CBD. Etsy also has a few sellers in the Sydney area, including ones that are based in the CBD. The Candle Maker in Chinatown is known for selling high quality fragrances, wicks and wax.

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