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Candle Making Tiktok is an online community that allows individuals who are interested in candle making to connect, engage, and share ideas. From beginners to experienced professionals, anyone with a passion for candle making can find helpful advice and inspiration by exploring the Tiktok platform. Berodin Candle Co., the creative minds behind this new initiative, has taken all the best elements of traditional social media and applied them to creating a like-minded network of passionate hobbyists who can safely share their tips and tricks. Here members will find tutorials, demos and lessons on how to create amazing wax creations – from simple floating candles all the way up to more intricate votive holders. There are also various product reviews and recommendations available as well as special promotions throughout the year where members can get their hands on unique items at discounted prices. The ultimate goal behind Candle Making Tiktok is to strengthen the growing community of candle makers and help those who are just starting out or simply curious about this wonderful craft take that next step towards becoming an expert!

Candle Making Trendsetters on Tiktok

Candle making has become a popular craft trend on the social media platform, TikTok. Candle makers have found an enthusiastic audience amongst users of the app on which they can share their creative skills and showcase their work. These makers have been highly successful at reaching out to new audiences and driving engagement levels through sharing step-by-step tutorials, time-lapses of their candle making processes, and showcasing their often unique designs. With many creative possibilities in terms of shapes, colors, scent combinations and container types, each maker is able to develop an aesthetic that is distinguished from others in this trend. Many well-known artists within the crafting community have had success collaborating with others within the same trend and engaging with each other’s work within the comments section of their videos. This type of fan engagement helps spur further creativity and greater interest in the art form as a whole. With its modern appeal, candle making is sure to remain one of the top trends on Tiktok for some time to come.

Fun Candle Making Activities to Try on Tiktok

Making candles at home is a great way to relax and take some time for yourself. On TikTok, there are plenty of creative ideas that you can use that make candle making even more fun. Here are some of the best activities to try:

1. Create patterned or multicolored candles: One of the most interesting activities to do when making candles is creating patterns or multiple colors in them. To make patterned candles, you can use masks or stencils, while multicolored ones can be achieved with different waxes.

2. Experiment with mixed fragrances: Try to create custom candles with your favourite scents by mixing together essential oils! Combine earthy-woodsy aromas like cedarwood and sandalwood, floral fragrances such as lavender and geranium, or citrus smells like grapefruit and bergamot for some truly unique concoctions.

3. Learn about different types of waxes: Wax makes up the foundation of any candle, so exploring different types of waxes is key for every candle maker who wants to make their products stand out from the crowd. Beeswax, soy wax, paraffin wax ” these are all ingredients explored on TikTok that can help you achieve the perfect burn time and smell for your creations.

How Long Does It Take To Make Candles Using A Candle Making Kit

4. Make decorative accessories: Along with making creative scent combinations comes creating decorations! With die cutting machines or even an old pair of scissors and some basic materials like paper or stickers, you can turn your candles into works of art beyond just being something pleasant to smell.

Tools & Supplies Needed for Candle Making on Tiktok

In order to make candles on Tiktok, you will need certain supplies and tools. The basics that are necessary to get started are: wax (paraffin or soy), wicks, metal or plastic containers for candle molding, a melting pot, thermometer (preferably digital), essential oils and/or fragrance oils, dyes, wick holders and tabbed wick pins. You may also want to have some other items such as wooden stir sticks, trays for the wicks and tabbed pins, glue gun with lots of hot glue sticks, newspaper or wax paper to wrap up your finished candles in order to keep them from getting scratched when transporting or storing them. Additionally, safety equipment such as heat proof gloves and glasses can be helpful when melting the wax as it gets very hot. Finally, remember to use caution when working with open flames and also have fun exploring all of your creative ideas!

Tips for Making Eye-Catching Videos & Content

1. Be creative and come up with unique ideas for your videos. Choose a topic that interests you and find a way to incorporate it into your content.

2. Make sure the lighting in your video is appropriate: shoot during the day or under bright artificial light indoors if possible. Natural sunlight will provide the best results, but be careful not to overexpose the video by using too much light.

3. Use fun props, such as candle molds, wicks, waxes and dyes to add interest to your videos. Utilize additional tools, such as backdrops, scents and fragrance oils to engage viewers even further.

4. Create informative captions to accompany each of your videos ” include information about candle making basics and advice on how users can get started in this craft.

5. Interact with commenters on your posts ” answer their questions, respond to their comments, thank them for their input ” this will help foster an engaged audience who may become loyal followers over time!

6. Tag popular hashtag phrases related to candle making so people can easily discover your content when browsing through those topics on TikTok. Additionally, post similar content to other platforms like Instagram and YouTube that focus more heavily on DIY crafts and recipes ” this will boost engagement across platforms and increase potential viewership of your creations!

7. Promote yourself through partnerships or collaborations with others in the same field who have large followings already established on social media platforms – you could offer tips for starting a business or how-tos for novice makers – this type of promotion could result in big returns!

Examples of Popular Candle Making Tiktok Creators & Content

One popular Tiktok candle maker is Stephanie Jaster (@stephaniejaster). She shares videos of herself creating beautiful and unique candle designs, often featuring geometric shapes or intricate patterns. Her profile also includes “How To” videos on how to make candles using supplies such as wicks, melts, and fragrances that can be found online.

Another well-known candle making Tiktok user is Tyler Smith (@TylerSmithCreates). His account focuses on creating handmade soy candles that are also cruelty-free! He has a variety of instructional videos demonstrating techniques like double pour for dyeing wax, molding vessels for poured candles, and various tips & tricks to get the best results from a successful pour.

Woodwick Candle Making Kits

DoItYourself_Melissa (@diy_melissa) also shares videos centered around the creation of homemade candles. She presents time-lapse videos of her making scented candles from wax melts, showing viewers different way to customize traditional jar style designs by adding stickers or glitters after pouring their wax melted. Additionally, Melissa’s tutorials include a step-by-step process for constructing essential oil reed diffusers.

Benefits of Joining the Candle Making Community on Tiktok

Joining the candle making community on Tiktok is a great way for candle makers to connect with each other and share their knowledge. There are several benefits to being part of this online community, such as:

1. Learning new techniques and tricks – By joining the candle making group on Tiktok, members can learn new techniques and tricks from experienced and knowledgeable makers in an easy to access platform. This can make it easier than ever to create beautiful candles quickly and easily.

2. Cost Savings – With the tutorials available on Tiktok, members have access to low-cost tutorials which enables them to save money by creating their own candles at home rather than buying expensive pre-made products.

3. Resources & Support – Members of the candle making community on Tiktok come together to share their knowledge, resources, tools and tips for making candles. They can help answer questions or provide support if you are having trouble with a particular technique or process.

4. Inspiration & Encouragement – Seeing other people’s amazing creations can be incredibly inspiring and motivating when tackling your own projects. The shared successes of others within the group will also encourage you keep going even if things get difficult or challenging!

Concluding Thoughts

Candle making TikTok has become increasingly popular over the past few years, with creators generating thousands of followers and inspiring hundreds of thousands of viewers. This surge in popularity has been attributed to the creative and unique projects that new makers can post online, allowing even the most novice candle-maker to show off their skills. From scented creations to unique shapes and sizes, viewing these creative works is just as much fun as creating them! It’s no wonder why this trend has taken off.

The growth in popularity of candle making TikTok has allowed for collaborations between different creators, friends working together to make one amazing product. It has also opened up opportunities for growth within the industry – more brands are beginning to add a candle making option on their production lines, and more stores are beginning to carry scented-candles from independent makers. Additionally, more watchers are becoming inspired by what they are seeing on the platform – turning projects from a hobby into a full-time profession. Candle making TikTok is benefiting everyone involved ” whether it’s a collaboration between two makers or an entire team coming together ” and it will keep growing for many years to come.

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