Candles Making Williamsburg Brooklyn

Gallery of Photographs

The vibrant artisan scene of Williamsburg Brooklyn is alive and well, especially when it comes to candle making. There are many small studios across the neighborhood where specialty candles are being hand-crafted with love and creativity. These shops specialize in a variety of styles such as scented, hand-poured, beeswax, carved, or molded candles using natural wax along with various dyes and metals for embellishment.

The gallery of photographs will showcase these talented craftspeople at work in their studios. You’ll see the craftspeople carefully selecting materials from pouches of premium fragrances, adding intricate details to the wax molds, testing the candles for quality assurance, sculpting tall pillars into floral displays or intricate geometric designs. You’ll also get a peek at the finished products; beautiful pillars, tapers, vases filled with tea lights and votives nested in colorful paper cups that are a delight to behold even before they’re lit.

Guide to Shopping for Candles in Williamsburg

Williamsburg, Brooklyn has become a destination for shopping for all types of crafts, and that includes candles. There are several candle makers located there, each bringing their own individual style and flare. If you’re looking for a wonderful selection of handmade wax and wick candles, stop by one of these local candle makers and explore the possibilities:

-Chesapeake Candleworks: Chesapeake Candleworks is an artisan shop specializing in unique, hand poured soy wax candles. They offer a variety of shapes and sizes as well as a wide range of scents. Most of the candles are made with natural essential oils or phthalate-free fragrances. Prices range from $8-50.

-Purewick Candles: Purewick Candles has been creating amazing scented wax creations since 2005 using organic ingredients such as cotton wicks and beeswax sourced from local businesses in New York City. Their products are free from phthalates, pesticides, dyes and sulfates so you can be sure you’re getting something clean for your home. Prices range from $20 -50 per candle

-Cake Candle Co.: Cake Candle Co. offers small batch hand poured soy candle creations with scents inspired by food! They use fragranced oils to make sure their scent lasts up to 8 times longer than other typical candles. Prices range from $10-$30

-Brooklyn Wickery: Brooklyn Wickery is a family owned business that focuses on natural quality candles like beeswax and coconut oil varieties at reasonable prices ranging from $10-$30. Not only do they make quality candles but they also offer classes to those interested in learning more about creating their own homemade creations!

No matter where you look in Williamsburg there is no shortage of specialty shops for special occasions such as weddings or housewarmings, there’s even an online store if you want to shop from the comfort of your own home! Stores like Acacia & Clover provide customizable options when it comes to luxurious scented concretewares or chunky raw crystal pieces that can be paired with any type of flameless or traditional pillar candle!

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Interviews with Williamsburg Candle Makers

Interview 1:

Q: What inspired you to begin making candles in Williamsburg Brooklyn?

A: I wanted to create something unique with my hands that people could appreciate and find beauty in. Brooklyn has such a vibrant, creative culture and I knew there was potential here for something special. So, after a lot of research, I began experimenting with different waxes and scents to create the perfect candle.

Q: What is your favorite part of the process and what sets your candles apart from others?

A: My favorite part of the process is creating new scents. I always think it’s fascinating how adding a few drops of essential oils can transform a fragrant-free candle into one that smells wonderful! Most importantly, however, my commitment to using all natural ingredients makes my candles stand out from those made with synthetic fragrances or chemicals. Every candle is hand poured and carefully crafted to bring out the best scent and luminosity possible.

Tutorials on Candle Making

Candles Making Williamsburg Brooklyn Tutorial:

1. Gather candle-making materials such as wax, wicks, thermometer, dye, and fragrance or essential oil.

2. Determine the size and shape of the container for your candle. You can use glass jars, tins, teacups, molds or any other type of container that is suitable for making candles.

3. Measure and cut a piece of wick to fit inside the candle container with at least 1 inch of extra length hanging outside both sides of the container. Attach one end to the bottom of the container with melted wax or a metal clip specially designed for this purpose. Then wrap both ends loosely around a pencil so that it stays in place inside the container while you pour the wax.

4. Melt your wax slowly in a heatproof pot over low heat or double boiler until completely liquid and all solids are dissolved or melted away.. If adding color or scent to your wax, wait until it has cooled slightly before adding them.

5. Insert thermometer into melted wax and keep an eye on temperature while maintaining it between 110-125 degrees F (43-51 C). Temperatures that are too high can prevent the wick from burning properly when lit; too low will cause air pockets to form in your ship after its solidified resulting in cracked tops on your candles!.

6. Finally using either a large spoon or small pitcher slowly pour your hot liquefied wax into candle containers taking care not to disturb placement of wick too much! Allow candles cool undisturbed at room temperature overnight; trim free ends if necessary after unique creation has finished setting!

Profiles of Candle Makers

Jessica Robbins: Jessica is an artist and candle maker from Williamsburg, Brooklyn. She has been creating candles for eight years and specializes in handcrafted scented soy candles. All her products are made with love and have a beautiful aroma that will fill any room. Her signature products include vanilla-infused oil, scented sea salt jar candles, and wax melts. Jessica uses her art to bring joy to people’s lives and she hopes that her creations will give them moments of peace, tranquility, and nostalgia in the chaotic world we live in.

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Christopher Carstairs: Christopher is a passionate amateur candle maker from Williamsburg, Brooklyn who has been crafting his own range of artisanal scented soy wax candles for four years now. He has mastered the art of perfecting unique fragrances into an unforgettable experience that you won’t get anywhere else. Christopher prides himself on using only high-quality materials such as essential oils, natural dyes and premium waxes coupled with traditional methods to ensure top quality end result every time. He believes that every person can appreciate beauty even if it’s just a simple thing such as a lit candle after a long day at work or home.

Jenny Johnson: Jenny is the creative force behind soy blend candles from Williamsburg, Brooklyn. After spending a few months perfecting her own custom blend of ingredients, she now focuses most of her energy into producing long-lasting quality scents for customers around the world. Among her many wonderful creations are gardenia-berry boxed sets, floral pillar candles, woodsy blends -all crafted with unyielding attention to detail after several rounds of testing until perfection was achieved! She also creates inspiring limited edition collections each season inspired by precious destinations around NYC so they make great souvenirs!

List of Events and Sessions Hosted by Local Candle Makers

1. Candle Making 101 Class – Learn the basics of candle making and leave with your very own hand-made candles!

2. Two-Day Weekend Workshop – An in-depth workshop on the various types of candles, wick selection, and more.

3. Soy Candle Making Class – Discover the art and science behind eco-friendly soy candles, create your own custom blend, and go home with a beautiful set of natural soy candles!

4. Candlemaking for Beginners – Get an overview of the candlemaking process, experiment with scented oils and waxes, and create your own unique masterpiece!

5. Creative Candles – Learn how to craft beautifully decorated decorative candles complete with special molds and colors while creating a stunning centerpiece or gift!

6. Wood Wick Candle Making Tutorial ” Explore wicks carved from wood that do not require metal cores to stand erect when lit. Experience the soothing crackling sound they create as they burn.

7. Advanced Wax Craftsmanship Class – This advanced class covers topics such as layering colors, embedding objects in the wax, intricate molds & designs, glasswork for embeds & much more!

8. Troubleshooting Session ” Have specific questions about candles that are giving you trouble? Come join us for a troubleshoot session and get answers from experts!

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