Manready Mercantile Houston Candle Making

Photos and Video Content

Video content should include a brief introduction of what customers can expect during their candle making experience at Manready Mercantile Houston. Showcase the backroom studio with footage of the workshop setup and tools available for use, as well as some of the fragrances and colors used to create unique candles. Include commentary from staff members that capture their enthusiasm for creating lovely candles.

Photos should capture customers in the middle of their creative process ” working with wax, layering colors, pouring various fragrances into a mold or hand-decorating jar lids ” whatever makes each candle unique. Photos showing an end product will also be effective in garnering interest from readers who may not be familiar with the experience. Capturing close-ups and candid shots will give readers enough detail to feel like they’re there while still providing room for imagination.

DIY Candle Tutorial

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

In order to make a candle, you will need the following supplies: wax flakes, candle wick, poured wax, a melting pot (double boiler or crock pot both work) scissors, votives or containers for the candles.

Step 2: Preparing the Wick
Cut two pieces of wick to the desired length of your candle and tie off each end with some string. Soak the wicks in melted wax for improved performance when lit.

Step 3: Melting Wax
Put your wax flakes in the melting pot and begin melting them on low heat on the stovetop or hot plate. Once melted, turn off the heat.

Step 4: Pouring Wax into Containers
Allow some of the melted wax to cool slightly before pouring it into your votives or containers of choice. Place one prepared wick into each container while making sure that it is standing up straight. Then pour enough cooled melted wax over the wick until it covers to surface completely. Don’t fill all of the way – leave some room at the top!

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Step 5: Final Touches
After waiting around 5 minutes for your candles to cool and set, use scissors to trim down any excess wick sticking out from above them. Enjoy!


I recently signed up for a candle making workshop at Manready Mercantile Houston, hosted by one of their expert instructors. During the workshop, I learned how to create my own hand-poured candles out of natural wax and high-quality essential oils and scents. The instructor was very patient in walking us through every step of the candle making process from melting wax, to pouring, to finally setting our creations. After the session ended, I left with five beautiful handmade candles that smelled great and made for perfect gifts!

Talking about other customers’ experiences can be a great way to learn more about any type of class or product. With this in mind, it can be insightful to interview other customers who have taken the candle making class at Manready Mercantile Houston. You could find out what exactly went into the candle making process for them – whether they found it easy or difficult, if there was something unexpected that came up during their experience etc. You could also ask them what their favourite thing about the workshop was and why they decided to take it in the first place. Gathering stories such as these would give future customers an extra layer of insight into what taking part in a candle making class at Manready Mercantile is like.

Tips & Tricks for Candle Making

1. Always use a double boiler when melting wax – this will help to keep your wax at an even temperature and prevent any burning.

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2. Use a thermometer when you are measuring the temperatures of your wax. This is important as certain fragrances require specific temperatures in order to succeed and not burn or fail to melt properly.

3. When adding scents, always add a few drops at a time and mix well before adding more. This will help achieve an even scent throughout the entire batch, rather than having spots of concentrated scent followed by barely-there fragrance!

4. Give yourself plenty of room for ventilation when making candles – this will help disperse any fumes created by the burning wax more easily and safely than if you were in an enclosed space.

5. Regardless of whether you’re creating simple, single-colored candles or elaborate creative endeavors, felt wick tabs are essential! They can be bought separately from other supplies and ensure that your wick remains pointed upwards while it burns, meaning better burning experiences overall!

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