Christmas Pudding Candle Making Kit


The Christmas Pudding Candle Making Kit takes its roots in a holiday tradition that is centuries-old. Originally known as plum puddings, these sweet treats were a staple of festive feasts going all the way back to the Renaissance period. Over time, its ingredients and production methods changed slightly, with mince pies and Christmas cakes eventually joining the pudding on tables around the world during the winter season. Today, many people turn to modern candlemaking kits such as this one to experience the spirit of historically made desserts without spending lots of time in a kitchen. This kit provides everything needed to make a captivating candle that smells like sweet plum pudding for family and friends in only minutes!

Overview of Kit Contents

The Christmas Pudding Candle Making Kit contains everything needed to make a beautiful, festive-scented candle. These include: wax flakes, scent/essential oils, candle container, wick with tabs and glue dots, thermometer, clips to help keep the wick in place while the wax is setting. Additionally, there are detailed instructions included with step-by-step guidance on how to use these components to make your own unique candles! A wooden spoon is also included to help stir the essential oils and wax flakes together. A handy plastic lid is provided so that you can keep your leftover wax flakes and essential oil mix safe during storage. This kit will allow anyone to create their perfect holiday scented candle without any prior experience.

Instructional Guide

The Christmas Pudding Candle Making Kit has garnered plenty of glowing reviews from our satisfied customers. Not only do they love how easy it is to put together with our kits, but many praise the user-friendly instructions that makes candle making even easier. One customer said they were able to create a beautiful and eye-catching feature in their home without having much prior knowledge or experience in candle making. They went on to say that the instructions provided with the kit made the whole process so simple and enjoyable, allowing them to have fun while enjoying a calming creative activity. Another customer commented that it was wonderful to be able to have something handmade for the festive season as part of seasonal decorations – particularly when pleasing friends and family members who visited during the holiday season. Both customers also noted how good it smelled when lit! This is just a snapshot of what our customers have said about the instructional guide included in our Christmas Pudding Candle Making Kit – we’re sure you’ll feel the same way too!

Benefits of a DIY Candle Making Kit

Whether you want to create a cozy atmosphere or a festive holiday feel, the Christmas Pudding Candle Making Kit is perfect for those looking for a unique and enjoyable candle making experience. The kit includes everything needed to make six of your own unique candles in a variety of festive fragrances. With this kit, you can decorate your home in style and take advantage of the calming scents associated with traditional holiday celebrations.

Healthy Candle Making Kits

DIY candle making kits are becoming increasingly popular as people seek out fun activities that don’t break the bank or require too much time commitment. The great thing about creating your own candles is that it allows you to have control over what fragrances and colors go into each piece, leading to highly customizable, handmade results! Plus, they make lovely gifts since they are appreciated both aesthetically and aromatically.

For those interested in learning more about DIY candle making, there are lots of additional resources available online and in stores. Popular sites like Instructables offer free step-by-step tutorials that include detailed instructions on how to make various types of candles; and blogs like Just Bright Ideas provide helpful hints and tips on obtaining the best results possible when creating homemade candles. There are also numerous books available for purchase that cover everything from beginner basics to advanced techniques for molds and waxes. Additionally, local craft stores often host classes specifically dedicated to teaching candlemaking techniques; so if you want even more inspiration or guidance, be sure to check out these resources too!

Fun Experiments

The Christmas Pudding Candle Making Kit offers an enjoyable experience for creative people of all ages. It includes everything needed to craft unique, customized candles in the shape of festive Christmas puddings that can be used as decorations or gifts. With the included wax and scented oils, this kit offers endless possibilities for personalizing your creations with fragrances and colors to suit your own taste. The wick-cutting tool included helps you trim the wicks at just the right length for a consistent burn rate. For those looking to have some fun with their candle-making project, customers can experiment with a variety of decorative pieces like shimmering glitter, ribbons, ornaments, and much more. Once crafted, customers can showcase their creations on social media or through photos mailed to friends and family – making them ideal for gifting during the holiday season!

Suggested Activities

The Christmas Pudding Candle Making Kit comes with all the materials needed to create your own festive and unique holiday candles. Beyond making candles, these supplies can be used in multiple different ways to make various home decorations and dcor. The wicks can be coiled around empty glass jars such as mason jars and filled with wax chips of any color desired. These can then be decorated with ribbons and other craft materials, such as bits of greenery or faux snow, to create beautiful candle holders fit for any mantelpiece or windowsill. Additionally, the same wax chips from melting down the pre-molded shapes could be used to make colourful wax melts which look attractive when displayed in vibrant bowls around the home, releasing a range of inviting fragrances for every room.

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Creative Gift Ideas

1. Put together a Christmas care package that includes the candle making kit, along with festive decorations and other fun items like cookies or chocolates.

2. Use the kit to make candles for friends and family members in scents that remind them of certain memories. For instance, pick a scent reminiscent of their favorite flower or a pet they had growing up.

3. Attach personalized notes or photos to your creations to show your appreciation and thoughtfulness.

4. Wrap the candles up in creative packaging like festive gift bags or holiday wrapping paper with decorative ribbon or twine.

5. Give out sample packs of differently scented candles as gifts that come in attractive boxes with personalized labels.

6. Include the candle making kit as part of an ‘at-home spa night’ gift – complete with calming music, a soft robe, bath salts and facial masks for a special pre-Christmas treat for a friend or family member.


Most people love to get creative and share their experiences with others. The Christmas Pudding Candle Making Kit is a great way to get creative and make your own homemade candles. With the kit, you will be able to create your own festive-scented candles filled with the warm and cozy aroma of Christmas spice pudding! You can even personalize them by adding any decorations that you like, such as dried citrus slices or cinnamon sticks. Share your candle making experiences with family members or friends who enjoy crafting and DIY projects – it’s sure to be fun for everyone involved! Furthermore, making your own candles is also an environmentally friendly activity since you are creating something new out of already used materials instead of purchasing them from a store. All in all, the Christmas Pudding Candle Making Kit is a great family-friendly activity that encourages creativity while reducing waste. So why not encourage others to learn how to make their own Christmas pudding candles?

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