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Expanded Introduction

Cierra Candles is a family-owned candle and soap making supply shop located in Everett, Washington. Founded by Cierra Smith in 2010, the store offers a wide range of supplies for hobbyists and professionals looking to make their own products from home or create their own business. The store quickly gained popularity throughout the Pacific Northwest for its great selection, affordable prices, and friendly customer service. At Cierra Candles, they strive to provide customers with high-quality supplies with exceptional customer service. With their large selection of waxes, scents, dyes, wicks, and accessories available at competitive prices, Cierra Candles has become a go-to destination for all of your candle and soap making needs!

Testimonials with Photos

Cierra Candles takes great pride in being the top supplier of candle and soap making supplies in Everett WA. We’ve been providing customers with premium, high-quality supplies to make all their crafts a reality and are proud to have earned a stellar reputation with our customers! We have some people who have been so happy with the results they have achieved that they sent us photos of their finished projects along with kind words! You can browse our collection of customer testimonials and see for yourself what people are saying about us. From beautiful handmade candles to intricate soaps, we love seeing how our customers are using our supplies to bring their creative visions to life. No matter your experience level or craft, Cierra Candles has everything you need to get started on your next project!

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Bonus Resources Section

Cierra Candles Candle And Soap Making Supplies Everett Wa’s Bonus Resources section provides an extensive range of helpful resources for candle and soap making enthusiasts. Customers can find videos, recipes and instructions detailing the materials they may need, as well as step-by-step tutorials from experienced artisans. There are also articles that provide insight into trends in the industry, along with ideas for special projects. Special events, such as webinars and workshops, are also featured on this page to help customers explore new creative ideas and form connections with other makers around the world. Customers who want to stay up-to-date about new products or available discounts can also join Cierra Primo’s newsletter subscription list for regular updates.

DIY Projects

1. Create beautiful personalized flowerpots using remnants of candle wax, molds and aroma oils.

2. Roll your own massage candles from wick to melting wax with colorful pigments and essential scent blends.

3. Make a hand soap dispenser by combining different molds with a generous amount of specialized glycerin soap base options.

4. Create individual bubble bars to be enjoyed in the tub or used as handmade gifts for friends and family!

5. Melt down leftovers of soy wax with colored dyes and fragrances to create bath bombs of different shapes and sizes!

6. Whip up batches of aromatherapy face masks made with natural clays, essential oil scents, sea salts and jojoba oil brought from Cierra Candles!
7. Put together vegan shaving kits for those looking for an all-natural shave experience that includes handmade shaving soap blocks along with handmade lotion aftershave bars!

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Customer Satisfaction Survey

Cierra Candles is dedicated to providing our customers with the best candle and soap making supplies possible. To ensure we are meeting that goal, please take a few moments to complete this customer satisfaction survey. Your feedback will help us identify areas of improvement in catering to our customers’ needs and delivering an outstanding customer experience.

We appreciate your taking the time to answer these questions honestly and openly. All responses will remain anonymous, but your comments may be shared with other members of our team so that we can work together to improve your experience in the future.

Thank you for helping us make Cierra Candles the premier destination for candle and soap making supplies. Please take a moment to rate each statement below based on how satisfied you are with your previous purchasing experiences:

1) I found everything I was looking for quickly and easily _______
2) The quality of my purchases was satisfactory __________
3) The pricing was reasonable __________
4) My purchase arrived promptly ______
5) Customer service representatives were helpful _______
6) I would recommend Cierra Candles to others? ______

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