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Cougar Candle Making Equipment is an all-inclusive kit specifically designed for beginner, intermediate, and advanced candle makers. This kit contains everything you need to make beautiful and fragrant homemade candles including essential materials such as wicks, wax, containers, clamps, thermometers, pouring pitchers and scissors. Cougar has become a well-known name in the candle-making industry due to its top-rated quality products that are made with care from natural raw materials and fragrances. What sets Cougar apart from other brands is their unique pack sizes which can satisfy both small degree starters of candle making as well as bigger larger batches for professional makers. Their equipment includes items like double boiler pots which helps prevent overheating of liquids when melting wax ensuring smoother results with less time used on each batch. The heat resistant thermometer ensures accurate temperature control for perfect end results. Furthermore, the special layout of gear ensure a smooth workflow with extra parts available for replacements if needed. Plus, the eco-friendly materials make it a great addition to any green or mindful business. All these features coupled together makes Cougar a must have item in any candle maker’s arsenal due to its easy handling enabling even beginners to create amazing art pieces!

Features of the Equipment

The Cougar candle making equipment offers a variety of features for the home candle maker. The equipment includes a 1,500 watt heating element that provides consistent heat and melty wax, as well as adjustable temperature control. The built-in timer helps to prevent overheating and ensures that your candles will be perfectly melted each time.

The equipment also has safety features such as an emergency shut-off switch, auto shut-off when the maximum temperature is reached, and thermometer sensors to ensure that the process is safe. It has a 5L stainless steel melting tank with an integrated tilting mechanism which allows you to pour your melted wax directly into your molds. In addition to this, it comes with four different sized wick holders so you can accommodate any size candle. This is further complemented by an included plug-in candle fragrance diffuser, helping add aroma to your candles while they are in the process of being made. Finally, it includes 4 differently sized clamps which help secure molds and wax containers on top of the tank for easy pouring or removal from heat source.

Overall, the Cougar candle making equipment provides all the tools required for smooth production of candles at home. With its durable stainless steel construction and reliable safety measures, it is sure to meet all your home candle making needs!

Benefits of Investing in Cougar Candle Making Equipment

Investing in high-quality candle making equipment from Cougar will give you the means to create extraordinary candles of your own design. With each item made from quality materials and designed with precision, you can trust that the results will meet your expectations. You can also benefit from professional support, reducing the chance of any issues arising during your crafting process.

Not only does Cougar’s equipment offer reliable performance, but its sophisticated design tools allow for more detailed work than ever before. With its easy-to-use wax pouring tools and flexible wick holders, creating complex shapes and intricate designs has never been easier. Furthermore, each tool is portable and lightweight, allowing you to take it to different locations with convenience – ideal for craft exhibitions or live events.

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In addition to these features, investing in Cougar’s equipment will save you time on the production side of things too. For those new to candle-making, its automated functions are a great foundational piece as they make wax melting and dipping an effortless task. Even with more advanced projects like honeycomb arrangements or layered decorative pieces, their intuitive machinery is up for any challenge that comes your way!

Common Uses & Applications of the Equipment

Cougar Candle Making Equipment provides a variety of tools that are essential for candle making. The most important item is the wax melter, which melts wax in a safe and efficient manner. Additionally, candle molds are designed to correctly hold melted wax while dye may be used to color the candles properly. Many also choose to add scent or other ingredients according to their specific needs. Specialized tools such as wick holders and stainless steel pouring pots are highly recommended for crafting high quality candles.

Furthermore, pourable wax alcoves or metal pouring pitchers can be used for precision pours while thermometers allow users to keep consistent temperatures throughout the process of melting and pouring their candle wax. Above all else, safety is a priority when utilizing Cougar Candle Making Equipment, so protective gear like aprons, goggles and gloves should always be utilized when working with hot liquids or flame sources. Finally, it’s essential for those new to using this equipment to familiarize themselves with the appropriate safety protocols necessary for proper candle making before attempting any series of projects involving such materials and supplies.

Examples of Candles Made with Cougar Candle Making Equipment

Some of the most popular examples of candles made using Cougar Candle Making Equipment are highly scented floral bouquets, jar candles with layered colors and textures, wickless pillars with embedded decorative elements, and dipping tapers. These candles all require supreme accuracy in both design and making in order to achieve the desired aesthetic. Higher end cougars can come equipped with features such as double boilers for Wax and ReadyPour systems for quicker cooling times so that you can work faster.

The popularity of pillars is found in their ability to be decorated with various items such as wax molds and metal pressing tools to create intricate designs on the wax itself. Jar candles create an appealing ambience due to their wide array of color options ranging from classic whites and creams to vibrant reds, oranges, blues and yellows depending on your preference. Wickless pillars add extra visual intrigue by melding wax layers around unique items like shells or beads which adds a dynamic decorative effect not seen in traditional pillar shapes. Lastly, dipping tapers give one more creative freedom when it comes to making unique skinny candle shapes varying widely in length while gaining control over dripping aesthetics dependent upon dipping speed variables.

Cougar Candle Making creates endless possibilities for artistic expression through the candle making process! Whether utilizing old-fashioned technique or incorporating modern technologies like those mentioned above–the potential of creating something special truly begins once the bee’s wax is melted at the appropriate temperature. From there additional essences can be added such as colors, oils or glitter for extra ornamentation effects on any number of candle types such as votives, columns or balls–the only limit is your imagination! With Cougar Candle Making Equipment fully embracing every possibility that accompanies this craft”enjoy exploring new ways to create bold statement pieces that will be sure to captivate any room they call home.

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How to Care for & Maintain the Equipment

Caring for and maintaining your cougar candle making equipment is essential to ensure safe, successful operations. Here are some best practices and tips on how you can care for and maintain the equipment:

1. Keep the equipment clean by wiping it with a damp cloth after each use and removing any wax or fragrance residues quickly with a soft brush.

2. Store the supplies in an area that has good air circulation, away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures which may damage them.

3. Check the wicks regularly to ensure they are free of obstruction or excess wax which can interfere with burning or produce too much smoke.

4. Take special care when melting the wax as it should not be subject to excessive heat; using a double boiler is recommended for safer melting of waxes that require more than hazardous levels of heat formation.

5. Perform regular maintenance checks on the heating element of electric melt pots to make sure it is working correctly; consider replacing parts like thermocouples if doubtful about performance as well as replacing older electrical cords if necessary due to age or breakage through misuse/overuse over time .

6. Always wear safety equipment such as gloves and eye protection when handling melted wax, especially for larger batch production runs that require deep immersion into vessels containing hot liquid material!


Q: What type of candle making equipment does Cougar offer?
A: Cougar offers a wide range of candle making equipment, from wax and wick melters to kits, pour pots, candle molds, and fragrance oil dispensers. We also provide many extras such as hands-on instruction on how to make candles properly and safely. Additionally, we offer downloads for instructions and free recipes for making unique candles in different shapes, sizes and scents.


Cougar Candle Making Equipment is the perfect solution to help DIY-ers and candle makers reach their goals in making beautiful, quality candles. Cougar provides all the essential equipment that any candle maker needs to succeed. From flameless heat sources to pouring and wicking supplies, Cougar has everything you need for a successful candle-making experience. Their top of the line pouring pots are safe and durable, guaranteed to last through multiple projects. The wax melters make it easy to melt your wax quickly with adjustable temperature settings for fast results without burning your wax. With Cougar Candle Making Equipment, you have all the supplies you need for an amazing candle-making experience; from start to finish it always provides spectacular results! With their reasonable prices, great product selection, and dedicated customer service team there is no reason why anyone wanting to make beautiful candles should not try Cougar Candle Making Equipment.

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