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Design Ideas

Devin Is Making A Candle offers a unique way to create beautiful and personalized candles. With a range of options available, customers can create special pieces that are completely tailor-made to their taste.

Designing custom candles is an easy process with the help of Devin Is Making A Candle. Begin by selecting a vessel of choice-ranging in style from glass jars and metal containers to mugs and teacups. Customers can then personalize the candle by choosing a combination of scents, colours, textures and designs they’d like included. Customers can even add special elements such as glitter or dried flowers for an extra touch of sophistication. Each candle is poured with care, handcrafted with precision and finished for a beautiful presentation.

To give you some inspiration for your own creations, here are some examples of popular designs made using Devin Is Making A Candle:
• ‘Lavender Breeze’ – this vibrant scent combines sweet citrus essences with calming lavender for an uplifting experience. It has been finished off with dried rose petals and lime zest for subtle notes of additional fragrance.
• ‘Woodland Walk’ – combining notes of cedarwood and bayberry, this candle evokes memories of nature walks through wooded forests while adding rustic charm to any space. It contains acorns, bark shreds and crushed birch branches which creates an enchanting visual appeal as it burns down.
• ‘Eucalyptus Dream’ – soothing eucalyptus oil is complemented by wildflower essences in this crisp yet romantic blend. Dewy crystalized pearls provide extra sparkle when burning the wick down, creating an unforgettable olfactory experience in any room.

Creating a custom candle for yourself or loved ones is a simple yet powerful act that can bring lasting memories for years to come!


Common issues that arise when making candles include: oil and wax separation, wick sinking or floating, uneven burning, and strong scent fading.

Oil and Wax Separation: If your candle is experiencing oil and wax separation, it will appear as a greasy surface on the top of the candle. This can be fixed by reheating some of the wax in a double boiler or microwave to combine with the grease layer.

Wick Sinking or Floating: If your wick is sinking into the wax or floating in it (also known as mushroom-ing) you should hold it in place with a pencil while the wax cools down or use a wick bar to keep it centred.

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Uneven Burning: Uneven burning is caused by too much heat when pouring which causes air bubbles which interrupt even burning without causing dangerous smoke. To solve this issue try cooling down the molten wax more before pouring and use an embossed squeeze bottle for more even distribution and less heat.

Strong Scent Fading: If you feel like your candle’s scent does not last, try adding more scent oil until you can smell the fragrance at least two feet away from the candle. Remember that natural essential oils have higher flash points than synthetic fragrances, so they will last longer in heated environments.

Q & A

Q: How long will it take Devin to make a candle?
A: It depends on the size and complexity of the project, with smaller projects taking around 1-2 hours and larger projects potentially taking up to an entire day.


Devin Is Making A Candle is a small business run by Devin, an experienced and innovative candle maker. The company specializes in creating unique, hand-crafted candles for special celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and more. Customers can choose from an array of fragrances and colors to create their own custom scented candles.

In addition to offering customers the opportunity to design their own candles, Devin Is Making A Candle also has a gallery of currently existing designs created by Devin as well as customer designs that they have purchased. The customer designs range from classic simple scented candles to whimsical shaped creations with intricate details embedded in each wax pour. From traditional scents like lavender or vanilla to natural essential oils like citrus or eucalyptus, our gallery has something for everyone who is looking for the perfect candle. Our customer reviews speak volumes of the quality and care we put into each of our products.

Tips & Tricks

1. Use a heat-resistant glass container as your mold, which allows for even heat distribution.
2. A thermometer is essential for properly melting the wax and avoiding overheating.
3. Add scented oil or other fragrant additives when the wax has reached 170 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure an even scent dispersion.
4. Let the candles cure and solidify completely before you light them up to get the best results.
5. Consider using a wick stabilizer if needed, to help wicks stand upright while burning.
6. Don’t forget to trim your wick between uses to ensure longer burning time and prevent excess smoke production.

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DIY Projects

-Scented Letter Candles: Use Devin Is Making A Candle’s wax to make personalized letter candles that can be customized with any scent you like.

-Marbled Pillar Candles: Make two-toned marbled pillar candles by melting Devin Is Making A Candle’s wax and layering different scents over one another.

-Glitter Bowl Candles: Create sparkly and festive bowl candles using Devin Is Making A Candle’s wax, glitter, and a mold of your choice.

-Gel/Wax Melt Diffusers: Craft an air freshener using Devin Is Making A Candle’s wax melts or gel beads and essential oils. Place them in a small container of your choice to keep the scent running through your home all day long!

-Votive Candles: Check out Devin Is Making A Candle’s selection of soy wax flakes to start making votive or taper candles that are perfect for brightening up any room in your home or office space!


Here at Devin Is Making A Candle, we are proud to have satisfied customers from all over the world. Our customers continue to rave about the selection of quality candles that we offer and the unparalleled customer service that we provide.

We have compiled a collection of reviews and feature stories written by our customers to help others make an informed decision when purchasing one of our products. Many reviewers attest to our reliable, long-lasting candles that add character and charm to any environment, while others appreciate the fragrances and natural ingredients used in each hand-crafted candle. Finally, customers praise Devin Is Making A Candle for the helpful, informative customer service provided with every purchase – making sure that each customer is enjoying their product as much as possible!

As you can tell, no matter what kind of setting you’re looking for, Devin Is Making A Candle has something special just for you. Check out our reviews section today and see what our loyal customers have been saying about us!

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