How To Make Candles With Fragrance Oils


Fragrance oils are a great way to add wonderful scents to your candle. Unlike natural fragrance ingredients like herbs, essential oils and plant extracts, these fragrances will not evaporate during the burning process so your candles can remain smelling fabulous for longer. Furthermore, fragrance oils have a more concentrated scent than many other wax additives and as such they provide a stronger aroma without needing to fill the room with chemical fumes. Therefore, using fragrance oils in candles can be an effective way to infuse your home with beautiful smells without the risks associated with traditional aerosol sprays.

The Beginner’s Guide

Required Supplies

Fragrance Oil

Soy Wax or Beeswax

Candle Dye (optional)
Tools and Equipment
Wick Holders
Stirring Spoon
Heat Source (double boiler, slow cooker, microwave)
Molds or Containers for Candle Making

Crafting The Perfect Fragrance Blend

Fragrance oils are an essential part of candle-making and can be used to create a unique scent for your candles. There are several types of fragrance oils available, each of which creates a unique effect when mixed with other ingredients. For example, floral or citrus scents will provide a sweet, light aroma while woody or spicy ones will produce a richer scent.

To create interesting blends that appeal to our senses, it is important to consider the proportional balance between different types of fragrance oils in your recipe. Generally speaking, the stronger the scent oil you use, the fewer drops of it you need in relation to the other fragrances. It is also important to note that some scents can overpower others when combined in too great a quantity so having knowledge about which blend will work best with what amount is key.

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For instance, combining floral and earthy scents will create an aromatherapy blend that smells natural and fresh while adding an invigorating aroma like citrus or peppermint would give off an energizing effect when burned. On the other hand, combining woodsy scents such as cedarwood or sandalwood with something more gentle like vanilla provides balance for a relaxing ambient atmosphere. It all comes down to experimenting with different combinations until finding something that appeals to your nose.

The Art of Pouring

Making candles with fragrance oils is a wonderful way to add a personal touch and aroma to any space. It is important to begin this project by thoroughly researching various pouring techniques that could be used when crafting your candles. Variations of the traditional pouring method will allow you to create even more unique and beautiful candles.

The most basic method of pouring involves placing the wick in the desired candle container, melting wax and then pouring it over the wick before adding any fragrance oil. By using two different colors of wax, you can achieve the desirable layering effect – which gives each candle its own unique look. The double-pour is a slightly advanced method for candle making as it requires some practice to perfect. The process starts out much like a single-pour, but after adding desired fragrance oil, melted wax is added multiple times from different angles until all of the desired design elements have been blended together. With these two simple techniques a world of possibilities can unfold for those who are looking to maker their very own signature candles!

The Final Touch

To add a unique touch to the candles, consider attaching a festive label. Make the label relevant for a special occasion like Christmas, Hanukkah, or Valentine’s Day. If desired, attach a charm relevant to the occasion to each candle as well. For added decoration and a soothing scent, mix some glitter into the wax mixture and pour it in; when lit, this will create an eye-catching sparkle in your candles! If you want to further emphasize the fragrance of your candles, you can attach essential oil droppers near the wicks with some additional oil for those who may prefer more fragrance.

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Wrapping It Up

When it comes to storing your candles made with fragrance oils, you have a few options. If you’re looking for the longest-lasting candle possible from your supplies, then keep them in cool, dark areas away from heat, light and humidity ” this could mean investing in some airtight containers or boxes with lids. Storage in a cupboard or an area like a closet is perfect, as long as it maintains low temperatures and doesn’t get too much direct sunlight or artificial lighting. Another way you can store your candles is by investing in display boxes and decorative holders which produce a nice effect when teamed with the right kind of scented candle. This can also be beneficial if you’re selling handmade candles at markets or through shop stores, as the presentation factor is key to having people take interest in your product range!

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