Fragrance Oils For Making Candles

## Fragrance Oils For Making Candles

Creating your own candles is a rewarding and enjoyable hobby that allows you to be creative and craft personalised gifts. One of the best parts of candle making is selecting the fragrance of your candle. This can be done using specialised fragrance oils designed for candle making.

Fragrance oils are created to release specific scents when combined with other candle making ingredients. They are synthetically manufactured for their strength and versatility in candle making.

When choosing a fragrance oil for candle making, it is important to read the instructions and safety information on the packaging as each oil has a different scent range and requires a different amount to be added to the wax.

### Benefits of Using Fragrance Oils

Fragrance oils are becoming a popular choice amongst candle manufactures because they offer a variety of advantages. These include:

– Highly concentrated scents
– Longer lasting fragrances
– Great range of fragrances to choose from
– Safe to use
– Economical due to concentrated bottle sizes
– Does not require large amounts of wax

### How to Use Fragrance Oils

When using fragrance oils for candle making, always use the safety guidelines published on the bottle and never add the oil directly to the hot wax as this can cause a reaction.

#### Steps to using Fragrance Oils:

1. Begin with measuring out your wax and melting it to a liquid state.

2. When the wax reaches the desired temperature for adding the fragrance oil, slowly add the recommended amount of fragrance oil to the liquid wax.

Instructions For Making Homemade Candles

3. Stir the wax and fragrance oil mix slowly and gently with a stirrer.

4. Keep stirring the mix until it has cooled to the desired temperature.

5. Once cooled, pour the wax in to the moulds, and you’re done!

##### Caution

It is important to remember that different fragrance oils will require different amounts of oil to be added to achieve the desired scent and strength. They should also be used in different temperatures to avoid reactions and damage to the oil. Always check the instructions before adding fragrance oils to the wax.

Fragrance oils are an excellent choice for candle making and when used correctly, they can create a range of beautiful, aromatic scents. With such an extensive range of fragrances to choose from, the possibilities of candle making aroma combinations are endless!

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