Fall Fragrance Oils For Candle Making

Fall Fragrance Oils For Candle Making

Autumn is a wonderful time of year, full of seasonal flavors, cozy aromas, and the start of holiday-making. It’s also a great time to start crafting handmade, scented candles. Using fragrance oils to scent your candles is an easy and affordable way to create custom-scented candles that have that extra bit of holiday cheer. Here are a few of our favorite fall fragrance oils for candle-making:

Apple Cider Spice

Nothing says fall quite like the inviting aroma of cider and spice. Apple Cider Spice is a comforting, warm scent that will fill your home with the familiar smell of fall gatherings. This scent is perfect for creating cozy autumn candles for holiday entertaining.

Autumn Leaves

What’s better than the smell of crunching leaves underfoot? Autumn Leaves reminds us of the sights and scents of autumn in nature and is great for crafting decorative candles to be used throughout the season.

Maple Sugar

Maple Sugar is a delightful fragrance reminiscent of maple candy and nostalgic fall treats. The sweet aroma of this scent will surely evoke memories of sweets made with real maple syrup.

Pumpkin Spice

Perhaps the most popular scent of the season, Pumpkin Spice will instantly make you think of crisp autumn days and pumpkin pies. This classic scent is a must-have for making candles to be enjoyed all fall long.

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Benefits Of Fragrance Oils

Using fragrance oils to scent your candles offers a variety of benefits:

  • Affordability – Fragrance oils are more cost-effective than natural essential oils for candle making.
  • Variety – Fragrance oils come in a variety of scents, so you can choose from a wide selection and find just the right scent for your candles.
  • Consistency – Fragrance oils produce a consistent scent from batch to batch, and from candle to candle.

Making The Perfect Candle

Once you’ve selected the perfect fall fragrance oil, use the following tips to help you create the perfect candle:

  1. Choose soy or beeswax for a long-burning, natural candle.
  2. Use an appropriate wax temperature and fragrance oil/wax ratio.
  3. Be sure to let the wax cool to the correct temperature before adding the fragrance oil.
  4. Stir the fragrance oil into the wax thoroughly.
  5. Pour the wax slowly, and allow each layer to cool and harden before pouring the next layer.
  6. If the wick is too short, trim the flame down to size.


Fragrance oils offer a great selection of fall scents for crafting handmade, scented candles. Whether you’re making decorative candles for the holiday season or just want to bring the smells of fall into your home, fragrance oils are a great choice for creating beautiful, aromatic candles. With a little bit of creativity and these helpful tips, you can easily make the perfect fall candle.

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