Get Rich Scent In A Two-Inch Candle – Votives In All Colors And Scents

Rich Scent Candle

If you want a small candle, votives are what you need to look for. Votives can be scented or unscented and they are easy for you to make at home. First you will need the proper wax for the candle. Votives are primarily made with paraffin wax, which has a melting point of 130° F.

Depending on the effect you want to achieve with your votive candles, you may or may not have to included additives in the wax. Once you follow the simple instructions you will have your candles ready within 2 hours. If you want to start learning how to make a candle, votives are the best ones to start with.

In addition to having the wax to make a candle, votives need special molds. There are many of these molds to choose from and the number you have require depends on the number of votive candles you want to make. You don’t need to use any fragrances if you want unscented votive candles, but you can add whichever scents you want if you prefer to have a scent on your candle.

You will also need to have the proper wick for a votive candle and here too, there are several choices you can make. For example, you can use a pre-tabbed votive wick, a cotton core waxed wick or wick clips.

In order to have little difficulty releasing the votive candle from the mold, you can buy silicone spray. Just spray the mold before you pour in the wax to make the candle. Votives don’t require large molds, so you probably won’t need to use this.

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However, if you intend spending any amount of time making votive candles, then it won’t add very much to the cost of your supplies. Candle fragrance is also optional because many people are allergic to scents and prefer the unscented votive candles.

When you gather all your candle making supplies, cover the countertop with newspaper so that it will catch any spills from the wax for the candle. Votives are small and it is very likely that you will spill some of the melted wax when you start pouring it into the mold.

You will also need paper towels to clean the stove top because there is likely to be splatters. Before you start pouring the wax for the votive candle into the mold, make sure you have it placed on a flat surface. Otherwise, you may have lopsided unscented votive candles.

When it comes to candles, votives are by far the most popular. This is because they are small and dainty and fit into most candleholders. Although they are usually sold in sets of six, they are very inexpensive, if you would prefer to buy them rather than make your own candles. Votives are also easy to store in a small box, but you do have to keep them in a cool, dry place.

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