Glass Containers For Making Candles


The use of glass containers to make candles dates back centuries, when early candle makers found many innovative ways to contain and protect their candles from the elements. From ornate vessels crafted from delicate blown glass to the harder glass jars that are used today, the journey of these containers is filled with a rich history of creativity and innovation. In their earliest days, tallow candles were placed inside hollowed-out pieces of wood or shells to keep them safe and secure while burning. Later on, more decorative designs such as apothecary jars became popular and offered an eye-catching way to display the long-burning wax tapers. Over time, container candle making became more widely available with larger quantities at prices lower than ever before. Today, modern versions include clear jars with metal lids as well as difficult to break plastic containers that can be customized in any color imaginable. These latest developments have opened up a world of possibilities for candle aficionados everywhere who can now enjoy self-expression through scented wax creations held by beautiful glass holders that offer protection for hours of enjoyment.

Benefits of Using Glass Containers for Making Candles

Using glass containers for making candles has many benefits, one being the fact that glass helps to keep the wax sealed tightly, ensuring even burning and increasing its longevity. Furthermore, the flame created is protected from external interference, giving you an even burn every time. Additionally, glass containers also come in a variety of beautiful styles and shapes – allowing you to create attractive centerpieces and other decorative items with your candles. Also, the versatility of these containers makes it easy to swap out candles as needed since they can be easily taken apart and put back together again.

Types of Glass Containers for Making Candles

Glass containers used for candle-making include various types of glass, as well as shapes, sizes, and colors. The most common type of glass used is borosilicate, which is known for its strength and crystal-clear clarity. Borosilicate’s low coefficient of thermal expansion means that it can withstand extreme temperatures without cracking or becoming brittle. This makes it ideal for use in containment candles since the flame does not reach higher than the candle’s walls.

Shapes of glass containers for making candles range from tall cylinders to deep votives to large jar styles. These shapes all play an integral role in the look and performance of a finished candle. For example, a tall cylinder can be used to create a tall pillar candle with more height than width; while a shallow votive will result in a pool of melted wax when burning. The size and shape you choose should be based on the exact outcome you’re looking for with your candle: Whether it’s intended to make a larger statement piece or provide light from its flame over a long period of time.

Tealighth For Candle Making

Glass containers also come in virtually any color your imagination desires, ranging from transparent/clear up to deeply saturated hues. Any nonporous container material like metal or plastic may be painted either one solid color or precision airbrushed into many different graphic designs to plastically die cast complex 3D decorations. Whatever the desired effect — whether you want an opaque colored jar that gives off the light glow or translucent one where the dancing flame exhibits through — coloring glass jars yields an endless spectrum of possibilities certainly limited only by your ambition!

How to Choose and Prepare Glass Containers for Making Candles

Where to Purchase Glass Containers for Candle Making:

When purchasing glass containers for candle making, it is important to ensure that they are heat-resistant and food grade. The most common places to purchase these types of containers are craft stores, restaurant supply stores, kitchenware stores, and even online retailers specializing in candle supplies. When purchasing the containers in person, take time to inspect them closely to ensure they’re of high quality and be sure to inquire about their specifications. Online purchases are convenient, but also require more research on product specs before purchasng.

Methods of Cleaning and Sanitizing Glass Containers:

Before using any glass container for candle making, it should be cleaned and sanitized. First, use hot soapy water or a mild dish soap combined with warm water and give the container a good wash with paper towels or a sponge. Then rinse off the container thoroughly with warm or hot water. This will remove any dust particles or debris from the surface. Afterwards, sanitize the container by soaking it in a solution of one part white or apple cider vinegar to three parts boiling hot water for about 10 minutes before rinsing off for a final time with hot water. If desired, you can finish off with some rubbing alcohol as an additional disinfectant step. Allow the containers to air dry completely before beginning your candle making process!

Safety Considerations For Making Candles in Glass Containers

When making candles in glass containers it is important to take some basic precautions to ensure successful results and prevent any risk of harm from burns or fire hazards. Here are a few safety tips to keep in mind:

1. Always use a heat safe container, such as tempered glass or ceramic, And make sure the container won’t break when heated.

2. Never leave a burning candle unattended, especially near curtains, furniture or any other flammable surface.

3. Place your container on a heat-resistant surface such as marble or tile so it won’t get too hot from the flame.
4. Don’t allow children or pets near the area while you are working with hot wax and flames.
5. Make sure the wick is no more than 1/4 of inch tall after trimming it before each use and put out any lingering embers immediately after use.
6 Keep spilled wax away from candle flames and keep an appropriate distance between multiple burning candles for even heat distribution and safety purposes.
7 Never move your candle while lit- transfer your warm creations carefully after they have cooled down completely

Creative Uses For Glass Containers For Making Candles

Using glass containers to make candles is a popular and fun craft project, but they can also be used for other purposes. Glass containers can be used to store items such as makeup, jewelry, or small trinkets. They are great for organizing things because of their clean, transparent look. Glass containers with airtight lids make great food storage options that prevent accidental spills.

Making Wick For Candles

Glass containers can also be reused around the home for various purposes. For example, a large mason jar could be turned into a vase, with colorful flowers and floating candle wax poured inside to create an elegant centerpiece for your dinning table. A set of several glass bottles in different colors and shapes can be used to make charming terrariums or decorative lanterns when combined with wire lights and pebbles. Finally, no entryway is complete without decoration- you can use empty glass bottles or jars as eye-catching vessels to hold knick-knacks such as keys, coins and cards alike. There endless possibilities when it comes to using glass containers as clever home decor pieces!


Glass containers can be a great option for candlemakers who are looking for an attractive and durable way to store their candles. Not only do glass containers add an extra element of elegance to the finished product, but they also provide important protection against heat and light damage. Many candlemakers find that using glass containers ensures their candles last longer, preserve their colors better, and maintain their fragrance better than those stored in other materials.

Candlemakers around the world have reported excellent results when using glass containers for making candles. User reviews offer glowing testament to the advantages that glass provides. One notable example is a professional candlemaker who wrote: “I’ve been making my own candles with wax and glass jars for several years now, and the results are amazing. My candles keep burning brighter far longer than any of my previous attempts with plastic or metal containers.” Another praised how well the containers protect the wax from melting too quickly: “The colors of my candles remain strong long after burning them because of the thick material that makes up these glass jars.”

In addition to these testimonies, there is plenty of advice available online about choosing the right type of container for your needs. There are even forums devoted entirely to homemade candlemakers discussing strategies related to rubbing down wicks, trimming metal tops, and purchasing bulk orders at discount prices – topics that would interest anyone looking to get into candlemaking using glass jars. For those people interested in further reading on this subject matter, some recommended resources include books such as “Making Candles For Fun & Profit” by Brian Ovey or “Crafting Luxury Soy Candle Containers” by Victor Fuller.

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