Glass Jars for Candle Making Uk

Are you looking to start your own candle making business in the UK? One of the key components of creating beautiful handmade candles is choosing the right glass jars. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned candle maker, selecting the perfect glass jars for candle making is crucial to both the aesthetics and functionality of your final product.

Candle making is not just a hobby but also an art form that allows individuals to express their creativity through unique scent combinations, colors, and designs. When it comes to choosing the right materials for candle making, glass jars play a significant role in showcasing your handmade creations.

In this article, we will explore the different types of glass jars suitable for candle making and offer tips on how to choose the right size, shape, and quality standards for your candles.

From classic mason jars to sleek modern designs, there are various options available when it comes to glass jars for candle making in the UK. Understanding the different types and styles of glass jars will not only help you create stunning candles but also ensure that they meet safety standards.

So, whether you are looking to personalize your home decor or start your own candle making business, it’s important to consider all aspects of glass jar selection for candle making in order to achieve professional-looking results.

Types of Glass Jars for Candle Making

When it comes to candle making, the type of glass jar you choose plays a crucial role in the overall aesthetic and functionality of the final product. There are several types of glass jars that can be used for candle making, each with its own unique features and benefits.

Here are some popular types of glass jars for candle making:

  • Mason Jars: These classic glass jars are a popular choice for candle making due to their versatility and wide range of sizes.
  • Apothecary Jars: With their vintage look and elegant shape, apothecary jars add a touch of sophistication to homemade candles.
  • Hexagon Jars: These stylish jars with six-sided walls offer a modern and visually appealing option for candle containers.

In addition to these options, there are also specialty glass jars designed specifically for candle making, such as those with embossed patterns or unique designs.

It’s important to consider the purpose and style of your candles when choosing the type of glass jar. For example, if you’re creating scented candles for home decor, apothecary jars may be a suitable choice due to their elegant design. On the other hand, if you’re making travel-friendly or gift-sized candles, hexagon jars might be a better fit due to their compact shape.

Lastly, it’s essential to prioritize safety standards when selecting glass jars for candle making. Ensure that the chosen jars are heat-resistant and able to withstand the temperature of melted wax without cracking or shattering. By choosing high-quality glass jars, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable candle-making experience.

Choosing the Right Size and Shape

When it comes to choosing the right size and shape of glass jars for candle making, there are a few important factors to consider. The size of the jar will determine how much wax and fragrance oil you can use, while the shape will affect the aesthetics and burning properties of the candle. Here are some tips to help you make the best choice for your homemade candles:

  • Consider the volume: Depending on the type of candle you want to make, whether it’s a small votive or a large pillar candle, you’ll need to choose a glass jar that can accommodate the right amount of wax. For example, for smaller candles, opt for jars with a capacity of 4-8 ounces, while larger candles may require jars with a capacity of 16-20 ounces.
  • Look at the shape: The shape of the jar can also have an impact on how the candle burns. For container candles, straight-sided jars are often preferred as they allow for an even burn and easy access to all the wax. However, for more decorative or novelty candles, you might want to experiment with different shapes like hexagonal or round jars.
  • Consider practicality: Think about how easy it will be to work with and pour wax into different shaped jars. Some shapes may be more difficult to fill without spillage or may require specific pouring tools.
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Ultimately, when choosing the right size and shape for your glass jars for candle making UK, consider both practicality and aesthetics. Experimenting with different sizes and shapes can also add variety to your product line if you plan on selling your handmade candles commercially.

Quality and Safety Standards

When it comes to making candles, ensuring the quality and safety of the glass jars used is of utmost importance. Not only do you want your candles to look aesthetically pleasing, but you also want to guarantee that they are safe for use. This section will discuss the standards and factors to consider when choosing glass jars for candle making in the UK.

Materials and Heat Resistance

One of the key aspects to consider when selecting glass jars for candle making is the material used. It is important to choose heat-resistant glass jars that can withstand high temperatures without cracking or shattering. Commonly used materials include soda lime glass, borosilicate glass, and tempered glass. These materials offer different levels of heat resistance, so it is essential to choose a jar that matches the temperature requirements of your specific candle recipe.

Thickness and Durability

In addition to heat resistance, the thickness and durability of the glass jars are also crucial factors in ensuring safety. Thicker glass jars are less likely to break or crack under heat stress, providing added protection during the burning process. Opting for durable glass jars not only ensures safety but also enhances the overall quality of your handmade candles.

Safety Testing and Certification

To ensure the safety and quality of your candles, it is recommended to purchase glass jars that have undergone safety testing and certification. Look for reputable suppliers who provide information on their products’ compliance with safety standards such as BS EN 15494:2007 for candle containers. By choosing certified glass jars, you can have peace of mind knowing that they meet stringent quality control measures.

By prioritizing quality and safety standards in selecting glass jars for candle making in the UK, you can create beautiful and safe handmade candles that you can enjoy with confidence. Whether gifting them to friends or using them as home decor, investing in high-quality glass jars will enhance your overall candle-making experience.

DIY Candle Making Tips and Techniques

Choosing the Right Wax

When it comes to making your own candles, choosing the right type of wax is crucial. There are several options available, including soy wax, beeswax, paraffin wax, and palm wax. Each type of wax has its own unique qualities and benefits, so it’s important to consider factors such as burn time, scent throw, and eco-friendliness when making your selection.

Selecting the Perfect Wick

The wick plays a critical role in the performance of your candle. It’s essential to choose a wick that is appropriate for the size and type of glass jar you’re using. A wick that is too small may result in tunneling, while a wick that is too large can cause smoking and uneven burning. Be sure to do some research or consult with an expert to determine the best wick for your specific candle-making project.

Adding Fragrance and Color

Adding fragrance and color to your candles can greatly enhance their aesthetic appeal and ambiance. When selecting fragrances, opt for high-quality essential oils or fragrance oils specifically designed for candle making. Additionally, consider using dye chips or liquid dyes to achieve the desired color for your candles. It’s important to carefully follow recommended usage rates for both fragrances and colorants to ensure optimal scent throw and consistent coloring.

By following these DIY candle making tips and techniques, you can create beautiful handcrafted candles using glass jars that will not only illuminate any space but also fill it with delightful scents tailored to your preferences.

Remember that when it comes to glass jars for candle making in the UK, there are various shapes, sizes, and styles available suited for different types of candles.

Creative Ideas for Decorating Glass Jars

When it comes to candle making, choosing the right glass jar is just the beginning. Once you have selected the perfect jar for your candles, it’s time to get creative and think about how you can decorate and customize them to make your creations stand out. There are a wide variety of options for decorating glass jars for candle making in the UK, and here are some innovative ideas to inspire you.

How to Make Candle Making

One popular way to decorate glass jars for candle making is by using colorful paints or dyes. You can create beautiful designs and patterns on the outside of the jars to complement the scent or color of the candle inside. This offers a personal touch to your candles, making them unique and eye-catching. Another option is to use adhesive labels or stickers to add a personalized message or image, adding an extra layer of customization to your candles.

For those who prefer a more rustic or natural look, consider adorning your glass jars with twine, ribbon, or lace. These materials can be easily attached around the neck of the jar or tied in a bow, giving your candles a charming and handmade aesthetic. Additionally, incorporating dried flowers, leaves, or other natural elements into your jar decorations can add an earthy and organic feel to your candles.

If you’re feeling particularly crafty, you may want to explore techniques such as decoupage or etching to embellish your glass jars for candle making uk. Decoupage allows for endless design possibilities by applying decorative paper cutouts onto the surface of the jars using mod podge.

On the other hand, etching involves using an abrasive substance or specialized etching cream to create intricate designs directly onto the glass. Both methods result in visually stunning and one-of-a-kind containers for your hand-poured candles.

Decorating IdeasDescription
Colorful Paints/DyesCreate designs and patterns that match candle scents/colors.
Rustic/Natural AdornmentsAdd twine, ribbon, or dried flowers/leaves for an organic look.
Decoupage/EtchingCreate intricate designs with decorative paper cutouts (decoupage) or etching cream (etching).


In conclusion, the art of candle making using glass jars is a timeless and beautiful craft that allows for endless creativity and personal expression. With the wide variety of glass jars available for candle making in the UK, crafters can choose from different shapes, sizes, and styles to create unique and stunning candles. The right choice of glass jar not only enhances the visual appeal of the candle but also ensures safety and quality standards are met.

Whether you prefer classic round jars, sleek square containers, or vintage-inspired apothecary jars, there is a glass jar out there to suit every candle maker’s needs. When selecting the perfect jar for your project, it’s essential to consider factors such as size, shape, and material. By paying attention to these details, you can create candles that not only look beautiful but also burn evenly and safely.

Furthermore, with some creative ideas for decorating glass jars such as adding embellishments like ribbons, labels, or paint, candle makers can elevate their creations to new levels of elegance. Whether for personal use or as unique homemade gifts, handmade candles in carefully chosen glass jars are sure to bring warmth and ambiance to any space. So go ahead and let your creativity shine through as you explore the world of candle making using lovely glass jars.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Glass Can You Use for Candle Making?

When making candles, it’s important to use heat-resistant glass like tempered glass or mason jars specifically designed for candle making. These types of glass can withstand the high temperatures from the burning candle without cracking or shattering.

Can Any Glass Jar Be Used for Candles?

Not all glass jars are suitable for candle making. Regular household glass jars may not be able to handle the heat from a candle, causing them to break or explode. It’s best to use containers that are specifically made for candle making to ensure safety.

Is Glass or Tin Better for Candle Making?

Both glass and tin can be used for candle making, but each has its own pros and cons. Glass is see-through, allowing you to see the beauty of the candle, while tin provides a more rustic look and can withstand higher temperatures than some glass containers.

Ultimately, the choice between glass and tin depends on personal preference and the specific type of candle being made.

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