Gold Tins For Candle Making

Introduction to Gold Tins for Candle Making

Gold tins are an essential material for candle making and have been used for centuries. Gold has been used as a material in candle making because of its richness, versatility, and the fact that it is non-flammable. Gold tins give candles a regal look, adding elegance to every piece.

The various types of gold tins available are based on size, shape, weight, and thickness. Some gold tins come with lids or caps for extra protection. There are also adhesive labels that can be attached to the side walls of gold tins to write personal messages or inscriptions.

When using gold tins for candle making, some factors should be taken into consideration such as: what type of wax will be used for the mixture, the wick size appropriate to use in the tin; the proper ventilation required when burning candles; and shelf life (Makers often suggest storing any unused wax away from heat).

Gold tins not only make beautiful candles but can also be decorative containers perfect to use around your home or even to start a collection! Whether you’re looking create simple wax blends with one color or intricate designs with multiple colors and fragrances, you’ll find that working with gold tins helps you achieve professional results.

Benefits of Gold Tins for Candle Making

Benefits of Gold Tins for Candle Making:

• They are durable and non-porous, making them ideal for container candles that you don’t want to absorb the wax fragrance.
• Gold tins can be easily painted or decorated to create a unique look.
• The bright metallic finish is elegant and eye-catching, making it a great choice aesthetically.
• Gold tins can be re-used multiple times as they are easy to clean and will not degrade or become damaged over time.

• Gold tins are one of the more expensive materials available for candle making which might put off some budget conscious candle makers.
• While gold tins make beautiful and stylish containers for your candles, because of the metal material they may cool the wax faster than other materials which could affect your end result.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Gold Tins for Candle Making

The following guide should help you create beautiful, unique candles in gold tins with ease and confidence.

1. Start by selecting a gold tin of your desired shape and size – these can usually be found online or at craft stores.

2. Prepare the tin to hold the wax – be sure to wipe it down with a soft cloth to remove any dust or dirt. Also make sure that there are no sharp edges or corners that may injure you during the candle making process.

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3. Gather the other supplies needed for candle making such as wax, wicks, thermometer, fragrance oil and dyes (if desired).

4. Measure the amount of wax needed for the size of your tin ” this is usually done using a scale or measuring cup specifically designed for candle making supplies.

5. Melt the wax in an appropriate container using a double-boiler setup until it reaches approximately 200 degrees Fahrenheit or its melting point (depending on the type of wax used). You may need to add more heat to reach this temperature if necessary, stirring occasionally during this process.

6. Once melted, add your preferred fragrance oil and dyes if desired at this time and stir until well blended into the hot wax mixture.

7. Using protective gloves or other safety measures, carefully pour your hot wax mixture slowly into your prepped gold tin until it reaches about ¾ inches from the top edge of the tin’s rim (to leave plenty of room for additional heat added later). If necessary use something like a spoon handle to push any large bubbles out from under wax near top edge as well ” careful not to scrape up excess material on surface of tin though! Be sure to also place any retaining clips supplied by manufacturer across open end of wick-holder before plunging wick into center bottom portion (per manufacturer instructions too).

8 . Now insert prepared pre-tabbed wicks (inserted through slots already in bottom inserts) ” they should stay upright while still submerged within liquid hot wax evidently ” as far forward towards opening as possible per manufacturer directions noted earlier at Step 7 too! Allow entire setup/candle composition cool down unto solid stage before removing extra portions seen around sides if any…

Common Troubleshooting Tips for Gold Tins

Problem 1: Candle Wax not Setting Properly – One of the most common problems people face when using gold tins is wax not setting properly. This can be caused by a number of factors, such as incorrect melting and cooling temperatures, improper wax blending techniques, or incorrect wick placement. The solution to this problem is to use a thermometer to check the temperature of the wax, ensure that it’s mixed without overheating, and use the correct size wick for your tin size and candle design.

Problem 2: Candles Burning Unevenly – This can generally be attributed to an incorrect size wick or inconsistent pouring temperatures. Using larger wicks can cause strong flames which overheat one side of the candle, and uneven pouring temperatures can create air bubbles in the wax. To fix this problem, use pre-tabbed wicks specifically designed for your tin size that allows an even burn and pour consistently at a lower temperature.

Poured Beeswax Candle Making Instructions

Problem 3: Cans Rusting After Pouring Candles – When pouring candles in gold tins (particularly those made from stainless steel), you may find that they start to rust after repeated heat exposure and contact with moisture in the air. To prevent this, take steps such as storing them in a dry area away from humidity and avoid over-heating them during pouring or melting processes. Additionally, use caution when adding water-based additives such as fragrances since they draw moisture into the wax creating an environment where rust can occur more easily.

Examples of Gold Tins Projects

One example of a project one could make with gold tins is a handmade candle holder. To make this, one would need some simple supplies including four gold tins of the same size with lids, a hot glue gun and glue sticks and medium-sized wooden dowels. To begin this project, the person would first arrange their four tins into a square pattern, making sure that the open side faces up. Once that’s complete, they should then glue their chosen wooden dowel either side of each lid using the hot glue gun. Finally, they will then place all lids firmly onto their respective tin to complete the design. This finished product can now offer an eye-catching addition to any home or event!


Creating your own candle-making projects can be a fun and creative way to channel your inner artist. Using gold tins for candle making is an excellent option for customizing your creation, as the containers can be easily adapted to different sizes and shapes with few additional materials. Gold tins are also highly versatile; with a wide variety of scents, dyes, and adornments available they can suit many different design styles. When using gold tins, it’s important to remember that smaller varieties can get acidic after intense usage, so replace those accordingly.

Overall, gold tins prove to be an excellent choice for crafting one-of-a-kind candles. With the right supplies and resources anyone can channel their artistic flair into their very own creations. To learn more about crafting elegant candles out of durable gold tins or to find supplies for creating your own candle projects at home, readers should explore resources from The Candle Cultural Society or The Candilation’s DIY Guide.

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