How To Make Scented Soy Candles


Making scented soy candles is a great way to express yourself and bring pleasant aromas into your home. From selecting a wax base to pouring the candle and adding scents, follow these easy steps for how to make scented soy candles.

Step 1: Choose Your Wax Base: When it comes to making scented soy candles, the most common wax base used is natural soy wax flakes. This type of wax is made from processed soybean oil, giving it a creamy texture and allowing it to be easily melted when heated and poured in your mold or container. It also has a low melting point so that when you light the wick, it melts evenly and consistently.

Step 2: Preparing the Wicks: Once you have your wax melted, you need to prepare your wicks by positioning them in the center of the container on top of a wooden dowel or pencil. The wick should be long enough to stick out of the candle once it’s poured and lit, but not too long as this could cause an overabundance of soot and smoke while burning.

Step 3: Adding Fragrance Oils :The next step is adding fragrance oils! Make sure to use only essential or high-quality fragrance oils that are specifically made for candle sources ” never add regular perfumes or colognes as they will not burn properly and may even produce hazardous fumes. Measure out desired amount and mix thoroughly with melted wax until fully blended.

Step 4: Pouring Wax Into Containers: Now comes time for the fun part – pouring your wax into containers! Using an oven mitt on one hand and carefully holding the pot with your other hand, slowly pour melted wax into each individual jar or container until it reaches just below the lip of each container (so that when seals tops go on, they form a nice airtight seal).

Step 5: Waiting Time: Curing a soy candle takes at least two weeks but can take as long as four weeks. During this time, avoid moving containers around too much in order for all ingredients -waxes, fragrances-to bind together correctly. Once cured, carefully remove pen/dowel wick holders before trimming away any excess wick then place lids onto containers tightly ensuring no pockets of air exists inside them! Finally light up your work of art!

Gather Supplies Needed to Make a Scented Soy Candle

To make a scented soy candle, you will need a few supplies. First, you need to purchase a container for your candle such as a glass jar, tin can, or ceramic pot – any container that will be able to hold the wax and fragrance. You must also have some type of wick ” either pre-tabbed wicks or extra cotton guitar string-style wicks. Next, purchase 1 pound of tested and approved soy wax flakes. Lastly, purchase several ounces of scent based on your desired strength of fragrances in the candle; be sure to buy high quality fragrance oils. Additionally, it would be useful to have an accurate cooking thermometer and a double boiler prepared as well. Now you should have all the supplies necessary to get started on making your scented soy candles!

Choosing Wax, Wicks, and Jars for the Right Candle Project

Choosing the right wax, wicks, and jars for a candle-making project can be a daunting task, especially if it’s your first time. Generally, when it comes to making soy candles the best type of wax is 100% Vegetable Soy Wax. There are other types available however this is the most cost effective option and produces a good quality of soy candles.

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When choosing wicks, look for ones specifically made for vegetable waxes because they are designed to burn at lower temperatures than other wicks. Generally there are two types of wicks; natural cotton or paper-core wick, both will provide satisfactory burning results as long as you select the size of recommended for each corresponding vessel. Lastly, you should consider the jar in which you plan to store you candle ” make sure to choose one with an opening large enough to fit the chosen size of your selected wick.

Once you have decided upon these supplies it is time to get creative! Consider adding color and scent by using candle dye flakes and essential oils – natural soy wax easily allows for full absorption of up to .6 ounces per pound making full scented candles possible. Additionally, many craft stores sell wonderful decorations such as dried petals or glitter that really add finishing touches to your homemade candles giving them that professional look we all strive for!

Melting the Wax and Adding The Scent

Making scented soy candles is a fun and easy project, and the supplies needed are readily available in most craft stores. To begin, you need to melt the wax before adding the scent. Depending on the size of your candle-making project, you can either use a wax-melting pot or an electric double boiler. If you opt for the double boiler, make sure it is large enough to accommodate all of the wax that will be melted at once. It’s important to monitor the temperature during this step “holding it between 125-135°F (51-57°C) when melting is key”because if it gets too hot, the fragrance oils will evaporate or burn off. Once all of your wax has been melted, add 20″25 drops of desired fragrance oil per pound of wax and mix it well with a wooden spoon for about five minutes, ensuring that all particles are completely blended together.

Customizing the Design and Finishing Touches

In order to make your scented soy candles unique, there are several ways to customize their designs. One option is to use molds. There are a variety of shapes and sizes available that can be used to create different styles of candle. If you want a spiral design, simply use a double cone mold; if you’d like to create more sculpted shapes, there are beautiful silicone molds in the shape of stars, hearts and other patterns. You also have the option of making pillar or container candles ” use jars for both for a more classic look.

If you’d like to add decorations, consider adding dried flowers or herbs placed on top of the poured wax. After the candle has cooled, but before it’s removed from its mold, consider adding beads or small stones embedded into the sides of your candle. Once everything is set, finish off with your favorite color combination ” you could pick colors that work with any season or holiday – and wrapping paper decoratively adhered around it. Tie with satin ribbons or twine and you have yourself an amazing scented Soy Candle ready for gifting!

Safely Burning and Storing Scented Soy Candles

Once you have made your scented soy candles, it is important to practice safe burning and storing techniques. The following guidelines will help to ensure you make the most out of your candles while also protecting your safety.

When lighting your soy candle, always observe a few simple rules. Make sure that the wick is always trimmed to about 5mm before each use ” this will help to evenly distribute the heat and prevent a large flame form forming. Never leave burning candles unattended or in reach of children or pets. Additionally, avoid placing near flammable materials and ensure that the area where the candle is being burned is well-ventilated.

To keep candles in good condition, store them away from direct sunlight and in a cool, dry place until ready to use them again. Do not stack items on top of the container or wax as this can cause discoloration and other damage to occur. Inspect for any visible signs of wear such as chips or cracks before lighting too as these could compromise the structural integrity of your candle’s container during use. When traveling with your candle, carefully wrap it in soft materials to avoid accidental breakage or damage to their containers. By following these simple tips, you can enjoy your scented soy candles safely while they bring delight and enjoyment into your home!

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Creative Ideas for Using Scented Soy Candles

Scented soy candles are a great way to add extra ambiance and warmth to any room. They can be used for a variety of purposes, from aromatherapy to creating an inviting atmosphere in your home or office. Here are some creative ideas for using scented soy candles to enhance the beauty and functionality of your space:

1. Use the scent to create a cozy atmosphere. You can do this by strategically placing multiple scented candles around a room with varying intensity levels. For example, one candle could have a light, soothing scent while another is more intense for when you desire an invigorating experience.

2. Get creative! Create a unique candle display as part of your home decor. Combine different colors, shapes and sizes to make something truly eye catching and inviting. From tapers in jars of water, to extra long votives on candlesticks lit all at once – the possibilities are endless!

3. Scented soy candles make great gifts! Whether it’s for birthdays or special occasions, these candles will definitely put a smile on someone’s face – especially when presented in unique packaging like mason jars with handwritten notes or personalized labels attached.

4. Add a touch of ambience to outdoor get-togethers and family reunions around the fire pit by setting up colorful scented soy candles throughout your patio area or backyard deck. Enjoy their lovely aroma while making memories with family and friends!

5. Enhance massage sessions or yoga classes by incorporating scented soy candles into your routine; they’ll help relax both body and mind while simultaneously providing soft illumination as well as captivating scent combinations that’ll stick in memory forever!


Making your own scented soy candles is both fun and rewarding. Not only do you get the satisfaction of making something with your own two hands, but you can also tailor each candle to suit individually or a specific occasion. Whether you plan on giving away beautiful candles as gifts or using them to decorate your own home, making these special candles will give you great joy knowing that ” at the end of it all ” something as simple as a custom fragrance has warmed the hearts of family and friends alike.

When crafting unique scented soy candles there are no limits. With limitless color and scent combinations, you have all the materials necessary for turning a simple project into something truly unforgettable. The next time you find yourself in need of something special, take on the challenge and make some eye-catching and deliciously fragrant custom-scented soy candles. Who knows? Perhaps this new found hobby could even inspire someone else in your family to start creating their own distinctive aromas! So go ahead make a batch of soy candles and enjoy every moment spent tinkering until you get them just right!

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