Making A Banishing Evil Spirits


Working with the Shadow forces of Nature to banish evil spirits can be a powerful way to heal and protect. Candles can be used in the process to help focus energy and intention. Working with candle magic is not only a traditional practice but has been found to be an effective tool against negative energies. This guide provides an overview of methods for using candles to banish evil spirits, including what candle types should be used, how they should be set up and configured, as well as ritualistic steps and words said during the process. Combining other energy or elemental manipulation techniques such as chanting, dancing, drumming or ringing bells can also add power and intensity to the ritual process. The use of herbs such as wormwood, garlic or sage can also have powerful effects and are often burned around the meditation space before beginning any work with spiritual energies. When completed correctly and in combination with a strong sense of positive intent and will combined with grounding and protection methods, this ancient magical technique can become easily accessible for anyone looking for tools to help cleanse their environment from unwanted energetic influences.

Types of Candles to Use for Banishing Evil Spirits

When it comes to banishing evil spirits, the type of candle you choose can be as important as the words you utter and/or symbols drawn to do so. The most common types of candles used in banishment rituals are black, white, or any shiny silver or gold variety. A black candle is symbolic of protection from negative energies, shadow entities, and evil spirits. The white candle is for invoking divine power and protection from upper spiritual realms. Silver and gold candles can act as a beacon of light, guiding away evil influences out into the cold dark void from which they can never return. Alternative colors such as red or purple may also be employed depending on the entity in question and its purpose within the ritual. In addition to color choice, it is important to select a type of candle that will burn slowly and steadily rather than a scented one that could create distractions or provide unintended symbolism. Non-scented beeswax, soy wax, stearin waxes are all commonly used due to their non-toxins and stable burning properties when compared with fragranced paraffin wax types.

Gathering the Necessary Supplies

Making a candle for use when banishing evil spirits isn’t complicated, but it does require preparation. The most common items needed are: colored wax, essential oil(s) of your preference, a wick, an appropriate container or mold, and various herbs and crystals associated with cleansing and purification. Before starting the process, it is important to set and focus on an intention. This could be attaining protection from evil forces or spiritual clarity.

Making an Orange Candle

Start by preparing the container with the wick. If you’re using a container, make sure it has a flat bottom so that the candle can stand up properly when lit later. Secure the wick at the bottom of the container or mold with a bit of hot wax or glue. Next, use colored wax to determine the color of your candle; black is used most commonly for banishing evil spirits. Utilize a double boiler to melt the wax without burning it. Once melted, mix in essential oils for scent and minerals for color if desired; rosemary is commonly used for this purpose as well as citrine and labradorite for their purifying properties.

Add herbs and crystals relating to your purpose (for example if you’re looking for protection from evil forces add white sage or garnet), then slowly pour melted wax into the prepared container allowing room for air pockets as each layer cools before adding more wax until it reaches your desired level. Once cooled you can trim any excess material hanging off of the wick or adjust it into place if necessary before lighting while focusing on your intention now either aloud or silently depending on how comfortable you feel in maintaining that connection before declaring it completed out loud either verbally or in writing again depending on what works best for you!

Crafting the Candle with Meaningful Symbols

When making a candle to use when banishing evil spirits, it is important to choose symbolic ingredients for the best outcome. Start by selecting a colored wax to correspond with your intentions; black, white and purple are all appropriate colors for a banishment candle. Select natural herbs and oils to imbue the candle with specific properties; sage and cedarwood are ideal for banishing negativity while sandalwood can help you keep focused and protect against possible negativity entering. For added protection, engrave symbols, phrases or words into the wax such as a pentagram or the phrase “keep out” so the barrier of protection is stronger. Finally, anoint the finished candle with special oil blends that can help create more powerful cleansing energies around you. When all ingredients are gathered together, mix them together in a bowl before carefully pouring the magical wax blend into your chosen mould. Allow for cooling then light your new beacon of protection!

Engraving Protective Symbols onto the Candle

Engraving protective symbols onto the candle is an important part of making it effective in banishing evil spirits. Symbols like a pentagram, or a cross, or even runes can be used to protect yourself from the spirit’s presence. The symbols should be placed around the entire perimeter of the candle, so that no area is left unprotected. You may also choose to use other herbs and oils as additional protection, such as Frankincense oil or Rosemary herb, along with saying a prayer over the candle before light it up. These steps will come together to help create an energy field around you and protect you from unwelcome spirits.

Making Candle Supplies

Summoning the Power of the Candle

When making a candle for banishing evil spirits, it is important to summon the power of the candle. This process involves focusing and directing one’s energies towards an intention. To do this, light the candle and take some deep breaths to help center yourself mentally and emotionally. As your breathing begins to even out, repeat a phrase that invokes your desired result – such as “Evil spirits cannot stay in this space”. Repeat the phrase out loud or silently several times with intent and meaning. Visualize the energy of the words filling up the room while still repeating breaking up any negative energy present. Visualize these energies as light that fades away over time as you continue casting out whatever holds you back. Concentrate on this visualization until you feel peace has been restored. Once you are fully satisfied with your work, extinguish the flame and thank it for its help in scattering all negative forces.

Closing Thoughts on Completing the Banishing Ritual

Banishing evil spirits can be a powerful process that requires conscious effort and determination to create the positive energy environment you desire. When completing the banishing ritual, it is important to keep certain thoughts in mind. First, focus your energy on sending love and light out into the atmosphere, creating an atmosphere of safety and peace. As you make this candle to use during your banishing ceremony, think of all the ways you can release any negative energies or entities in your space. Visualize yourself surrounded by love and protection as you light the candle each time before you begin your banishing practice. Lastly, remember to stay open to receiving help from divine sources in ridding yourself of any unwanted beings. Doing so will allow blessings of protection and guidance in replacing those harmful energies with protective ones. Through dedication and focus on these thoughts when making this candle and performing the banishing ritual, peace and harmony can be achieved in your home.

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