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Candle making parties have become increasingly popular for people looking for a fun, creative way to spend time with friends and family. At a candle making party in Perth, participants can learn all about the process of making candles from scratch, including the various styles and type of fragrances and colors! Guests will be guided by an experienced candle maker who will provide top tips and tricks throughout the session, along with hands-on help whenever needed.

At a candle making party in Perth, guests will be able to create unique candles they won’t find in stores. Besides being great fun, candle making promotes creativity by providing an opportunity to design your own special creation. Not only will partygoers make lasting memories but they’ll create beautiful candles that they can use over again or give as thoughtful gifts. Candle making also makes a great group activity ” allowing everybody to talk while their little masterpieces are creating. With everyone involved in the experience the atmosphere is sure to be full of laughter and smiles throughout!

With access to additional supplies at a candle making party in Perth such as glitter, wax shavings and paper shapes for decoration there is so much potential for fun. Partygoers can customise their creations however they wish to reflect their individual style or whimsical personality! At the end of each session guests keep all items made on the day as well as receiving expert advice on how best to care for them afterwards. So whether you’re looking for a special night out or an enjoyable bonding experience this could be exactly what you need!

Preparation Tips for Candle Making Parties

Prior to hosting a candle making party in Perth, it is important to prepare the necessary supplies and follow through on any instructions. Collecting all of the supplies needed will ensure that all participants have ample access to materials and can create beautiful new candles. The supplies you will need are wax, wicks, fragrance oils or essential oils, moulds and dye chips; these should be purchased prior to the party. Additionally, it is important to make sure you have tools such as thermometers, double boilers and burners for melting wax. Furthermore, shrink-wrap bags are also useful for wrapping up finished candles as attractive presents.

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Additionally, after collecting supplies, it is pertinent to check the instructions for ideas on how much wax per person should be provided as well as safety warnings and suggestions. Then it is time to choose a suitable venue that has plenty of room or an especially large space so everyone involved has enough room to comfortably work on their candles. It might also be wise to have one or two people oversee the activity who can monitor progress and answer questions related to the process. Moreover, setting an inspiring atmosphere with some music or lights could help everyone relax into the creative process while also having fun

Overview of What Happens at a Candle Making Party

A candle making party takes place in Perth and combines education and fun. As part of the event, participants learn about different types of candles, such as scented, votives or tea lights. They are given a brief introduction to the necessary tools and instructions on how to use them properly. There is then a demonstration on how to make various types of candles with emphasis on safety when handling hot wax.

Participants work individually or in groups, depending on their preference and the size of the group. The host provides guidance throughout the session in order that everyone can complete their candle creations. After all candles have been made, there is some time for relaxation and conversation as well as for admiring the handcrafted pieces created by each individual participant. Guests leave with a greater understanding of candle making processes as well as the pleasure of having crafted beautiful merchandise.

Ideas for After the Party

Extend the Experience:

After the candle making party, participants can extend the experience by exploring different types of waxes and fragrances such as soy or beeswax. They could also experiment with different colorants and see how these affect the final product. The group could plan a follow-up party to refine their skills and share additional tips and tricks to help each other succeed with their custom candles.

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Share Creations With Other Participants:

Guests can exchange cards or contact information at the end of the candle making party in order to stay in touch. This is a great opportunity for them to swap ideas, recipes and pictures of their candles creations. Afterwards, they can post before-after photos on social media and offer encouraging remarks for each other’s work.

Cleanup Tips:

Using newspapers can make clean up easier as it helps prevent any wax from getting onto furniture or surfaces that have not been covered. Removing extra wax from containers can be done with paper towels, a spatula or heat gun. Lastly, melting any remaining wax from wick core pieces into used glass containers can save money instead of buying new ones.


It was a pleasure hosting a candle making party in Perth. Everyone had an enjoyable time creating their own handcrafted candles, learning tips and tricks from experienced candle makers along the way. We covered a variety of styles, like dipped, poured and molded, and our avid participants quickly picked up on these skills to create their own unique and beautiful designs. We also explored the wonderful aroma released when burning different essential oils – it was truly an unforgettable experience!

At the end of the day’s activities, we have come away with appreciation for the artistry behind candlemaking. If you are ever looking to try out some of the techniques and projects we learned at this party, feel free to reach out to one of the many local candle-making suppliers or experts near Perth. You can explore waxes and molds available at stores such as Mad Wax News or The Candle Connection. With enough practice, your creative potential in this field will be limitless!

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