Candle Making Perth Wa

# Candle Making in Perth, WA

Candle making has been popular for centuries, but has recently become even more popular in Perth, Western Australia. If you’re looking for an enjoyable and creative way to spend an afternoon or an evening, or to add an element of beauty to your home, then candle making is an excellent way to do so. Here are some facts and tips on candle making in Perth, WA.

## History of Candle Making

The art of candle-making dates back to ancient times, used as a source of light and heat in homes. Over time, it has also become part of cultural and religious ceremonies. From the Middle Ages to the modern day, candles have been made in various forms, and they are now used widely as a form of decoration in many homes.

## Benefits of Candle Making

Candle making is an enjoyable and creative pastime that has numerous benefits, including:

* Introducing a calming atmosphere into your home
* Enhancing the ambiance of a space
* Offering a crafty way of upcycling materials
* Creating a unique bespoke gift for friends and family

## Candle Making Supplies

Making your own candles requires a range of supplies, including:

* **Wax:** This could be either vegetable or paraffin wax, depending on the type of candle you are making.

* **Molds:** This could be either metal or plastic molds, depending on your preference.

* **Wicks:** Make sure you use the correct length of wick for the size of your candle.

* **Dyes:** If you’re looking to add colour to your candles, you may want to use dye. This could be either liquid or powdered, again depending on your preference.

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* **Scents:** If you’re looking to add a nice scent to your candle, you can use essential oils in liquid or powder form.

* **Melting Pot and Thermometer:** To melt your wax and keep it at the right temperature, you’ll need a melting pot and a thermometer to monitor it.

## Steps to Making a Candle

Candle making has several steps to follow. These are outlined below:

1. **Melt Wax:** Using a melting pot, melt the wax and heat it to 125-135°F.

2. **Add Dye:** Now is the time to add any dye, if you are using it.

3. **Add Scent:** Add the scent or essential oils, depending on what you are using.

4. **Prepare Wicks:** Prepare the wicks and make sure they are at the correct length for your candle.

5. **Fill Molds:** Fill the molds with wax and make sure they are level before the wax cools.

6. **Cut off Wick:** Once the wax cools, cut off the wicks and trim them down to size.

7. **Enjoy:** Enjoy your homemade candles!

## Enjoy Candle Making in Perth, WA

Whether you’re an experienced candle-maker or just starting out, candle making in Perth, WA is a wonderful way to enjoy an afternoon or an evening. With the right supplies and effort, you can create beautiful, unique candles that will bring a sense of calm and ambiance to any home.

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