My Pluswick Candle Is Making A Farting Noise

Common Causes

One of the most common causes of a candle making a farting noise is air bubbles trapped in the wax. This could happen as a result of improper pouring techniques when initially making the candle, or as a result of over-heating the wax when remelting. To address this issue, try stirring the wax properly while being careful not to overheat it.

Another cause of annoying noises coming from your Pluswick Candle may be because the wick has become too big for its container. This can happen when you fail to trim back the wick before each burn. Trimming the wick will encourage even burning and prevent noisy fumes from escaping through a long ill-fitting flame.

Finally, another common reason candles make odd noises may be due to smoking caused by insufficient oxygen circulating inside the container. Generally, smoking is caused by leaving drafts open or using scented candles in enclosed rooms without adequate airflow (such as small bathrooms). Make sure you are using your candle properly ” such as keeping drafts from open windows well away and burning your candles in rooms with good ventilation ” to avoid any issues with smoke or odd noises.

Final Checks

1. Make sure your candle is on a flat, even surface and not tilted in any direction. This can prevent loud noises from occurring as the wick is burning unevenly.
2. If the wick was trimmed before lighting, make sure it is trimmed down to the appropriate length of 1/8 of an inch so that too much wax isn’t being burned at one time.
3. Check to see if there is any debris blocking the burner or build up on the interior walls of your candle. Blockages or buildup can cause a gurgling or farting noise when heated up.
4. Ensure that all parts of your Pluswick Candle are securely fastened in place after each use as loose components can lead to odd noises coming from your candle while lit or heating up.
5. Finally, always make sure all safety precautions are taken when working with heat, open flames and combustible materials such as scented candles, oils and waxes.

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Performance Impact

Continuous noise from a candle can have a negative impact on its performance and lifecycle. This can be attributed to the fact that the noise may make it difficult for the candle to distribute heat evenly, potentially causing the heat source (e.g., flame) to become weaker or the wax to melt unevenly around the wick. This could lead to an inefficient burning process, resulting in less wax being melted and potentially even preventing full combustion of the candle materials. Additionally, this issue could also produce carbon build-up which could reduce air flow and cause smoke production. Ultimately, these factors may all reduce the lifespan of your Pluswick Candle due to imperfection in burning processes.

Burn Issues

Burn issues related to a candle making strange noises such as farting may include inefficient burning, soot formation and inconsistent flame height. Inefficient burning means that the fuel is not being burned properly resulting in wasted fuel and/or smoke. Soot formation occurs when the candle burns unevenly, with black drops of carbon forming on the inside of the glass holder or on the wick of the candle. This is caused by unburned fuel such as wax or soot particles being released into a normal flame and then depositing onto cooler surfaces nearby. An inconsistent flame height is also something to consider; due to its unpredictable sound, it can lead to fluctuating heat levels around the container, resulting in a candle which flickers more than usual and burns faster due to additional heat. Finally, if these patches of soot form on areas without easy accessibility (such as inside narrow-necked containers or places where there are sharp edges), it could prevent complete combustion causing a build-up of carbon deposits in the container which may even effect the scent capabilities of your candle.

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Hints and Tips

It is not unusual for your Pluswick Candle to make small popping and crackling noises, which is completely normal, however a farting noise may indicate that your wick needs to be trimmed. Make sure the wick is trimmed to 1/4 inch before each burn. Avoid moving the candle while lit and avoid burning in drafty areas as this can cause uneven burning, which can lead to an increase in noise production. Lastly, stop burning when there is just 1/2 inch of wax remaining at the bottom of the container. Doing these things should ensure you get maximum enjoyment out of your Pluswick Candle.

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