Making A Cupcake Holder With Candle Holders


This project is an excellent way to make a cupcake holder using candle holders. Not only will this project allow you to show off your creative side, but it will also be a fun activity that you can do from the comfort of your own home. After following the instructions outlined in this article, readers should have a beautiful cupcake holder made with candle holders. This can then be used for any type of special occasion or event at home or for gifting!

Gathering Supplies

-4 candle holders
-4 large cupcakes
-Glue gun and glue sticks
-Ribbon or twine
-Measuring tape/ruler
Alternatives: You can also use Mason jars in place of the candle holders if desired.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1: Gather your materials. You will need four of the same size candle holders, a round container to fit the base of each candle holder, and a cutting tool that can be used on ceramic material.

Step 2: If needed trim the container with the cutting tool so that it is able to fit snugly around the base of each candle holder. Make sure all edges are smooth so it could rest comfortably against them.

Step 3: Place the container upside-down and arrange the four candle holders in an outer circle pattern, making sure they are equidistant apart.

Step 4: Securely glue them together in this formation using strong adhesive glue. Allow time for it to dry completely before moving onto the next step.

Step 5: Position your freshly made cupcake holder on a stable surface such as a countertop or table, depending on how many cupcakes you’d like to display in it at once. Fill it up with colorful cupcakes and enjoy!

Finishing Touches

Customizing your cupcake holders with candle holders is a great way to add a personal touch to the project. You can choose from a wide range of materials, shapes and sizes for each candle holder. For example, you could choose tall taper candles for a dramatic effect or go for more subtle votive candles in glass holders. Depending on what type of event the cupcake holder is being used for, you may want to choose different colors of candle holders such as pink or blue for baby showers or graduation parties. Translucent votives look interesting when combined with bright colored cups and plates. Additionally, if you are feeling really creative, you could decorate your candle holders with ribbons and fabric flowers for an even more unique look.

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Alternative Uses

Using the same tools, materials, and methods designed for making a cupcake holder with candle holders can be used to create similar, but distinct items. First, the cupcake stands could be used as a bracelet or necklace holder by adjusting the heights of each candle stand in order to hold trinkets and other jewelry pieces.

Additionally, hanging planters could be made using the same technique by adding flower pots to the top of each candle stand with fishing line and/or wire to hang each planter from above. Furthermore, with a bit of creativity and imagination these cupcake stands can be transformed into stationary holders for school or office supplies.

Finally, indoor herb gardens can also be added on top of each candle stand to provide an aesthetically pleasing response when placed in the kitchen. Therefore, although this structure was originally intended for cupcakes and candles upon completion it is entirely up to each individual how they want to repurpose their finished product creating multiple alternative uses!


If something goes wrong when making a cupcake holder with candle holders, there are several ways to troubleshoot and fix the problem. The most important thing is to remain calm and not panic, as this can make the situation worse.

The first step is to figure out what went wrong. Examine each step taken in the process of making a cupcake holder with candle holders and look for areas of potential error. Determine if any mistakes were made up until the point where you encountered an error.

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The next step is to try different things until something works correctly. Take a break if you need it, then expand on an idea that may have already been tried ” such as adjusting the measurements or drilling techniques. It may be necessary to research new techniques or tools that could help solve the problem at hand.

Finally, always use caution and take safety into consideration when altering processes or creating from scratch. Always wear proper safety equipment such as gloves and eye protection when using drills or other power tools. Double check all of your work by testing it before continuing with your project, in order to minimize accidental errors down the line.


This fun and creative project is a great way to store small deserts or snacks. All you need are three candle holders, jar lids, a hot glue gun, and paint. Start by gluing the candle holders together in a triangle formation. Make sure that each holder is slightly lower than one another so it forms tiers. Once they are set, glue the jar lids into place on top of each candle holder. You can either leave them as is or paint them with different colors before using them as cupcake holders. The result is a unique and stylish addition to any party table that will bring tons of compliments! This project only takes minimal supplies and time yet yields fantastic results. So challenge yourself and make your own cupcake tower today!

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