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For centuries, the Morrigan has been a powerful deity in Celtic mythology. They are often portrayed as a trio of goddesses, or sometimes even a single figure given the form of an owl, crow or raven. As they were believed to be guardians and keepers of prophecy and fate, they have become revered symbols of wisdom, strength, and insight. Crafting a Morrigan candle can provide powerful expressions of devotion and offerings to this ancient goddess.

A Morrigan candle can be crafted using items that represent their many significance in Celtic lore. For example, it could contain herbs like lavender and rosemary for wisdom, black pepper for protection and strength, tonka bean for prophetic powers, and bayberry for luck. Alternatively, the candle can be decorated with symbols representing the triple goddess such as hawthorn flowers or images of crows or owls. Additionally other signs associated with the Morrigan like pentagrams for power or pinecones for creativity may be included as well. When lighting the finished product you may recite incantations that invoke blessing from the symbolic representation of the goddess being illuminated therewith each flickering of its flame.

The Rituals

Making a Morrigan candle is an ancient ritual that connects one to the Celtic goddess of war, strife, and sovereignty. The Morrigan resides in the Otherworld, but her influence can be felt in this world when rituals are performed in her honor. This ritual of candle making, dedicated to the Morrigan, involves gathering ingredients to create a unique offering – crafted with intent to honor the goddess.

The ingredients for the Morrigan candle can vary depending on individual preference and need. Common ingredients include black wax or oil, offerings such as feathers or herbs (like mugwort or rosemary) which represent connection to the divine, essential oils (such as cedarwood or cinnamon) which represent protection or abundance, crystals that provide spiritual guidance and clarity, and symbols significant to one’s own practice. After gathering all of the necessary components together in one place, it is time for consecration.

One should begin consecration by setting intentions – either out loud or internally – and honouring them with a prayer or blessing offered up to the Morrigan. Using candles lit during consecration will help contribute energy towards intention-setting and invite peace into your sacred space for meditation. When ready, begin assembling your prepared components on a heat-resistant surface such as an iron plate or cauldron. If colour has been chosen for your candle (which is recommended), mixing it into the wax at this point is also advised. Make sure your hands are clean and not oily before you begin stirring your concoction with a wooden stick; speaking aloud affirmations while doing so can increase its potency if necessary.

Choosing the Candle

When making a Morrigan candle, it is important to put thought into choosing the right materials and colors. The material of your candle should be consistent with your traditions and beliefs. Beeswax or soy wax are both traditional choices, with beeswax providing a stronger scent as it burns. The color of your candle should reflect the type of spell or ritual you are performing with the Morrigan, typically black or red. Red can be used to represent her passionate nature or to invoke courage before facing a challenge. Black is often used to honor her powers over life and death, as well as representing Shadow Work. Shapes may include cauldrons (which can also come in various sizes) for transformation, tools for magical work, skulls for protection and healing, ravens for communication and insight, three circles inside one another to symbolize manifestation and completion. There is also a variety of scents to choose from such as helichrysum (everlasting), rosemary (protection), lavender (peace) or yarrow (courage). Once you have chosen the appropriate candle, now you will need to prepare it in order to properly honor the Morrigan’s energy.

Preparing the Candle

To make a Morrigan candle, you will need to have some general supplies such as a glass or metal container for the candle base, wax, wick, and dye (optional). When choosing a glass or metal container for the candle base, consider the size and shape of your desired candle. You may also want to consider the time of year when making your Morrigan candle; darker colors are often preferred in winter while lighter colors suit spring and summer better.

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Safety is very important while making candles so be sure to use caution around melting wax and other related materials including matches. Wear protective clothing such as heat-resistant gloves when handling hot wax and keep all flammable items away from open flames. It’s also best to work on a flat stable surface where liquid wax won’t spill over. Place the finished raw materials into their correct container before lighting; failure to do so may result in serious burns or property damage.

It can be helpful to attach old newspapers onto surfaces that may be affected by melted wax residue as these papers can catch accidental spills and help with an easier clean up after crafting your Morrigan Candle. Finally, always extinguish any flame (candle) before leaving it unattended – even for short periods of time!

Crafting the Candle

Making a Morrigan candle is an easy task that can be completed in several simple steps.

Step 1: Gather the materials needed. You will need wax, a metal pour pot, a thermometer, dye chips, wicks and optional resin or herbs.

Step 2: Measure the amount of wax that you will require for your candle into the pour pot. Traditional Morrigan candles are black and lotus scented so make sure to add dye chips and scent to the melted wax.

Step 3: Heat the wax until it reaches its melting point according to the temperature indicated by your thermometer. Make sure not to heat it too hot as this could cause your finished product to discolor.

Step 4: Once melted, add any herbs or resins desired at this stage – usually used for deeper meaning associated with Morrigan’s role as both a goddess of life and death – ensuring they are well incorporated into the melted wax before pouring into molds.

Step 5: Before pouring into molds, add wicks by tying them securely around pens or sticks set across the top of each mold making sure they aren’t too close together or overlap when made into a bow shape (as this will extinguish your flame).

Step 6: Finally, slowly and steadily pour the melted wax from your pour pot into molds allowing it to cool slowly before handling; if you’re in a hurry you can place them in fridge for 10 minutes but do not leave them longer than that as it can cause cracking due to extreme temperature change differences between inside and out.

Blessing Your Candle

Before you begin your candle blessing ceremony, there are important elements to consider. Consider the place and time for your ceremony that is most appropriate for honoring your Morrigan Candle. Set yourself in an environment which will be conducive to your spiritual journey. Take a few moments to relax, center yourself, and open up your mind and heart.

Now it is time to choose the supplies for blessing this special candle. Consider lighting a fire if it’s possible or choosing incense or sage to cleanse the air of any unwanted energy. You may also want to select various crystals or stones associated with divine feminine energy such as rose quartz, coral, jade or amethyst. Choose any tools that feel right and meaningful for you”perhaps something relevant to the Celtic tradition such as a tree branch, drumming stick or a wooden bowl”and make sure they’ve been cleansed beforehand.

Once everything has been decided upon, cast a sacred circle by lighting candles around you and saying an affirmation of intention aloud like “I invite in all positive energy into this space” or “This circle is free of judgment and negativity.” Invite other divine energies you’d like present during the ceremony like deities, ancestors or guides with written affirmations of invitation, spoken word or through song if desired. When you feel ready have whoever is leading the ceremony light the Morrigan candle from one of the outer candles in order to honor her presence before continuing with your ritual. This can include chanting sacred words related to The Morrigan before writing whatever words come from within onto strips of cloth that will later be bound around the candle’s body using natural thread. The personal message on each strip can consist of well-wishes for strength and courage, as well as trust in whatever magic will unfold along one’s path in life.

When making symbols connected with The Morrigan such as feathers, spirals or triskelion onto papers that represent commitment and intention ” like parchment paper ” it will further assist communication throughout this personal journey while allowing us insight into where our spirit is tugging us forward towards at any given moment. This can also mark a moment where our projects begin taking shape outside of what was once only inside our minds eye . Blessing ceremonies like these provide grounding support when facing new changes about to enter one’s life whether wanted ones or unexpected ones alike!

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Setting the Intention

When setting your intention to work with the Morrigan, focus on recognizing your own strength and courage. Ask that you be guided, supported and protected as you explore and connect with inner wisdom. Intend to draw upon the energy of Morrigan to gain greater understanding and clarity in your life ” meditate or prayer while holding this intention in mind. For healing work, center yourself and allow yourself to relax fully into peace. Visualize a deep release equaling a lightening of your pain both physical and spiritual. Ask for the light of Morrigan’s compassion and love to fill you up so you can heal from within. Open up space for change around a certain situation or stability in any area where you feel lacking it in your life at present. Finally, keep an open heart so that new insights can be revealed for greater understanding as you honor this journey with trust and faith in yourself beyond what’s visible.

Connecting Your Practice

Crafting and ritual-making are great ways to connect with your inner self and with the spiritual realms. Making a Morrigan Candle is a wonderful way of connecting with both at once. Start by gathering materials such as a red, black and white candle, two coins, bay leaves, marjoram, thyme and a dark purple cloth. Place the coins either side of the candle on the cloth, adding all the herbs around the candles in a circle. As you light the candle say an invocation to The Morrigan while visualizing her presence in your sacred space. Focus on what it is that you are asking in return like clarity, wisdom or protection when calling upon her energy. Connecting yourself with this candle can be done through visualization meditations or reflective journaling rituals throughout its lifetime. Keeping it in spaces which hold personal significance to you or need Morrigan’s watchful eye will also strengthen this connection and work out better for you in the long run. Once complete, be sure to responsibly dispose of the remains of any herbs surrounding it as fire can be dangerous. You might also find regular meditation along with your crafted candles more beneficial when connecting with The Morrigan – so don’t forget to carve out some me-time regularly!


There is immense power in creating something from start to finish, especially when it is steeped in meaningful ritual. Craft-making can be a powerful way for any individual to express their connection with the world around them, and to invoke or invite in certain entities, such as The Morrigan. Crafting a candle specifically for The Morrigan can be an excellent way to commune with Her and demonstrate respect by dedicating an object symbolically. Setting up a special workspace that aligns with the desired outcome of your craft project is the first step; candles should be made in a sacred space chosen and dedicated to that purpose.

Choosing each item carefully ” beginning with the color of wax and ending with the items you’ll place inside ” will determine the outcome of your Morrigan Candle, so put careful thought into every choice you make throughout this process. Choosing oil blends, herbs, embellishments, prayers, songs, and even incantation that align with The Morrigan’s energies play an important role in this practice that finishes off by pouring your very own custom-crafted candle. The conclusion of this exercise brings readers insight into the power of ritual and craft-making as a spiritual practice all its own – one that can serve you well when communing with divine energy or strengthening relationships between yourself and other entities.

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