Making Candles Christmas Gifts


The tradition of giving candles as gifts at Christmas dates back centuries. It is believed to have originated in the 15th century, when the churchgoers in Germany gave handcrafted beeswax candles to each other as a symbol of the light of Christ’s birth. Later on, the practice was adopted by more affluent members of society and eventually spread throughout Europe. In some parts of Europe, it became a traditional Christmas custom for families to give each other handmade or store-bought beeswax candles as gifts.

In addition to being a symbol of faith, candles were popular Christmas gifts because they could be used during winter evenings when there was limited natural light. Families found comfort in burning brightly-colored wax candles in their homes and churches during this dark time of year. The symbolic gestures that came along with these candle-giving traditions were seen as an expression of goodwill and happiness for the upcoming new year.

Today, although most people no longer give out handmade beeswax candles as gifts, they remain popular choices for those who want to add an extra special touch to their holiday celebrations. Giving paraffin wax candles decorated in festive colors makes a great gift and is a beautiful way to show your love and appreciation during this special time of year. In addition to providing light and warmth, good quality paraffin wax candles can also help create an inviting atmosphere and can be displayed around the home as decorations during the holiday season.

Benefits of Gift-Giving with Candles

Candles make for wonderful Christmas gifts as they offer a unique combination of comfort and joy. Candles provide those special little moments in life when we can just slow down, relax and appreciate the joys of the season. The warm glow of a flickering flame not only offers visual delight but also provides a range of therapeutic benefits including improved mood, reduced stress, increased relaxation and better sleep. Furthermore, the sensory pleasure that accompanies burning candles make us feel calm, cozy, and relaxed. All of these elements come together to create an experience that is simply impossible to match with any other gift.

Not only do candles provide practical benefits for their recipients like home décor accents or aromatherapy scents, but they also have strong emotional implications that can go far beyond what most Christmas gifts can offer. Lighting up a single candle has become associated with peace, hope and love over centuries which makes it great token to share during the festive season when families get together to celebrate and express their love for each other. By gifting candles as Christmas presents, you are generating feelings of joy, security and optimism which will remain long after the holiday season comes to an end. Furthermore, given that candle-giving has endured through historical ages often used as acts of devotion or remembrance makes them timeless gifting choices with which you don’t go wrong.

Types of Candles to Give as Gifts

For loved ones that love to relax and unwind, scented candles make great Christmas gifts. Choose from a variety of scents such as lavender, chamomile, vanilla, and even floral scents like rose or jasmine. While traditional types of wax are always popular, consider gift baskets with different types of candle wax such as beeswax, soy wax and coconut wax. For an extra special touch, customize the scent blend by adding essential oils or other natural fragrances. For aesthetically pleasing gifts, consider decorative candles in various shapes like snowflakes or stars; jar candles in festive containers like glass mason jars or etched metal tins; and pillars or votives adorned with ribbons and bows for beautiful centerpieces. To show your appreciation for teachers and colleagues this Christmas season, consider gifting aromatherapy candles for improved mental clarity and relaxation during a stressful year. Candles with designs featuring religious icons can also be appropriate for faith-based friends who prefer spiritual gifts during the holidays. Every candle lover enjoys handmade creations from their friends too; pick up some supplies at your local craft store to make special soy wax melts in creative molds!

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Creating a Candle Gift Basket

Making candles Christmas gifts is a great way to show someone you care. With the right materials and a bit of creativity, it’s easy to make custom, meaningful gifts for your friends and family. Here are some tips on creating a candle gift basket that will be enjoyed and remembered:

1. Start by selecting the perfect scent: Choose carefully the scent of the candles you’re giving as gifts; perhaps something festive or comforting depending on who it’s for. If possible, have your gift receiver smell different scents before settling on one.

2. Make sure your ingredients are all-natural: People have increasingly become accustomed to buying only natural products–especially when it comes to things near their face like candles! Ensure you buy waxes and wicks that are 100% pure and toxin-free.

3. Dress up the presentation: The packaging is just as important as what inside! To really impress, pick up nice baskets, glass jars or votive holders that will dress up your gift basket. A bow or wrapping paper is also another simple yet effective way to add a festive touch to your present!

4. Invest in long-burning candlewicks: Long burning wick help ensure that recipients will get more out of their gifts! Pick out wick specifically designed for candles so they can stay lit longer while looking good at the same time.

5. Add extras with personal touches: To really make it memorable, include other items such as books about making candles or DIY kits so recipients can take up candle making themselves!. Include personalized cards as well, featuring catchy phrases inspired by your recipient’s personality for an added level of charm and thoughtfulness.

DIY Candles as Gifts

Making candles for Christmas is a great way to show your friends and family how much you appreciate them. DIY candles make meaningful gifts that can be tailored to suit each individual’s preferences. Whether you opt for soy wax, beeswax, paraffin, or something else entirely, you can offer a thoughtful candle making kit as a present. Get creative by buying essential oils and adding scents to the wax. Or buy gorgeous containers like ceramic pots, mason jars and teacups for your candle creations. Create an ambiance with beeswax candles made in unique shapes and colors while delighting others with scented ones.

You don’t have to be an expert or have professional tools to make your candles as gifts; all you need are wax, wicks, tins, colors and fragrances. Consider pairing the candles with handmade labels and cards for extra personalization. A great aspect of making candles as Christmas gifts is that even with few supplies, you can make many batches of candles to hand out! With little effort you can provide people with presents that are absolutely perfect for the festive season – think romantic dinners at home or unique decor ideas – without spending too much money on them!

Candle Making Activity Objectives

What to Include with Your Candle Gift

When candle-giving for Christmas, it’s a thoughtful gesture to include more than the candle itself. Whether you make your own candles, buy them from a store or shop online, adding a few personalized touches will enhance the gift. A great option is to decorate a small box with festive wrapping paper and ribbon and fill it with accessories that draw attention to the main attraction of your gift – the candle! Try adding some of the following items:

• Special matches or an attractive lighter
– Specialized matches can be found in stores and are generally decorated in holiday designs while offering long lasting lights. Aside from matches one can also opt to provide an attractive lighter that can help light up their special moment when using their new candle.

• Handwritten card
– Expressing your feelings in written words with added personal touch really makes all occasions special. Personalizing cards may take some extra time but it’ll help add thoughtfulness and will surely be appreciated by your recipient.

• Candle snuffers – This is a helpful tool used to extinguish burning candles without blowing wax all over. Candle snuffers come in many styles such as wire clippers and bell shaped pieces designed to fit over the top of the candle flame. This practical addition can make any Christmas candle gift much more enjoyable!

Labeling and Wrapping Tips

Labeling your crafted candles can be a great way to make them more personal. Utilizing labels that craft the name of the recipient or a short message or saying can be a great idea when giving someone a homemade gift. If you want to get creative and add something extra, you could customize the labels by creating a unique logo or graphic yourself.

In addition to labeling your handmade candles, wrapping is also important in making your gifts memorable. You could wrap each candle up in plain colored paper, which helps keep things simple and elegant. Alternatively, decorative wrapping paper, complete with beautiful ribbons and bows in festive colors, will make your gifts stand out from others. Adding personalized Christmas cards can also give an extra special touch to those receiving your presents!


Candlemaking is an enjoyable hobby for adults, children and families to engage in together. Creating these festive luminaries as holiday gifts can be a meaningful way to demonstrate care and thoughtfulness. Whether your gift recipients prefer the simple elegance of hand-dipped tapers or the lush aromas of a fragranced creation, custom-made candles are sure to bring brightness, light and joy into their lives this Christmas season. Put your heart – and hands – into your own candles this holiday season to make shared experiences even brighter!

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