Making Candles From Honeycomb


The origins of beeswax or “honeycomb” is from honey-producing bees, primarily of the genus Apis. This wax has been produced and used by humans for centuries due to its many benefits. It is a great source of energy for the body and has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, making it a useful material for creating a range of everyday items, such as candles. In candle making, beeswax provides an aroma, a light yellow color, a longer burning time than other waxes, and it also creates stronger candles with better shape retention. Additionally, beeswax emits negative ions when burned which purifies the air in your home by reducing particulates such as mold spores and dust.

To incorporate honeycomb into your candlemaking process, you need to first melt the wax in an appropriate container over medium heat on top of a double boiler or in a microwave oven. Then when combined with other ingredients like essential oils and dried herbs, you can create molds or pour the mixture directly into containers from which you will create your very own handcrafted candles! After allowing them to cool at room temperature for half an hour, simply trim off any excess wick sticking out below the surface depending on its size. Finally allow them to rest overnight before lighting them up with pleasure!

Materials and Tools Needed


• Wax (choose either beeswax or a combination of paraffin and beeswax)

• Honeycomb

• Wick

• Flavoring (optional)


• Double boiler or microwave oven safe bowl and pot for melting the wax.

• Bowls for pouring wax and for creating molds with the honeycomb.

• Pot holder to prevent burning when using the double boiler.

• Wooden spoon for stirring the wax as it melts in the double boiler.

• Metal spoon to shape molds in the bowl while they’re still hot.

• Scissors to trim wicks after candles are allowed to cool and settle.

Step-By-Step Guide to Making Candles From Honeycomb

1. Gather Materials: The materials you will need for this project are beeswax, wicks, a double boiler, thermometer, wax melting pot, drying rack, and molds. Each of these items can be found through local craft stores and online retailers.

2. Preparing the Wax: Start by melting the beeswax in a double boiler or similar set up over low to medium heat. Use the thermometer to monitor the temperature – when the wax has reached a temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit (70 degrees Celsius) it is ready for the next step.

3. Adding Color and Fragrance if Desired: If desired, add desired colors and fragrances to achieve your desired outcome. Popular colors include yellow, orange, light brown etc., while essential oils such as lavender or grapefruit can also be used for fragrance. Be sure to stir these in well with a wooden spoon so they are completely incorporated into the wax before pouring it into molds.

Coloring For Candle Making

4. Pouring Into Molds: Now make sure you have the drying rack nearby with your chosen molds on it. Slowly pour your melted wax into each mold until full then allow them to sit until cooled and hardened – usually about two hours or overnight depending on size and shape of mold being used (jar candles will take longer).

5. Finishing Touches: Once fully cooled and solidified you can attach wicks using quick-drying glue designed for candlemaking or by pushing through pre-wicked or woven tabs onto the base of each candle ” holding in place until dry if necessary ” Finally trim down wicks to approximately 1/4 inch for large candles or 1/8 inch for tealights!

Benefits of Honeycomb Candles

Making candles from honeycomb is a unique and specialized craft, yet the resulting product symbolizes so much more than the joy of making something yourself. Honeycomb candles offer an array of benefits, making them worthy of their special creation status. By defining the natural elements and biodiversity of the environment within the candle’s design; honeycomb candles evoke a feeling of sustainability, as it can be used in its regular petite form or in abundance to represent many different ecosystems native to warmer climates, like tropical rain forests.

Moreover, this all-natural handcrafting technique yields a far superior burning experience for those who prefer only the best candles over synthetic alternatives. Thanks to their 100% organic composition, honeycomb candles burn cleaner and longer with no soot residue which is often left behind when working with traditional waxes. As a bonus feature, each layer and state of melting will release naturally sweet aromas that provide an entirely new kind of sensory experience compared to regular options such as paraffin waxes. Aside from these qualites, some believe that lighting up beeswax also offers spiritual healing properties due to its near magical pull between humans and bees that provide us with such colorfully unique materials to work with in the first place.

Finishing Touches and Other Variations

Adding decorative touches to the honeycomb candle is an easy way to give it a personalized look. Consider adding a pretty ribbon around the base, painting colorful designs on it, or sprinkling glitter for an additional sparkle. These effects can make the candle stand out even when not lit. Stencils and stamps can be used to add shapes and words to the surface of the wax. Alternatively, you can try inserting dried flowers into the wax while it sets in order to create a unique design. For those with experience in carving and sculpting wax, a more intricate design may be possible. Whatever type of embellishment you choose, make sure that it reflects your own unique style and personality!

Frequently Asked Questions


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1. What are the benefits of making candles from honeycomb?
Answer: The main benefit to making candles from honeycomb is that they burn longer and produce a wonderful, natural scent. Honeycomb candles also make beautiful decorations and centerpieces, as they have a unique texture and color that really stands out. Additionally, using othe beeswax extracted from the honeycomb offers an eco-friendly way to create gorgeous homemade decorations without damaging our environment.

2. What materials are needed to make honeycomb candles?
Answer: To make honeycomb candles, you will need beeswax in block or bar form, a wick spool that has been cut to the desired length for your candle plus an additional few inches for anchoring it in place, wicking adhesive such as melted wax or glue dots, optional fragrance oils or essential oils for adding scent, a container to pour the melted wax into (such as an old soup can), and an oven where you can melt the wax safely.

3. Are there any potential challenges when making honeycomb candles?
Answer: One challenge with making honeycomb candles is that the combination of heated wax and natural bee materials may produce flammable fumes which could potentially be hazardous if inhaled incorrectly or contacted with skin or clothing. Additionally, if the wick spool is too long it may cause rapid melting of the beeswax which could lead to smokey conditions when lit ” so make sure your wicks are cut properly! Lastly, handcrafting anything at home always comes with its own set of risks especially if you’re new at it so taking extra time to practice and master each step is highly recommended before attempting any major projects like this one!


Honeycomb candles can provide a unique and beautiful ambience to any space. The natural wax and honey scent create a warm, welcoming atmosphere that is sure to delight. They are also easy to make with minimal supplies, allowing for endless color combinations, fragrances and styles. A fun and creative way to add a little something special to your living room! With the right supplies and technique, anyone can craft creative honeycomb candles that add beauty to any environment. Plus, they are long-lasting and clean burning while providing an excellent scent throw too. To make the most of these unique candles, experiment with different colors or scents, or combine them together for even more options. With some skillful artistry and creativity, you could transform any room into an oasis of relaxation or romance using one or more of these lovely honeycomb candles!

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