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Making candles may be a fun and rewarding task, but adding an extra step in the process by putting candles in the freezer provides its own set of unique benefits. From extending the life of your candle to eliminating excess smoke, freezing your candles offers a myriad of advantages. It can also help to prepare for any winter festivities one might have planned. Let’s explore further why putting this small extra effort into making and storing your candles is worth it.

One benefit of freezing your handmade candles is that it will extend their lifespan. If a wax blend begins to crumble or flake as soon as you take out of the freezer, it can indicate that you made it with too much hardening agent, so including time in the freezer ensures that your wax is stable; if frozen correctly, your candle should reach its desired appearance right away after taking out of the freezer. Furthermore, freezing any additives you might be using will ensure they are evenly distributed throughout your wax blend.

Another great advantage is that if you find yourself with excess smoke emanating from burning, placing them in the freezer will help alleviate this issue by cooling down the wick and creating less buildup on top of the wicks. Placing candles in the fridge or freezer before lighting them will slow down any excess burn-off and prevent black residue build up around them when lit. Furthermore, for those looking for more intense colors for their candle project, keeping them in a cold environment during cool down period can help achieve these vibrant colors instead of muted tones due to excessive heat. Finally, if you have any festive events coming up (Christmas parties etc.), chilling your candles beforehand could make all decorative pursuits easier as they would retain their shape longer against heat and be less prone to melting or shifting while being transported elsewhere.

In conclusion, making candles and then putting them in a fridge or freezer has multiple benefits such as increased lifespan, eliminate smoke build-up, intensify colors when cooled off slowly and reduce meltdowns on winter holidays trips due to extreme temperatures outside during transportation. Therefore considering these points makes it worthwhile to freeze handmade creations and assure optimal results from each batch everytime!

Overview of the Different Types of Candles Suitable for Freezing

There are a variety of candles that can be kept in the freezer and used to create unique and beautiful designs. Pillar candles are an easy way to make frozen candles because they tend to hold their shape while wax is solidifying over the surface. Votive candles also work well when placed in the freezer – they can be arranged into different shapes before freezing, giving you a wide range of patterns and designs to choose from. Another great option is a floating candle, which can be submerged into water and then frozen. Once removed from the freezer, simply add edible flower petals or sparkles around the edges for a delightful effect. Finally, tealights are another excellent option for freezing; once completed, tealight candles can light up large areas at night and look stunning in various displays.

Advantages of Putting Candles in the Freezer

Putting candles in the freezer may have several advantages. First, this method can help the candle to burn slower and last longer than usual. In addition, as the wax contracts when cooled in the freezer, it can help prevent ‘mushrooming effects’ that occur with typical burning. This happens when molten wax accumulates around the wick leading to an uneven flame or increased risk of smoke or sooting.

Cooling candles in the freezer can also help fix imperfections on candles like surface bubbles, tunnels and cracks. Doing this creates a more aesthetically pleasing candle that is less likely to have imperfect shapes when lit. Lastly, it helps make DIY experiments easier if you are trying out different approaches like experimenting with essential oils for scent or embedding decorations into the wax before burning.

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Supplies You Will Need

Making candles at home can be a fun and rewarding activity. To help make the process easier, you can use the freezer to speed up the cooling process. This method will also help to prevent air bubbles from forming in the wax. Here is what you will need:

• Wax: Candles are typically made with either paraffin or beeswax and a variety of scents can be added as desired.

• Wicks: Wicks come in different sizes according to how large your candles are.

• Container: Choose from a variety of materials to house your candles, such as mason jars, tea lights or other items that are heat-resistant and deep enough for dipping.

• Dye Chips: Add color to your candle by using dye chips that have been designed specifically for working with wax.

• Melt Pot/Double Boiler: Made from enamel or stainless steel, these vessels are necessary for heating the wax until it reaches its melting point.

• Thermometer: A thermometer allows you to heat the wax to the proper temperature without anything burning or smoking too much.
Once all of these supplies have been gathered, melt your wax in the melt pot or double boiler while stirring constantly. Add in any dyes or fragrances (if desired) then pour into prepared containers. Securely attach wicks using either clips or glue them directly onto the container base before placing them in a freezer overnight to set properly before being lit and enjoyed!

Step-by-Step Guide to Making Candle Put in Freezer

1. Gather your materials to make your candles. You will need a wax of your choice (either soy, paraffin, or beeswax), wick, candle containers, and a double boiler.

2. Heat the wax in the double boiler over medium-high heat until it is fully melted. Stir the melting wax with a spoon or wooden stick to ensure that all particles are also melted and dissolved into the wax.

3. Place the wicks inside each container. Use binders or glue dots to secure the wick’s bases firmly against the bottom surfaces of each container rim so that they won’t move during pouring! Ensure that no part of the selected wicks is peeking out from their positions when viewed from above.

4. Carefully transfer the melted wax into each container using either a ladle for smaller candle projects or a manual wax pourer for larger ones! Fill each candle container up to just below its rim before stopping pouring further!

5. Allow the candles to cool down naturally at room temperature till a majority of its surface is solidified yet still soft enough to be imprinted on when lightly touched (caress)! This step usually takes up to 3 hours depending on weather conditions as well as chosen containers’ thicknesses/materials used in making them.

6. Put your candles in freezer for about 10 minutes so that it can quickly harden and cool off faster than it would in regular cooling scenarios! Take them out when done freezing and seal up any imperfections noticed by gently wiping over its surface areas with cotton cloths before displaying them around home decor elements or topping gifts with them as perfect add-on embellishments!

Special Considerations For Safely Placing Candles in the Freezer

When it comes to placing candles in the freezer, there are some important considerations to keep in mind. The primary consideration is that regular wax candles should not be put into a deep freeze. While most wax candles will withstand being placed in an average refrigerator, they should not be exposed to temperatures lower than 0°F, as this could cause them to crack and break. You also want to ensure that any scented or colored material in the candle does not freeze and separate from the wax, since this can have adverse effects on the look and fragrance of the candle. Additionally, you’ll want to pay careful attention when taking a frozen candle out of the freezer as sudden changes in temperature can cause cracking or weakness in the wax. Lastly, it’s important to keep your frozen candle away from direct sunlight as unexpected heat or humidity may damage or alter its structure or scent.

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Creative Ideas for Decorating and Displaying Candles After Freezing

Creating candles can be a fun and creative activity. After you have made them, put them in the freezer for an hour or so. This helps the wax settle and gives the candles a smooth finish. Once they are done freezing, there are lots of ways to decorate and display them.

One idea is to wrap each candle with a ribbon or piece of twine where you can tie a bow on top for a rustic look. You could also embellish the candles further by tying charms, sea shells, beads, or other trinkets around the center of each candle. Another idea is to use fabric scraps in various patterns and colors to wrap around each candle for an eye-catching arrangement. Yet another way to dress up your frozen candles is to embed flowers into their wax – this creates a beautiful floral display that looks amazing both during daytime and evening hours when lit. Whatever decoration and display options you choose, having your own homemade candles ready after they have been frozen is sure to create beautiful results!

Tips For Making the Most of Candles Placed in the Freezer

Not only can you make candles in the freezer, but there are also a few tips to help ensure your candles turn out perfect.

1. Make sure the wax is completely melted before pouring it into the molds to prevent air bubbles from forming while they cool.

2. Use parchment paper to protect the mold before pouring in the wax and let it cool completely before removing it from the freezer.

3. Experiment with different types of waxes and fragrances that work best when done in the freezer as scented candles may require various temperatures for their scent to be released.

4. Have fun by adding texture or color accents to create unique designs on your candles using items such as herbs, glitters, beads, or even paint!

5. Since hardening directly from heat is faster than hardening from freezing, test out how long individual batches of wax will take to set up in order to determine how much time you’ll need for each candle.

6. Place your finished candles into a refrigerator once cool and crisp for about 15-20 minutes for an extra effect!


If you want to make candles with a unique and cool appearance, putting them in the freezer can help. This method gives your candles a hard and brittle outer layer, which makes them look both unique and beautiful. Additionally, when lighting these candles, the hard shell helps keep the wax from melting down quickly. Before you put your newly made candles in the freezer, make sure that any additives such as coloring or fragrance have been placed within the wax before freezing. For added stability, wrap each candle in wax paper prior to freezing so they don’t stick together. After they are frozen, allow them to slightly defrost before taking them out of the wax paper and arranging them however you desire! With these tips in mind and some creativity, you can make all sorts of beautiful candles through this fun process!

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