Making Candles While Pregnant


Candlemaking is an enjoyable and creative activity that many people enjoy. It can produce beautiful, handmade works of art and provide a peaceful and calming atmosphere when lit. Candlemaking also offers great health benefits while pregnant. Crafting with natural and basic materials is both gentle on the body and stress relieving. Working with scented waxes, herbs, and oils can help open up senses and provide comfort when used during pregnancy or afterwards throughout motherhood. Crafting candles not only creates something special that lasts, but also gives moms-to-be time to relax, reflect, and bond with their growing baby.

Crafting candles has been around for centuries and many cultures have their own traditions for making them. The tools needed are often simple to use and inexpensive to purchase. With just a few supplies such as wax chips or blocks, wicks, molds, fragrance oils or natural essential oils, thermometers, double boiler systems, dye blocks (optional), pouring pitchers (optional), pot holders (required) makers can make everything from traditional container candles to more artistic sculptures such as poured pillar candles or tea lights. Gently melting wax together in slow steady motions while adding special scents creates a wonderful way to connect with the baby within you while cultivating precious memories together later down the road when burning your handmade creations in your home.

There are numerous health benefits associated with crafting while pregnant such as; reducing stress levels by creating something meaningful which releases endorphins that bring about feelings of happiness; stimulating brain waves as well as physical flexing; improved blood flow; providing relaxation through mindful activities; introducing different textures for positive developing experiences during pregnancy; allowing for communication between mother and infant through scents that remind even before birth long cherished memories of time spent crafting the candle together; strengthening bonds prior to childbirth through scent triggers which will evoke those special bonding moments throughout your life together; giving yourself some much needed “me time” away from routines; releasing serotonin for elevated moods as pure aromatherapy combined memories fill the room each time your candle burning creation lights up!

Safety Tips

When pregnant, due to the potential impact on your health and wellbeing it’s important to practice safety when making candles. To ensure you are keeping yourself safe while creating your own candles during pregnancy, it’s essential to be aware of potential risks which could arise. Below are some tips outlining what materials and safety practices should be observed when making candles while pregnant:

Materials: Only use non-toxic waxes and wicks as many waxes contain carcinogenic toxins. Ensure that all materials used for candle making such as oils, wax, dyes and molds are all labeled “non-toxic.” Also there should be no lead in any of the wicks and containers being used, use caution with using beeswax or paraffin as both can contain toxins.

Safety Practices: Ventilate the area well by having windows open or using a fan if you are working indoors. Wear a mask to prevent breathing in any fumes created from the melting of waxes when heating them. Avoid contact with skin or eyes if you have accidentally spilled any melted candle material/fragrances/dyes etc. Lastly always wash your hands after handling any materials.

Equipment Needed for Candle Making While Pregnant

Making candles while pregnant can be a soothing and enjoyable activity. However, there are some precautions that should be taken to ensure safety. Here is the necessary equipment needed for candle making while pregnant:

First, it is important to have the right materials and tools to make candles. Wax votives, wicks and dyes are commonly used items. Any dye should be free of fragrance and made from food grade materials. Make sure any type of wax is paraffin-free, safe for consumption, and dyed using all-natural coloring agents rather than artificial ones. Additionally, make sure you have a double boiler or melting pot, as well as a stirring spoon or stick for blending and heating the wax. Safety goggles and thick rubber gloves should also be worn when melting hot substances like wax.

How to Start Making Candles at Home

Soy-based waxes are generally recommended for candle making during pregnancy since these materials release fewer fumes than traditional paraffin waxes do. Other necessary items include heat resistant forms such as glass jars or tins; scents (if desired, though preferably 100% pure essential oils only); various accessories such as moulds; embellishments like glitter or seashells; clips or holders to hold the wicks in place; thermometers; gloves specifically designed for hot wax protection; newspapers or cloths to protect surfaces; labels with base information about the candle ingredients; trays for transporting finished candles safely; a safety light/candle lighter to light the completed candles after curing if desired; and finally, eye protection in order to prevent potential harm from splattering hot meltings.

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Read: Before attempting to make any candles while pregnant, it is important to carefully read the instructions and take proper safety precautions throughout the process.

2. Prepare: Gather the necessary materials including wax, wicks, jars or containers, an thermometer and a double boiler. If you do not have a double boiler, soup cans can be used as makeshift boilers.

3. Heat: In your double boiler, slowly melt your wax until it reaches approximately 150-180 degrees Fahrenheit – never exceed this temperature or allow the wax to reach a boil or you could be at risk of an explosion. Monitor the temperature closely with a candy thermometer while you continuously stir the wax to ensure consistency.

4. Add Fragrance/Color: Once your wax has reached a safe and appropriate temperature, add whichever fragrance oil or color you have chosen for your candle composition and stir gently again until blended properly into mix (avoid using too much coloring as that may cause discoloration).

5. Pour: Take your wick and place it in your jar, stringing off any excess thread at the top so that when you pour the melted wax it will stay in place without moving around too much which could potentially create air bubbles in finished product. Immediately pour cooled melted wax into container and let sit for individual cool down time that depends on size of your container before popping away any air bubbles present on surface with object like bobby pin or similar tool– Do not touch with bare finger as scalding hot burning sensation is possible from microwaveable jar material upon contact! Allow nearly completed creation to rest overnight preferably indoors away from potential breeze or draft that could appear suddenly causing any damage unfinished product still vulnerable spot might incur otherwise than would prevent desired success construction intended produce otherwise achieved finished project satisfied declare rightful yours memory last forever long extend its time course duration delivered treat them correctly start else given enjoy beauty wonder creates surrounded by wonderful smell deeply appreciated enjoyed fullest obtain genius receive general peace put others moods give shining example expect result same demand attention higher power gracefully accepted superiority walking make inner spirit shine bring forth special light guarantee true essence will remain smiles emerge blissful states reach appreciation get thank those encountered always happiest path stand ready accept greeted pleasantly surprise happy share worthy tasks fulfilled here learn teach art respect gain strength move past unfounded fears find faith hope joy lives realize dreams start now!

Creative Ideas

For those of you who are pregnant and looking for fun and interesting ways to decorate and scent your candles, there are a few options that may be of interest.

One idea is to infuse essential oils into the wax while it is melting, either in the microwave or on the stovetop. This will give your candles a subtle aroma that changes as it heats up. You’ll need to experiment with different combinations of essential oils to find one you like – sensations such as peppermint, lavender, rosemary or orange have all been popular fragrances when used in candle-making.

Candle Making For Events

Another option is to add flowers or herbs into the liquid wax before hardening. By doing this you can create beautiful designs in the candle once it is lit and can help give it an extra special sense of relaxation or romance depending on the chosen flower!

Finally, you could consider using beeswax instead of paraffin which tends to provide a more natural scent (the same goes for soy), as well as providing a much softer light than traditional paraffin candles. If you choose beeswax, adding natural colors such as rose petals can add a unique touch that looks beautiful and smells divine.


Making candles while pregnant can be a calming and therapeutic experience. Aromatherapy has many known benefits that include relaxation, relief of symptoms of depression and anxiety, improved energy levels and even improved sleep quality. Many moms-to-be enjoy creating their own candles to enjoy the meditative process of mixing wax and the therapeutic effects of burning the scented candles in their home. However, it is important to note which essential oils are safe for use during pregnancy.

Chemicals from certain essential oils such as Rosemary, Thyme or Sage have been linked to possible miscarriages due to its stimulating effect on uterine muscles. Instead, moms-to-be should opt for milder scents such as Lavender and Mandarin as these are associated with maintaining a stress free environment which is beneficial when pregnant. Sandalwood oil has also been well researched since it helps with relaxation; thus it is added more often in candle making projects by pregnant women. Vanilla extract is another favorite among pregnant women since its effects help create a pleasant atmosphere without being overpowering. Sweet Orange oil not only provides an uplifting scent but also encourages healthy digestion and appetite that’s beneficial during pregnancy. Ultimately, whatever scent mom feels best suits her needs is up to her preference but ensuring only recommended essential oils are used for candle making safeguards mom’s wellbeing throughout the duration of pregnancy!

Final Thoughts

Making candles while pregnant can be a deeply rewarding experience. During this time, a woman has an opportunity to nourish herself both physically and spiritually. It can provide her with a special bonding time with her unborn child and can also become a form of creative self-expression. Making candles involves an array of complex physical skills as well as patience, focus, and determination, all of which have been shown to have positive outcomes during pregnancy. To top it off, the end product—beautiful homemade candles—is something that will last long after the birth of the baby.

The process of making candles while pregnant is symbolic in many ways. Firstly, the act itself serves to remind the expectant mother that she has the power within her to create life–both literally through childbirth and metaphorically by crafting beautiful things out of materials at hand. Moreover, it can serve as reminder that difficult tasks are often made easier with a calm mindset and lots of love thrown into the mix. Lastly, candle making teaches mothers-to-be that taking our time to enjoy life’s simple pleasures (such as watching wax melt over flame) not only benefits us emotionally but physically too by releasing stress-relieving hormones in our bodies.

Overall, making candles while pregnant can be beneficial for both mother and child on many levels—learning new skills and relieving stress through creative expression being two potential benefits worth noting. Ultimately, it is a reminder of why life itself is so precious—the present moment really matters here!

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