Making Crystal Candles


Crystal candles, a decorative and luxurious item, have been around for centuries. The practice of using beeswax to make candles dates back to the Middle Ages in Europe when it was believed by some that beeswax had special properties that could protect people from evil spirits. Nowadays, crystal candles bring a special atmosphere wherever they are lit. Their light shines through the beautiful crystals to create a unique and vibrant ambiance in any room.

The materials used to make crystal candles include wax (both natural and synthetic), fragrances, dyes, essential oils, herbs and crystals. To craft these unique creations, the wax is melted first and then poured into molds or loose crystal containers. Fragrances and dyes are added for extra flair. Ready-made essential oil mixes can be used to infuse each candle with a delightful scent. Finally, carefully selected crystals are placed around the candle in order to amplify the illumination as well as provide an aesthetically pleasing display piece when not in use. This combination of flames, scents and sparkles creates an enchanting experience fit for even the most discerning customers!

Materials and Supplies Needed to Make a Crystal Candle

To make a crystal candle, you’ll need the following materials: Candle wax, a flat-bottom glass container (like a Mason jar), crystal chips, fragrance oil, wicks, stir sticks, and a thermometer. You can also use ingredients like beeswax and soy wax as desired. To begin melting the wax, you can either use a double boiler or place the wax in an appropriate container inside a large pot. Make sure not to melt the wax directly on the stovetop! Once your wax has melted to between 150-155°F (you can use the thermometer to accurately measure this temperature), add your desired amount of fragrance oil and stir with your stirring stick until it’s evenly distributed throughout the wax. Then add your crystal chips and stir gently so they’re submerged in the liquid wax. Next, take your wick assembly and tie it securely around something like chopsticks or another long stick so that it stands straight up in your jar before pouring in the melted wax mixture. After you have secured the wick so that it remains vertical as you pour in your mixture, slowly pour your melted mixture into your glass jar without releasing too much heat at once. Last but not least, let the candle cool completely before lighting – this takes about 24 hours!

Step-by-Step Guide to Making Crystal Candles

1. Collect your supplies: Beeswax, candle wicks, a double boiler, silicone molds and your desired crystal chips.

2. Cut the wicks to size and place them inside each of the silicone molds. Make sure the length of the wick is slightly longer than the height of the molds so that it can be attached to anchors after being poured into the mold from step 3.

3. Next, use a double boiler to melt down the beeswax until it’s completely liquid.

4. Carefully pour in enough melted wax into each of the silicone molds to fill them up just below where the wick will be located once attached (as you had previously measured).

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5. Sprinkle on a handful of crystal chips into each of your candles so that when they harden they form crystals within them

6. Allow your candles time to cool and set before carefully removing them from their molds and attaching anchors or washers behind each wick as instructed by whatever kind of wicking system you have opted for using this time around

7. Your crystal candles are now ready for display ” display alongside other decorations or give as thoughtful gifts!

Advice on Ensuring Quality Results When Making a Candle

When making a crystal candle, it is important to follow certain steps in order to ensure quality results. First, you should select the right wax for your candle. The type of wax used will affect the shape and strength of your candle. Additionally, make sure you are using a wick that is strong enough to hold up during burning. Next, use a thermometer to ensure that your melted wax reaches the correct temperature before adding any scents or dyes. It’s also important to carefully measure out the oils and other ingredients needed to make the scent and color of your candle just right! Finally, be sure to let your candles cool evenly on a level surface with plenty of ventilation as this prevents them from having divots or imperfections when it cools down. Follow these tips when making a crystal candle and you’ll achieve great results!

Safety Tips When Working with Melted Wax

When working with melted wax to make crystal candles, safety should always be a priority. Here are some safety tips you should keep in mind:

1. Make sure the area you are working in is well-ventilated. Melted wax can often emit fumes that can be harmful if inhaled. It is best to work in a space equipped with exhaust fans or outdoors so that the fumes can disperse quickly and safely.

2. Wear protective clothing and eye protection such as gloves, goggles, and long sleeves in case wax splatters on you while working. Moreover, wear an apron or other shed cloth to protect your clothing from getting stained by the hot wax.

3. Keep flammable materials away from your workspace and do not leave hot candle-making equipment unattended and within reach of children as it poses a fire hazard. Preferably use a burner or double boiler instead of direct heat from open flames when melting your wax for candles.

4. Carefully monitor the temperature of your melted wax using a thermometer and never pour boiling hot wax directly onto crystal stones or molds as this might cause them to crack or shatter due to thermal shock!

Creative Ideas for Customizing Your Crystal Candle

Creating unique and special crystal candles is a fun activity for crafters and DIYers. The customizing possibilities are endless ” with just a few supplies, imagination, and creativity you can create one-of-a-kind crystal candles. Here are some ideas to help you get inspired:

One idea for customizing your crystal candle is to decorate the jar it will be in. You can use stickers, paints, fabrics, ribbons, or any other embellishments you’d like to add character to the container of your candle. Consider even adding labels or pictures that relate to the type of crystal you’re using in the candle.

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Another idea is adding color to the wax by either swirling different colors together or by adding natural dyes such as annatto seed powder or alkanet root. For example if you were using rose quartz in the candle, consider tinting it pink! You could also add additional texture to your wax by sprinkling in glitter, biodegradable confetti or chunks of dried herbs prior to pouring.

Lastly you can make your own unique scent blend for your candle by mixing essential oils together! Use ingredients that reflect where the crystal was sourced from (such as oregano oil for rose quartz from Greece). There are no limits when it comes to customizing ” let your creativity run wild!

Health Benefits of Making and Burning Crystal Candles

Making and burning crystal candles offer a variety of health benefits. Crystal candles are unique in that they contain real crystals inside the wax, allowing you to take advantage of the healing energy these stones possess. The heat of the flame will activate the healing energy within the crystals, making it easier for your body to absorb their positive vibes.

The crystals used in crystal candles have been used since ancient times to heal a variety of physical, mental and spiritual ailments. Crystal energy is believed to promote relaxation and healing, and can help to balance emotions, reduce stress levels and bring clarity. By using one of these special candles, you can tap into the potential benefits these crystals possess. In addition to providing an improved mood and heightened sense of wellbeing, studies suggest that some crystals can may help to improve sleep quality, reduce pain, boost brain power and improve overall concentration. Burning a candle infused with particular stones such as amethyst or rose quartz can also be a powerful ritual which helps to clear space from negative energies.


Making Crystal Candles is an exciting and creative craft that allows you to show off your inner artist. Whether you make them for yourself or as a gift for someone special, crystal candles are intricate works of art. To make the candles, you will need to gather your supplies such as wax, wicks, and crystals. Then melt the wax and pour it into a candle mold until it is nearly full. Place your selected crystals in the molten wax so that they form patterns or designs as desired. Then insert your wick and let the wax cool completely before removing from the mold. Finally, trim the excess wick and enjoy the final product! This beautiful craft of candle making allows you to be expressive and unleash your creativity while creating breathtaking pieces of art. The process can be therapeutic and often yields stunning results that will make any space look divine!

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