Making Pillar Candles Eith Rmbeds


Pillar candles are cylindrical shaped candles that have been a part of mankind since at least 200 BC according to recent archeological finds. They were used as both sources of lighting and religious ceremonies in many different cultures. Pillar candles are often very decorative, making them ideal for use as decorations in the home or for special occasions such as weddings and religious ceremonies. The advantage of pillar candles is that they require relatively little wax compared to other types of candle, meaning that they can be made with less effort and expense than other types of candle.

Making a candle from a remnant bed is quite an easy process that requires few materials. First, a piece of remnants (or wicking) from an existing candle is placed in the center of the mold and fixed securely in place. Once this is done, melted wax is then poured slowly into the mold until it reaches the desired level or thickness before being left to cool completely and set. After the cooling process has finished, the mold is opened up and your pillar candle can now be removed! This type of candle making allows you to make highly detailed designs or custom shapes without breaking your budget – something which is unattainable when buying pre-made products on store shelves!

What You Need to Make Pillar Candles with Embeds

Making your own pillar candles with embeds is a great way to customize a gift or just make a unique and beautiful candle. The materials needed for this project are simple and easily obtainable from craft stores or online retailers.

First, you will need some candle wax. There are various types of wax available for candle making, such as paraffin, soy and beeswax. Select the wax that best fits your needs and budget when creating your candles.

You’ll also need some dye to give the candle its desired color. You can purchase specially formulated dyes specifically designed for making candles, as well as dyes formulated for other types of crafts such to create other vibrant colors.

Fragrances will help your pillar candle stand out with its unique scent. Thankfully, there are a variety of scents available in all different shapes and sizes that are easy to incorporate into the process of making pillar candles with embeds. Some popular scents include vanilla bean, rich mahogany, bergamot and lavender blossom, while others will provide minty freshness or even spicy aromas!

In order to make the embedded design, you’ll need some objects that are related to the theme you want on your candle ” from confetti decorations and rosebuds to snowflakes and gemstones; there’s something special for any occasion! Adding these small tokens will give your festive creation an extra special touch that everyone is sure to enjoy! To help keep them in place, it’s recommended using melted wax as glue or using wicks or holders specially made for adding embeds in candles.

The last item you’ll need is something to form your pillar candles with ” typically this includes either wooden molds or square silicone soap molds depending on the look you want to achieve. Now that everything is gathered together, let’s get started!

Preparing the Molds and Melting the Wax

Before you begin making pillar candles with molds, you will need to assemble your materials and tools. You’ll need a double boiler, wax, dye chips or blocks, scent, molds (it’s best to get the plastic variety), wicking (get pre-tabbed for easier use), and a thermometer. It’s also useful to have a pouring pot and something that can be used as a tilting stand for each mold for when the wax is cooling.

To melt the wax it’s best to use a double boiler on low heat and stay vigilant since the boiling temperature of wax can vary with its type. Make sure to leave plenty of space between the waterline in your pan and the bottom of your container that holds the wax, otherwise this could cause the wax to become too hot too fast. Keep an eye on your thermometer and make sure not to let it exceed 165˚F/ 75˚C, once melted subtract 10˚F from that measurement before adding in any dye or scent chips/blocks, stirring them through until fully dissolved.

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Dyeing the Wax and Adding Fragrance

Dyeing the wax of pillar candles using embeds is an easy a fun way to customize your candle-making project. Before you start to dye the wax, be sure that your embeds have been prepped and are ready to go. Prepping the embeds can include trimming off sharp edges or points with sandpaper so no one can get cut once the candle is finished.

Once everything is ready it’s time to start dyeing. Using powdered dye gives you more consistent, vibrant colors every time. To add pigment use a pinch of powder at a time and mix it thoroughly into the melted wax with a spoon or spatula; continually testing until the desired color is reached. Be mindful that too much dye can alter the finish of your candle”look for slightly lighter hues so you don’t end up with a burning issue.

To attractively add fragrance to your pillar candles, drop in some essential oils without overfilling – each fragrance will have its own suggested ratio of drops per pound based on what type of scent it is. Stir well with a spoon or chopstick, being mindful not to make too many bubbles when doing so, as they could cause issues while burning. You may also decide to add commonly used materials such as dried herbs and flower petals for added flare! Once all of this has been done correctly, pour in enough liquid wax to just cover one layer of your prepped embeds and let it completely set before adding more layers as needed”enjoy creating your fragrant gem-housed candle!

Pouring the Wax and Adding Embeds

Pouring the wax is the first step to making pillar candles with embeds. You will need to prepare a double boiler with water and then place your wax in the top pan, turning on the heat as needed. As it melts, give it an occasional stir until it completely liquefies. When it is fully melted you can take the pan off of the heat and begin pouring into your candle molds. You may want to do this slowly so that you can make sure all of your molds are filled evenly. Then comes time to add your embeds! Gently place each one into their respective spaces trying not to cause too much disruption of the wax. Once you have let that settle, you can move on to pouring your top layers until every candle is completed and ready for trimming. Be sure that you allow enough time for cooling before handling or packaging them ” otherwise they may distort or break.

Cooling and Finishing the Candles

Once your pillar candles have been poured and left to set, you will need to cool and finish them. You can do this in a few different ways, depending on the type of wax and wicks you are using.

For all types of wax, removing your formed pillars from their molds is the first step to cooling and finishing them. Make sure to use oven gloves or another form of protection as the molds and pour pots can be hot. Move the pillars to a well-ventilated area which allows for air circulation, such as at least 30 cm away from any wall or other surfaces. This will help with cooling them quicker.

You should leave your candles to cool completely before moving on any further finishing steps. During this stage, trim wicks if needed and separate each one where they have fused together while creating a connected “string” effect due to pouring multiple candles at once. Once the pillar has cooled and cleaned up with a clean cloth gently if you want speed up the process, you can put it in front of a fan set at low speed but ensure that nothing touches it directly (including other newly cool ones). This will help spread out the temperature difference between inside and outside faster so that it does not cool too slowly internally and possibly crack when touched or moved later.

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When you have finished with cooling, place the candle back into its mold and let it sit overnight before moving onto finishing with paints or textures such as drips if desired. Congratulations! You have now made some beautiful homemade pillar candles using molds!

Finishing Touches and Ideas for Displaying the Pillar Candles

Once the basic candle is complete, there are many ways to add finishing touches and display them. Here are a few ideas:

• Create patterns with different colors of wax in the rammed bed for a unique look.

• Embellish the pillar candles by adding dried flowers, leaves, glitter, or other items to the surface.

• Use embossed wax seals around the edges for a decorative layered finish.

• Cut out shapes from paper or fabric and place them on top of the melted wax layers as it cools for a customized design.

• Wrap twine or ribbon around the middle of the pillar candles for added texture and color.

• Place several pillar candles on a decorative tray or cake stand to create an eye-catching display.

• Use colored lights behind the pillar candles to set the mood and make your design shine even brighter!

Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks for Making Pillar Candles with Embeds

Making pillar candles with embeds can be a lot of fun, but there are some essential tips and tricks that should be kept in mind for best results.

Firstly, it is important to ensure the correct wax temperature is used when making Pillar Candles with Embeds. To do this, use an accurate thermometer and melt the wax slowly over low-moderate heat until it reaches between 150 and 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

Be sure to stir the wax slower during this process using a plastic or wood spoon (not metal). This will help ensure all of the embeds soak up the wax without bubbling or melting incorrectly. Additionally, it is recommended to add dye chips in addition to embeds while stirring continuously, as they may not mix properly if added after being melted.

When trimming the wicks on your Pillar Candle with Embeds, make sure they are just long enough so that they will stay above molten candle wax. It is also important that both wicks have equal length throughout the candle’s burning process; this will help your candles burn evenly throughout their lifespan.

Finally, never leave Pillar Candles with Embeds unattended while they are burning; instead move them around frequently and watch closely for any signs of smoke or flickering flames which can signal potential fire hazards such as too much air exposure or incorrect wick trimming. Keeping these essential tips in mind when making Pillar Candles with Embeds will go far in ensuring happy crafting!


Making pillar candles with molds is a great way to create beautiful and decorative candles. The process steps are easy and straightforward once you have mastered the basics. You will need to purchase quality molds, wax, wick and dye in order to get started making your own colorful creations. Setting up the wICKs and pouring the wax into the molds is simple, though it does require practice to perfect your technique. Once you’ve poured the wax in the mold and allowed it to set, you can add a unique finishing touch by creating attractive designs of color on its outside. This can be accomplished by drippling melted wax over a burning flame or by tinting your wax with powdered dyes. After that all that’s left to do is trim your wick, wait for your candle to cool down, and then take out from the mold. Whatever method you choose, pillar candle making using molds is an enjoyable craft that lets you create personalised handmade decorations for any occasion!

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