Making Rustic Wood Chain Hanging Candle Holde


Rustic wood chain hanging candle holders provide a beautiful and unique way to enhance a room or outdoor area. These personalized pieces create ambiance with flickering light and a rustic charm that can elevate the interior of any space. With options in size and type of wood, colors, styles of chains, clay pots, decorations, and much more, these handmade accessories can be customized to fit any décor style. The best part is that you can make your own rustic wood chain hanging candle holder without spending too much money or time on it!

Materials and Supplies


– 7’ Length of thick rope or chain ($10-15)

– 9 pieces of 3”×2” cedar boards, cut to 9” lengths ($5-7)

– 4 T-Hinges (roughly $10-$16)

– 2 cup hooks or screws for attaching the chain hanger ($0.99 ” 2.69 each)

Pliers, hand saw, drill with various drill bits, screwdriver bit for a drill and sandpaper (roughly $50).

Cost Estimate: Around $30-$45 depending on the supplies used.


To make the rustic wood chain hanging candle holder, begin by measuring and cutting the wood to size. To do this, use a handsaw to make two equal-sized pieces of the same type of wood. We recommend using pine or cedar as these materials are lightweight and easy to work with. Make sure to sand down any rough edges after cutting.

Once the pieces are cut to size sand them down with 80-100 grit sandpaper until they are nice and smooth. For an antique look, use a dark stain or a white wash technique. After staining (if desired) brush on a light coat of sealer to protect the wood from moisture damage and help preserve its look.

Finally, attach two metal chains to the top of one piece of wood for hanging the candle holder. Drill two small holes in the top piece of wood near each end since these places will hold the chains when attached later. Securely attach each chain with two screws on either side for added security and stability when hung.

Making the Chain

When creating a rustic wood chain hanging candle holder, safety should be the top priority. Protective eyewear, gloves and safety apparel should be worn at all times during the process. It is important to wear clothes that cover exposed skin on your arms or legs and to tie back long hair so it does not get entangled in any of the tools used.

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To make the chain for the hanging candle holder, start by sanding down five pieces of wood with a coarse-grit sandpaper. Take special care to keep wood pieces uniform in size and thickness for easier linkage later on.

Once all five pieces of wood are sanded, start drilling holes into their sides (approximately 1/2 an inch from the edges). Use a drill bit that is slightly larger than the size of your chosen screws. Next, attach two screws per piece to each side of the wood pieces; this is done so they will easily connect when being linked together. Make sure screws are firmly secured before beginning to assemble chain links by connecting pairs of construction screws together; do this by threading them together using pliers as you alternate between pairs connected to each link until desired length is reached. Finish your chain off with attaching one large screw eye at one end for easy suspension when decorating with candles or other props.

Attaching the Chain to the Candle Holders

1. Start by attaching the chain to a finishing nail. Using a hammer, drive the finishing nail into the top of the candle holder until it is firmly in place.

2. Take one end of the chain and thread it onto the head of the nail and wrap it around two or three times, making sure to securely fasten it in place with wire cutters or pliers.

3. Then take the other end of the chain, thread it onto an eye hook, and place it so that it fits into the hole at the top of each candle holder below where you just attached the first end of your chain loop. Securely tighten this eye hook with pliers or wire cutters as well to make sure that your chain loop won’t slip off either side.

4. To complete your hanging candle holders, use epoxy glue along all sides of both eye hooks to further secure them in place and make sure that your holders are safe for hanging without any chance of slipping off. Allow for appropriate drying time before attempting to hang anything from your newly made rustic wood chain hanging candle holders!

Finishing the Project

When you have finished your Rustic Wood Chain Hanging Candle Holder, it is important to use wood stains and protective sealants to protect the wood and give it a nice finish. Begin by sanding the entire project with fine grit sandpaper, being sure to remove all splinters or rough areas. Brush away all the sawdust with a damp cloth and allow it to dry completely. Apply a liberal amount of oil-based stain, such as teak oil or tung oil, in even strokes and rub it into the wood grain with a soft cloth. After cleaning any extra or dripping spots, wipe off excess stain with mineral spirits Allow the stain to dry for 6 – 12 hours. To further protect your project, apply a coat of water-based polyurethane sealant or floor wax using either a brush or spray can application. As always, be sure that your work area is well ventilated while applying these chemicals and let them dry for 24 – 48 hours before handling. Your Rustic Wood Chain Hanging Candle Holder will now be ready for years of enjoyment!

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Making a rustic wood chain hanging candle holder is a great way to add an attractive, attractive feature to your home. By following the steps in the article, you can make your own rustic wood chain candle holder that will be perfect for any room in your home. The steps involve measuring and marking for cuts, cutting the wood pieces with a jigsaw, sanding, staining, and assembling with wood glue. To finish off this project, connect lengths of chains together with eye screws and then attach them to the wood frame.

When completed, this rustic wood chain hanging candle holder can become a beautiful feature in any room of your house! It is incredibly transformative piece – before it was just scraps of wood lying around but now it’s a beautiful functional piece! This project requires common tools, supplies that are available at most hardware stores and some basic carpentry skills. So if you’re feeling inspired and motivated after reading this article then give it a try ” anyone can make their own rustic hanging candle holder!

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