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Feature Customer Experiences

Making Scents Candle Company has been providing customers with unique and memorable experiences for home scenting for years. Their range of artisan scented candles with amazing fragrances have been highly favored by customers. Customers have used these products to bring an elegant, homey scent to living rooms, powder rooms, and bedrooms. One customer remarked about how the smell of their lemon grass scented candle made all the difference in completing the ambiance in her daughter’s bedroom. The gentle yet strong aroma was perfect for unwinding after a long day at school. Another customer enjoyed the warmth of her cinnamon vanilla candle while snuggling up to read a book on cold fall evenings. She said that it made the reading room feel especially cozy and inviting. There are countless stories like this of customers having a great experience using Making Scents Candle Company products to make their homes cozier and more enjoyable.

DIY Love

Making Scents Candle Company is passionate about helping customers create their perfect scented candle experience. We know that there are some who want to try the do-it-yourself approach and make candles from scratch, or blend unique combinations of fragrances to create a signature scent.

We’d love to offer our advice and tips for creating your own custom scents with DIY elements. Here are just a few ideas you can use:

• Start by selecting your vessel – candle jars, cups, teacups, etc.

• Choose a type of wax to work with. There are many varieties available including soy, paraffin and beeswax. If you’re looking for something natural and eco-friendly, consider using beeswax or soy wax flakes.

• Decide on the type of wick best suited to your project – standard cotton wicks, zinc core cored wicks or wooden wicks all offer different results depending on the desired look and feel you’re after.
• Decide what kind of fragrance oils you would like to use in your homemade candle; floral fragrances like jasmine, citrus variates such as lemon or orange, woody scents like cedarwood or spicy essences like cinnamon can all be blended together to form unique combinations.
• Use essential oils when making aromatherapy candles as they provide therapeutic benefits with every burn using 100% natural ingredients from plants and fruits such as lavender or vanilla.
• Experiment with unique additives such as dried flowers or glitter that can be added to customize the overall aesthetic; this will also help enhance the scent throw in addition to contributing visually interesting textures within your creation.
• All ingredients must be measured accurately according to each individual package instruction for optimal results and poured at the correct temperature for perfection every time!

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Scents for Special Occasions

Making Scents Candle Company specializes in customizing a home’s scent for special occasions. Upon ordering, customers begin by selecting their preferred type of candle: wax or liquid diffuser. Customers who choose the wax variety can decide between sizes and shapes, and for colors that match virtually any room decor. After selecting the size and shape, customers will then pick from our extensive variety of essential oil scents based on desired aromas. Popular choices range from fruity scents such as lemon verbena, earthy scents like cedarwood, tropical scents like coconut lime verbena, woodsy scents such as spruce and even classic favorites like lavender and vanilla. To make it easier to find the perfect scent combination for special occasions, Making Scent has conveniently divided its available scents into categories such as Stress Relief, Energy Boosts, Celebrations and Homecomings. Once the selections are complete, Making Scents offers complimentary gift wrap with each order and if needed same-day delivery options to ensure arrival in time for any occasion.

Partnership Opportunities

Making Scents Candle Company offers a variety of partnership opportunities to its customers. These partnerships allow customers to save money while still enjoying the quality craftsmanship and scented candles provided by the company. For example, customers can take advantage of a bulk-order discount if they buy two or more candles in a single order. Customers can also join the company’s subscription program and receive regular shipments of their favorite scents, saving them money and ensuring that they always have their favorite scent on hand. Additionally, Making Scents Candle Company offers special discounts for members of charitable organizations, as well as loyalty rewards for returning customers who make frequent purchases from the store. Finally, Making Scents Candle Company partners with other businesses in the industry who provide discounts to those same loyal customers. By taking advantage of any or all of these partnership opportunities, customers will be able to get the maximum possible value when ordering from Making Scents Candle Company.

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Making Scents Candle Company has taken many innovative steps to create eco-friendly and affordable candles. To reduce the environmental impact of their retail packaging, they have switched to using recyclable and/or compostable materials, such as cardboard boxes and paper labels. Additionally, they use a USDA-certified organic wax in their candles which is made from natural plant oil extracts. Furthermore, the wicks used are made of natural cotton without metal or lead, ensuring there is no air or water pollution during use. Finally, they offer customers discounts when they buy in bulk, making it more affordable for people to enjoy Making Scents Candle Co’s products while also reducing waste by only purchasing what one needs.

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