Making Tea Lights Look Like Candles For Wedding Centerpieces


The use of tea lights as wedding centerpieces has surged in popularity in recent years. Many couples appreciate the affordability and versatility that tea lights bring to their special day. Tea lights offer a unique, romantic atmosphere during ceremonies and receptions, regardless of their location. Moreover, they help conserve a wedding budget by providing an affordable option when putting together decorations for the event.

Tea lights are quite versatile as well as there are endless possibilities for them in weddings. Tea lights can be placed in bottles with sand or stones for an elegant beach-themed look, used with lanterns and other accents to add atmosphere to an indoor venue or even to enhance the overall effect of flower arrangements and other décor. For example, arranging sets of printed tea lights along tables or dotting them around the centerpieces set up throughout the venue are great ways to make sure this kind of décor brings interest and subtle flare at any wedding ceremony or reception. Each guest will have a delightful and memorable time when taking part in events decorated with this type of décor!

Supplies & Tools You’ll Need

In order to make tea lights look like candles for wedding centerpieces, couples will need the following supplies and tools:

• Floral foam
• Tea lights
• silk flowers of your choice
• Ribbon
• Hot glue gun
• Pair of scissors
• Floral tape
• Vase or container

Steps to Follow – Explain the steps couples will have to follow in order to create a wedding centerpiece with tea lights camouflaged as real candles.

To create a wedding centerpiece featuring tea lights disguised as real candles, couples should follow these steps:
1. Start by cutting pieces of floral foam to the size of their containers, making sure there is enough foam for their tea lights and flower arrangements.
2. Secure the foam into containers with floral tape if necessary.
3. Arrange desired silk flowers into the flora foam how you’d like them displayed.
4. Place the tea light on top of the floral foam, surrounded by silks so it looks like it’s coming out from behind a flower bouquet.
5. Use hot glue gun to attach ribbon around each tealight in order to add additional decor and achieve the candle look more efficiently.
6. For added personalization, attach cards with guests names and table numbers onto ribbons with hot glue gun before attaching them around selected tea light candles!

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Preparing and Decorating the Tea Lights

To make tea lights look like unique candles for a wedding centerpiece, you’ll need the following items: tea lights, silk flower petals or any other decorations of your choice (such as miniature seashells or confetti), hot glue gun, ribbons in a selection of colors, and scissors.

Begin by taking a tea light and adhering silk petals around the outside using the hot glue gun. This will give your DIY candle a 3D effect and make it look more like a candle. Once this is dry, use scissors to trim any excess petals from the edges of the tea light. You can then embellish each tea light with a different piece of ribbon around its circumference. To do this, take your scissors and cut off approximately 10cm of ribbon, which should be large enough to fit around the top part of the tea light but stretchy enough to be able to tie securely at the back. When tying at the back keep it tight and secure by making two loops in either direction when tying into a knot. On each knot it is best practice to put one dot of hot glue onto secure further. Once complete, you now have an array of individualized candles ready for your centerpiece! As an added bonus tip, why not try getting creative with other non-traditional decorations such as small shells or confetti?

Plus Size Tea Lights

The size of the tea lights is an important factor to consider when creating wedding centerpieces. Depending on the size of the centerpiece and the existing decorations, tea lights may need to be larger or smaller in order to create a cohesive look. Plus size tea lights are popular as they are often large enough to fit a centerpiece without looking too small. Plus size candles also provide more wax, allowing them to burn longer than regular tea lights. Additionally, plus-size candles can be used both indoors and outdoors because their edges have been sealed for better weather protection. In short, plus-size tea lights are ideal for creating impactful wedding centerpieces that will last throughout the entire event.

Alternatives to Traditional Tea Lights

LED candles are a great alternative to enhance the wedding centerpieces. They come in a variety of colors and shapes, such as tall pillars, round orbs, or traditional tapers. They also last much longer than tea lights and can be used in all types of weather since they won’t blow out like regular candles will.

Another alternative for wedding centerpieces is battery-operated flameless candles. Flameless candles look just like real burning wax candles with a realistic flame that flickers and moves around, yet don’t require any heat or smoke. These candles often come with remote controls so you can adjust their settings from afar.

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Finally, candle holders can give your centerpieces an extra layer of depth. Choose from classic glass styles or ones made from luxury metals such as brass and bronze for added elegance. You can even combine several different kinds of holders together on the same centerpiece for an eye-catching display that will be sure to impress your guests!

Finishing Touches

Adding finishing touches to the centerpieces can be an easy way to make them look more decorative. Place cards with small details, such as the couple’s name or wedding date, can be used to tie together the centerpiece theme. String lights or votives can be placed around the centerpiece in order to create a warm and inviting illuminated atmosphere. Tea lights can also be used to give the illusion of real candles by placing them in transparent tea light holders which then look like mini glass candles. The color of the holders should complement each other if multiple pieces are used for a larger centerpiece design.


A tea light can be a great, affordable DIY alternative to traditional candles for a wedding centerpiece. With these simple tips, one can create an elegant candle-like effect with just some wax paper, power drill, and battery-powered LED tea lights. To begin, trace each LED flame on the wax paper and cut out the shapes. Once all of the circles are cut from wax paper, fit each individual flame into its own circle before using your power drill to make two holes into each side of the circles. Finally, attach the wax paper circles around each LED flame with mini string or twine. Not only is this cost-efficient but it also provides versatility in that you are able to customize your arrangements utilizing different colored wax papers and strings along with other materials available around your home. Tea lights are a great way to add a beautiful ambience to any wedding centerpieces without breaking the bank!

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