Plastic Molds For Candle Making

Plastic Molds for Candle Making

Making candles is a relaxing, therapeutic and fun craft. With a few affordable supplies and some practice, everyone can make beautiful, professional quality candles that are a beautiful addition to any home. One of the most important materials needed for successful candle making is a solid quality plastic mold.

What is a Plastic Mold For Candle Making?

A plastic candle molds is a hollow form into which molten wax mix is poured and allowed to cool and harden in order to form a candle. They provide the shape and form of the candle and allow you to shape the wax into a specific design. The choice of design and size is completely dependent on the individual candle maker.

Types of plastic molds available for candle making

Plastic candle molds come in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs, some of the most popular include:

  • Round plastic molds
  • Rectangular plastic molds
  • Cube plastic molds
  • Votive plastic molds
  • Multi-cavity plastic molds

Benefits of using plastic molds for candle making

Using plastic molds for candle making has a number of advantages:

  • Cost: Plastic molds are relatively inexpensive and can be reused for many different types of candles.
  • Durability: Plastic molds are durable, meaning they will last for many candle making projects.
  • Variety: Plastic molds come in a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing for more creative control over the finished product.
  • Safety: Plastic molds are generally considered safer than metal molds, as metal can become very hot during the candle making process.

Caring for your plastic molds

Proper care is important to ensure the longevity of your plastic molds. To take care of your molds, here are a few simple tips:

  1. Always keep your plastic molds clean and free of any wax residue.
  2. Store your molds away from direct sunlight, heat and other extreme temperatures.
  3. If using multiple colors, use different molds for each color.
  4. Test new fragrances in a small area before using in a full mold.


Plastic molds for candle making are essential for any candle maker. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles, with the added benefit of being relatively inexpensive, durable and safe. With the proper care, a plastic mold should last for many years and provide a great foundation for creative and professional looking candles.

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