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pop therapy candles

We all know that feeling. You’re cuddled up on the couch, binge watching your favorite show on Netflix, when all of the sudden you hear that dreaded “pop.” Your mind races as you try to remember where you left your headphones and if you turned off the oven. Before you can even process what’s happening, you’re surrounded by the stench of burnt popcorn.

If only there was a way to avoid this all together. Well, friends, there is. Pop Therapy Candles are here to help. Each candle is infused with a unique blend of essential oils that help to neutralize the smell of burnt popcorn. Whether you’re dealing with a one-time accident or a habitual offender, Pop Therapy Candles have you covered.

So next time you’re settling in for a night of Netflix and chill, be sure to light a Pop Therapy Candle and avoid that dreaded popcorn smell.

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Making Candles With Crayons

Candles are a great way to make any room feel more cozy and inviting. But did you know that you can also make candles out of crayons? It’s a fun and easy project that you can do with the kids, and the results are just adorable.

What you’ll need:


A small saucepan

A stove

A metal spoon

An oven

A muffin tin

Wax paper

An oven mitt


1. Preheat your oven to 275 degrees.

2. Melt the crayons in a small saucepan over low heat.

3. Use a metal spoon to stir the crayons until they’re completely melted.

4. Pour the melted crayons into the muffin tin.

5. Place the muffin tin in the oven and bake for about 15 minutes.

6. Remove the muffin tin from the oven and let the candles cool.

7. Use a sharp knife to cut the candles out of the muffin tin.

8. Place the candles on wax paper and let them cool completely.

9. Use an oven mitt to hold the candles when you light them.

The great thing about making candles out of crayons is that you can use any color that you want. So go ahead and get creative!

Joanns Candle Making Supplies

Simple Candle


Candles are a beautiful and functional addition to any home. They can be used to create ambiance, set a mood, or simply provide light. Making your own candles is a fun and easy way to add some personality to your décor, and it can also be a great way to save money.

The supplies you will need for simple candle making are:

-a jar or container of some kind
-a heat source
-a wick

The first step is to choose the wax you will be using. There are a few different types of wax that you can use, but the most common type is paraffin wax. You will also need to choose a scent, if you want your candles to have a scent.

Once you have chosen the wax, you will need to melt it. You can do this using a heat source such as a stove or a microwave. Be sure to use a pot that is specifically for candle making, as you do not want to use any type of pot that will release harmful fumes.

Once the wax is melted, you will need to thread the wick through the jar or container. You can do this by using a needle or a skewer. Be sure to make sure the wick is centered in the container.

Once the wick is in place, you can pour the melted wax into the container. Be sure to fill the container to the top, as this will help ensure that the candle burns evenly.

Once the wax has hardened, you can light the candle and enjoy.

Candle Wick Kit

Candlemaking is a centuries-old art form that is still enjoyed by many people today. The most important part of making a candle is the wick. The wick determines how long the candle will burn, how bright the flame will be, and how much wax will be consumed. There are many different types of wicks, but the most common are made from cotton or hemp.

There are several different ways to make a wick. The easiest way is to buy a kit. A wick kit contains everything you need to make a wick, including a metal clip, a wick holder, and a length of wick.

Candle Making Starter Kit Melbourne

To make a wick, first cut the desired length of wick. Then, using the metal clip, attach the wick to the wick holder. Make sure the clip is securely attached to the holder.

Next, soak the wick in wax. The wax should be the same temperature as the wax you are using to make the candle. Make sure the wick is completely covered in wax.

Finally, attach the wick holder to the candle. Make sure the holder is securely attached to the candle.

Now you’re ready to light your candle!

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