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Introduction to Reddit Candle Making Supplies What Is It?

Reddit Candle Making Supplies is a subreddit dedicated to sourcing, discussing, and reviewing candle supplies. The community of Reddit Candle Making Supplies offers knowledge and guidance on candle-making topics ranging from wax selection, scents, die-casting techniques, tips, and tricks of the trade for both beginner and experienced makers. There are weekly buying/selling posts that allow members to buy or sell equipment, as well as regular posts about new products and reviews from members who have tried all sorts of different candles. As well, members are encouraged to post photos of their own creations or ask questions about any aspect of candle making. The moderators also host weekly virtual get-togethers where candle makers can share ideas and receive feedback on their projects. Reddit Candle Making Supply is an invaluable resource for those looking to delve into the art form of candle-making with help from an experienced and supportive community.

Why Should You Use Reddit Supplies for Candle Making?

Reddit is a great platform for finding quality supplies for candle making. It provides an easily accessible community of hobbyists, DIY enthusiasts and professionals who can provide advice on the products and techniques that are best for your specific project. Reddit also offers reviews and recommendations from users who have tried out various supplies so you can know what to purchase and what to avoid. On top of these benefits, Reddit’s wide selection of suppliers means that you can get all the supplies needed for your candle making projects at an affordable price. Furthermore, fellow Redditors may be willing to sell or trade materials they no longer use, providing even more cost savings. With all these advantages, it’s clear that Reddit is a great place to acquire reliable candle making supplies.

Types of Supplies Available Wax, Wicks, Molds, Containers, and More

When it comes to reddit candle making supplies, there are plenty of options available. Wax is a vital component of any candle and the type of wax used will affect the burning characteristics and appearance. Typically, beeswax or paraffin wax is used as it is easy to handle and melt. Additionally, vegetable waxes such as soy wax, palm wax, coconut wax can be purchased as they burn slower and longer than traditional paraffin based candles.

Wicks provide a vehicle for the melted wax to travel up to the flame allowing them to burn properly. Different types of wick are available such as cotton core wick, zinc core wick and wood grain wick to name a few.

Molds come in various styles and sizes from pillar molds in round or square shapes depending on the desired result, to tealight molds which are suitable for making small votives or tealights quickly and easily. Containers also come in various styles such as jars and tins in different shapes and sizes so you can select the one that fits your aesthetic needs best.

Finally, there are several additional accessories that make the process of making candles easier including melting pots, pour spouts, thermometers for temperature control during pouring and dying kits for adding colour at home effortlessly.

Important Considerations When Selecting Supplies

When selecting supplies for candle making, it is important to consider a few key factors. First, your budget should be the top priority. Knowing what you can and cannot afford will help you decide which materials and tools you need for your project. It’s also important to think about what type of candles you are making. Different types of candles require different supplies such as glassware, essential oils, and wax. In addition, if you plan on selling your candles it’s important to select quality ingredients that meet safety standards for food and health products. Finally, look for reviews on any materials or tools that you are considering purchasing to ensure that they are rated well by other customers before investing in them.

Essential Supplies

When it comes to making candles, there are some essential supplies that you need. You can purchase these supplies from stores such as Reddit Candle Making Supplies, enabling you to get all the materials and tools needed for projects in one place. Having the right supplies for your candle making project can be essential for successful results.

One of the essential supplies you will need for creating your own candles is wax. Wax comes in various forms including paraffin, soy, beeswax, palm wax, coconut wax, and many more unique blends. Different types of wax offer different levels of scent throw and burn times when poured and lit up as a candle. Each type of wax has its own benefits and uses depending on your specific project goals. For example, if you are looking to produce a long-lasting candle then paraffin wax is best suited due to its strong scent hold properties even when used in thin layers. Alternatively, beeswax may be perfect if you are crafting pillars or votive candles as they produce a cleaner-burning flame with less smoke and sooting tendencies than soy or other waxes.

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In addition to the correct wax for your project needs, Reddit Candle Making Supplies also offers wick pins for stabilizing pre-tabbed wicks in place at the base of containers before pouring your finished candles into each jar after cooling; wicks that come pre-tabbed with sustainers; pours accurately measured scents formulated specifically for candle making; dye chips allowing you to customize the colors of desired candles; thermometers so that temperatures within melting tanks can be monitored closely; measurement spoons ensuring correct loading of fragrance components when crafty pourings required precision; professional thermometers which give precise readings during tricky cooling processes; molds engineered with divider ridges that help build up walls while thereby supporting an even distribution of heat throughout so as not to cause any damage or deformities; an array of glitters imparting uniquely opulent appearances onto any finished product; plus pillar clamps which help secure upright molds while accompanying stands add stability while affording extra support throughout without fail! All these items combined can yield amazing results when used correctly and responsibly!

How to Find the Best Reddit Candling Supplies

Finding the best Reddit candle making supplies can require a bit of detective work. The first step is to search Reddit for any topic related to candle making. Look for threads discussing what supplies people are using, as well as any sources they may be recommending. Look up reviews of the products being discussed and use this information to narrow down your search.

Once you have identified potential suppliers, reach out directly to get answers to your questions. Ask experienced makers what they would recommend buying, what brands they trust, and if there are any additional tips they can offer. Pay attention to the discussion in these threads – usually, people will provide sound advice based on their own experiences. You will also likely find some great deals if you’re willing to put in a little legwork!

Researching online retailers can also be helpful when looking for Reddit candle-making supplies. Read user reviews and compare prices across different websites before making your final purchase decision. Additionally, it’s important that you double check that information provided online is accurate and up-to-date; not all websites providing details about candle-making supplies have reliable information or good customer service policies. Consider searching social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram as well; many brands now list special offers on their pages or post product demonstrations or tutorials through videos or stories. You may even be able to join virtual candle-making groups where users share tips and tricks among one another – these communities can be full of invaluable resources for those planning a DIY project!

Essential Tips and Tricks for Working with Reddit Supplies

When it comes to working with Reddit supplies for making candles, there are a few important tips and tricks that you should be aware of. First, be sure that your supplies are high-quality and certified for safe use. Buying Reddit candle making supplies from reputable sources is the best way to ensure that your candles will come out as intended. Secondly, make sure to use the correct kind of wick for your candle type and size. Most Reddit suppliers will provide basic instructions on how to do this step correctly. Finally, allow ample time for melting wax and other ingredients so they combine perfectly with one another during the process. Different recipes may call for different boiling points so knowing those up front can save you lots of headache in the long run. With the right prep work, you’ll be able create beautiful, unique candles with ease using Reddit Candle Making Supplies!

The Most Popular Reddit Supplies for Candle Makers

When it comes to finding the best supplies for making candles, Reddit is a great resource. With on-going discussions and plenty of experienced candle makers, you can find information on everything from the best waxes to use all the way to specialized supplies like dye chips and scent. One of the most popular Reddit supplies for candle makers are wicks. By visiting dedicated wick supply websites and doing comparison shopping, you can ensure you’re buying quality wicks that burn properly in your candles while also getting them at an affordable price. Additionally, some of these sites may offer larger spools than what are typically available in stores, giving you more bang for your buck.

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Besides finding good value for quality wicks, another popular Reddit supply for candle makers relates to dyes and fragrances. Depending on how many candles you plan to make and how strong each one should be scented or colored, there are a variety of different dyes and fragrances sold online by candle suppliers at various quantities for reasonable prices. You just need to make sure that whatever products you purchase are safe to use with the wax type you plan to use in your candles as not all dyes and fragrances work with every type of wax. Additionally, make sure that any dye or fragrance considered is phthalates free so it’s safe to use in candles sold to consumers. Lastly, there are certain tools which will make creating quality candles easier such as melting pots, thermometers and double boilers which can be found at craft stores (think Michaels), browsing the internet (think Amazon) or even retail stores (think Target). Having the right equipment can help experienced candle makers churn out higher quantities faster while also helping novice ones understand aspects of candle making easier than without a few essentials tools.

Creative Projects to Try with Reddit Supplies

1. Witch’s Brew Candle: This project combines a relaxing scent and a spooky look to create the perfect Halloween accessory. Start by gathering Reddit candle supplies including an earthenware bowl or caldron, colored wax flakes, different scents of essential oils, a melting pot, a thermometer, wicks, and some Halloween decorations such as spiders and spooky spoon stirrers. Place the wax flakes into the melting pot with 1/4 cup of water and melt the wax over medium heat until it reaches 185 degrees. Then, add several drops each of your favorite essential oils – ground spice like cinnamon or clove, warm floral scents like jasmine or orange blossom, and woody aromas such as cypress or cedarwood work well in this blend. Pour the melted wax into the earthenware bowl or caldron up to about 1 inch near the edge. Allow to cool slightly then pour again if needed to reach your desired level. Place the wick into center of your bowl or cup, attaching it at the bottom with a dab of melted wax so it remains in place. Decorate your finished brew with eerie accents like plastic spiders or webbing before it cools completely !

2. Silver Chunk Candle Jar: This project gives you all that glitters in a sleek and stylish package! For this design you will need Reddit candle supplies including candle jars with lids for each fragrance you choose; soy wax chips; a color dye; essential oils; wicks; and silver accessories (glitter chips or sequins). Follow your usual routine for melting soy wax — heat on low-medium in a double boiler until completely melted — then add dye only if desired and stir until combined. Then pour 2-3 ounces of warmed oil per pound of wax over each fragrance according to manufacturer’s directions and mix thoroughly with a stainless steel spoon to effectively disperse fragrance throughout wax mixture before pouring into prepared glass jars with pre-attached wicks via disc tabs at bottom of candles jar if using moulded containers. To create an extra sparkle effect once your candles have cooled completely drop in any silver décor items such as glitter chunks -or sequins for shimmer!


In conclusion, when it comes to candle making supplies, Reddit is an excellent resource for anyone. There are many experienced makers who post frequently on Reddit threads, and they are usually more than willing to answer any questions someone may have about their craft. From purchasing kits and equipment to making scents and colors, Reddit provides a wealth of knowledge that can help make the art of candle-making enjoyable and easier. Additionally, there are plenty of resources available online where one can purchase all of the necessary supplies for candle-making at affordable prices. With this in mind, Reddit is an invaluable source to turn to for candle-making supplies and advice.

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